12 Best Coat Racks For Your Garage

If you’re interested in the best coat-rack for your garage, you’ve come to the right place. Coat racks are very convenient and make life much easier. Better yet, most of them are very affordable, as well.

After reviews and extensive research, we formulated a list of the 12 best coat racks that match best with a garage. Additionally, you’ll love how some of the coat racks also offer a built-in shoe-rack! 

In Short, Here Are The Highest-Rated Coat Racks For Your Garage: Free Standing & Wall-Mountable

  • VASAGLE Industrial
  • Dseap
  • Honey-Can-Do
  • IBosins
  • WEBI
  • Liberty Hardware
  • VASAGLE Industrial
  • Dseap 

1. VASAGLE Industrial 

With a total of three shelves, the VASAGLE Industrial Large is an outstanding coat rack with 9 hooks. You’ll love its vintage appearance and robust quality. Even if it’s entirely filled with heavy coats and the shelves are full, this rack remains very sturdy!

Users Say:Purchased for my beach house so guests had a spot to dump their stuff. Easily assembled – 56 YO woman by myself. I liked that it came with wall anchors to prevent tipping. Cute with a rustic/beachy vibe.

2. Dseap

Next up, the Dseap matches perfectly with the interior of most garages. This 2-pack of coat hangers possesses 5 hooks each. You can get it in either black or white. 

Users Say: “Best general hooks we’ve found. Very sturdy and look great. We use one for coats at the garage door and another for hanging rags to dry.”

3. Honey-Can-Do

This coat rack is one of the more affordable units compared to others in its size range. The primary reason we recommend the Honey-Can-Do for garages is due to its appearance. We don’t believe it’s visually suitable for indoor use. But if you need a coat rack with an integrated shoe rack for your garage at an inexpensive price, it’s an extraordinary option. Additionally, it has high user reviews, as well! 

Users Say: “This shelf was easy to put together and it looks great. We put the first one in the corner of our foyer and now I don’t have everyone just throwing shoes in the entryway. I got a second one to go near our back door because I found that our Roomba plus dock and our brava fit underneath so it doubles as a garage for those items. We use the top and middle tier for our outdoor shoes.”

4. IBosins

Along with its vintage appeal, the IBosins is a reliable option for your garage. It produces four hooks, a sturdy construction, and a simplistic but fashionable style. Depending on the color of your garage or preference, you can also get it in a rustic white, as well! 

Users Say: “We installed this as a towel rack in our small camper bathroom. It holds lots of things like towels and swimsuits is perfectly functional in that small space. Exactly what we were looking for! Highly recommend!”


The HOMEKOKO is another fantastic option for your garage. Simply put, just about any coat rack with an incorporated shoe rack is a great option. Rather than buying one of each, a hybrid is always an awesome choice if you have kids. Constructed of wood and metal, it’s durable and able to withstand extreme temperatures. 

Users Say: “I love the way this looks in my apartment! A great option if you don’t have a mudroom or garage for shoes, bags, and coats. It was very easy to assemble with the help of my boyfriend— only took about 30 minutes. You could totally put this together alone though. Overall I would definitely recommend it!”


Running under $20, the OUNONA is a dependable coat rack at a low price. It’s made of solid stainless steel that delivers a visually pleasing style and durable construction. But keep in mind, this rack is slightly smaller than most 5-hook coat racks since it’s 17.32 x 0.1 x 1.18. 

Users Say: “I got this to mount on a new grill I got for our family Christmas present. I installed it during assembly and, it works just like I wanted and, it matches the stainless side shelf perfectly. I did drill another hole in the middle for added stability.”


In case you’re looking for a 2-pack of heavy-duty coat racks for your garage, the WEBI is an astounding option. It’s made of durable stainless steel. Each rack possesses 6 hooks, as well! 

Users Say:Love this coat/hat rack. It handles a good amount of weight with ease. Bought it to replace an OXO rack that pulled apart. Stylish as well.


Here is one of the more artistic coat racks on the market. With a creative design and patterns, the VASAGLE ULCR11BX is an awesome coat rack that’ll help enhance the appeal of your home. Another impressive characteristic is the adequate space provided by its top-shelf. You can get it in either hazelnut brown or rustic brown. It has 5 hooks and a bar for scarves or towels. We highly recommend it! 

Users Say: “Very simple to put together and hang up. My measurements for the bottom screws were off but I didn’t find this out until after I had drilled and inserted the drywall anchors and had hung up the thing with the top two screws. So I just screwed in the bottom screws directly into the metal post and wall. It seems very sturdy, but now I have the other holes with anchors in them, although they are covered up by the shelf posts or rails. I will caulk that area with clear caulk just so no critters can enter there. Probably I should have drilled the bottom holes after securing the screwing the top holes and then removing the top screws and taking down the shelf to put in the bottom anchors. Then putting the shelf up again for good. I didn’t want to go through all that work. It’s great for my small bathroom and gives me a place to hang and put stuff on as I am getting ready for work or to go out. If I get tired of it there I can use it in the garage.”


This freestanding hybrid coat and shoe rack is a fantastic choice for your garage. It has three shelves for shoes 9 hooks. Additionally, each of the 9 hooks has two points for additional usage. At the end of the day, we believe the SONGMICS is a great coat rack for your garage considering the large size for the price. Nonetheless, we don’t recommend it for indoor use due to its below-average appearance.  

Users Say: “Very sturdy. Sad that it is currently unavailable. I was going to buy another one. My husband likes having a place in the garage to hang work pants and jackets without bringing them into the house. It is great for work boots hats and jackets. I have even used coat hangers on the top bar to hang stuff from. It was very easy to assemble.”

10. Liberty Hardware

Next in the lineup, the Liberty Hardware is a stylish wall-mountable coat rack that’s nicely suited for a garage. It’s a simplistic 5-hook unit with outstanding build quality, an impressive 35-pound weight capacity, and stunning ratings and reviews amongst users. 

Users Say: “I bought this coat rack to put up coats in my garage. This rack is very beautiful but also sturdy. The quality is very good, especially for the price. It was very easy to install, maybe took 5 min. You will not be disappointed!”

11. VASAGLE Industrial

Much like the first one on this list, the VASAGLE Industrial is genuinely a trustworthy choice for your garage. The only difference between the previous one and this is its size. This coat rack is slightly smaller. 

Users Say: “I bought this to put in the garage but it was almost too nice to put out there! Very sturdy and well-built too.”

12. Dseap

Last but not least, the Dseap is an alluring dual-set of a coat rack. On top of that, they’re wildly popular with astounding reviews amongst users. These racks are impressively robust. We believe the overall build quality dramatically outperforms the price. Fit for a garage, you can get it in either black or white! 

Users Say: “These racks are appropriate for the money you will spend. Unless you’re planning on doing pull-ups on them or hanging a side of beef you should be fine. You will need to use your own hardware as with all things like this. If you have a problem with that you probably have a lot of other problems in your life that are bigger than that. Good luck to you.”

Quick Recap

Here Are The Best Coat Racks/Hat Racks For Your Garage On The Market

  • VASAGLE Industrial
  • Dseap
  • Honey-Can-Do
  • IBosins
  • WEBI
  • Liberty Hardware
  • VASAGLE Industrial
  • Dseap 
What’s the difference between a wall-mountable coat rack and a freestanding coat rack?

A wall-mountable coat rack attaches to the wall and doesn’t take up too much space. On the other hand, a freestanding coat rack kind of resembles a mini tree with various branches for coats. It stands up on its own with either a circular base or tripod legs. Although freestanding coat racks take up more space, they add aesthetic value to your home. 

How much is a freestanding coat rack without shelves?

While most freestanding coat racks fall between $19-$70, some are as high as $150 and up. 

How much is a freestanding coat rack with shelves?

Most freestanding coat racks with an integrated bottom shelf are in the ballpark of $47-$130. Due to the larger size, freestanding coat racks with shelves are generally more expensive than traditional freestanding coat racks. 

How much is a wall-mountable coat rack? 

With a few exceptions, most wall-mountable coat racks are between $11-$70. The median wall-mounting coat rack is about $30.

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