12 Best Coffee Makers With Brew Strength Settings

If you ask me, coffee is the most essential part of starting the day. While I prefer my morning joe strong, the coffee I also rather my mid-day coffee a bit on the weaker side. That’s where coffee makers with brew strength settings become extremely useful.

After extensive research, reviews, and personal experience, we formulated a list of the 12 best coffee makers with different brew strength settings. Whether you prefer K-cups, thermal carafes, or other additional features you require, at least one of these below will suit your needs. 

In Short, Here Are The Best Coffee Machines With Different Brew Strength Settings: K-Cup & Thermal Carafe 

  • Mueller
  • Keurig K-Select
  • Braun KF9070SI
  • Cuisinart DCC-3200P1 
  • Ninja CE251
  • BOSCARE (Drip)
  • Bonsenkitchen
  • Braun BrewSense
  • Barsetto (Drip)

1. Mueller

First up, the Mueller is an excellent coffee machine with various brew strengths to choose from. In addition to its extreme fame, this machine also has near-flawless reviews. Another beneficial attribute worth mentioning is it provides a sturdy build quality that’s also BPA-free. 

One of this coffee machine’s most prominent characteristics is its integrated permanent filter. Not only does the filter make it much more convenient and easy to use, but it also saved you money down the road. 

Users Say: “I got this coffee maker to replace my 12-year-old Keurig. The first thing I noticed is it is half the weight of the Keurig, which is great when you have to move it around for cleaning or moving to a new house! It’s very easy to use, and I am looking forward to having my coffee already brewed when I wake up—you can program it to brew at a certain time of day.”

Tech Specs & Details

  • Weight: 5.49 pounds
  • Size: 15.6 x 11.3 x 9
  • Carafe Size: 12 Cups
  • Brew Strength Settings


    Amazingly, the BLACK+DECKER CM5000B had a hefty price cut of 40% off the original amount. Although we’re unsure if this discount is permanent or temporary, we believe it’s, either way, an incredible bang for the buck. 

    This coffee machine provides an incorporated bean grinder that acts as a permanent filter, as well. Additionally, you’ll love its programmability where you can arrange it to automatically brew within 24 hours. 

    This coffee machine takes either ground coffee or whole beans. Coming with the purchase, you get a handy glass carafe and a coffee scoop, as well. Another positive trait is the brew strength selector between regular, bold, or strong. 

    Users Say: “It makes great coffee. It took me a few days to figure out how to set it to brew automatically. But I have trouble with all the new appliances. It has fewer parts to clean every day than the Cuisinart grind and brew and the coffee is just as good”

    Tech Specs & Details

    • Weight: 9.5 Pounds
    • Size: 10 x 13.5 x 15.5
    • Made of Plastic
    • Carafe Size: 12 Cups
    • Brew Strength Settings
    • QuickTouch Programming Feature
    • Compatible with ground coffee or whole beans

        3. Keurig K-Select

        If you’re looking for a K-cup coffee machine with a brew-strength control, the Keurig K-Select is a fabulous choice. Right off the bat, you can get your coffee regular or stronger by pressing the button labeled “strong”. Each coffee takes less than 60 seconds to brew for enhanced convenience. 

        Another positive characteristic is the vast water reservoir of 52 ounces. Since it holds adequate water, the coffee maker requires minimal maintenance compared to most K-cup machines. Furthermore, the hot water on demand adds to its rapid brew time. 

        This machine possesses four cup sizes to choose from; 6-ounce, 8-ounce, 10-ounce, and 12 ounces. You can brew roughly five cups before you need to refill the reservoir. The drip tray is removable and compatible with cups up to 7.4 inches tall. 

        Users Say: “Great machine for dialing in your coffee. When you buy different flavors it’s nice to be able to use the strong brew option and the different cup sizes. If you just want one simple button for a brew and basic cup sizes, go with the lower-end model. This is the middle of the road. Not basic, but crazy with programming options and a fat price tag. Happy with this machine.”

        Tech Specs & Details

        • K-Cup Pods Only
        • Weight: 7.35 Pounds
        • Size: 11.6 x 9.2 x 12.5
        • 52Oz Removable Water Reservoir
        • Brew Strength Settings

        4. Braun KF9070SI

        Even though the Braun KF9070SI isn’t necessarily the highest-reviewed on this list, we believe it’s worth an honorable mention. This coffee maker provides three brew strengths between light, gold, or bold. Moreover, it offers seven brewing sizes, has integrated temperature monitoring during the brewing process, and it’s certified by the Specialty Coffee Association. 

        Unfortunately, it does come with a few downsides. For one, this unit takes up a lot of counter space since it’s 13 inches wide, 15 inches tall, and 7 inches deep. The build quality isn’t up to par compared to its price. Many users claim it breaks too easily. On top of that, many users receive digital errors from this unit. 

        Users Say: “I think this is a great coffee maker for the price. I don’t understand what all the negativity is about it does what it’s supposed to do. I like that it can make a single cup of coffee and like that you choose the size of the coffee you want. It is similar to a ninja coffee bar but the coffee tastes way better than the ninja coffee bar.”

        Tech Specs & Details

        • Weight: 10 Pounds
        • Size: 13 x 7.1 x 15
        • Made of Stainless Steel
        • Brew Strength Settings: 3
        • Glass Carafe
        • 7 Programmable Brew Sizes 
        • Brew Capacity: 10 Cups
        • SCA certified from the Specialty Coffee Association 

        5. Cuisinart DCC-3200P1

        Next up, the Cuisinart DCC-3200P1 is an excellent programmable coffee maker. Not only is it absurdly famous, but it’s highly rated amongst users, as well. With the recent 47% discount, it’s an outstanding bang for the buck and we highly recommend it. 

        Users Say: “This is my second purchase. I switched to a peculator and after some time (a yr or so) my wife said give it the boot. I looked at all the reviews and this model came up strong. When we got it we realized it was the same one we had before. I like the 4hr timer, being able to adjust the tempo of the coffee, and being able to program it to turn on in the AM. If you want a good cup of piping hot joe, this one is for you.”

        Tech Specs & Details

        • Construction: Stainless Steel
        • Reusable filter
        • Weight: 8.75 pounds
        • 24-Hour Programmable Timer
        • 14-Cup Glass Carafe
        • Brew strength control
        • Auto-Shutoff: 0-4 Hours

        6. SHARDOR CM615S

        Running below $40, the SHARDOR CM615S is an inexpensive coffee machine with an incorporated brew strength selector between regular or bold. With the easy-to-use smart touchscreen display, it provides many practical features including auto-start, auto-shutoff, and programmability up to 24 hours. Another noteworthy quality is it offers a 10-cup brew capacity. 

        Users Say: “I am really enjoying this coffee maker. It had a sleek stainless and black design that looks classy but at an affordable price. It has a timer so I can wake up to the smell of my freshly brewed coffee and it’s so easy to program. It has a reusable filter basket and it makes the coffee taste even better. If you love good coffee you will love this coffee maker.”

        Tech Specs & Details

        • Weight: 5.1 Pounds
        • Size: 10.87 x 7.68 x 14.88
        • Brew Strength Settings
        • 10-Cup Brew Capacity
        • Auto Start & Shut Off
        • Smart Touchscreen Display
        • Programmable  
        • 900 Watts

        7. Ninja CE251

        The Ninja CE251 dramatically outperforms the price range by a significant margin. This coffee machine is very trustworthy and brews delicious and rich coffee. You’ll also love some of its added features and effortless functionality.

        A few notable qualities worth mentioning is its brew strength selector, removable water reservoir for enhanced convenience, tough quality of construction, programmable timer allowing a 24-hour delay. With a stainless steel finish and glass carafe, it’s designed for maximum longevity!

        Users Say: “I was first, a Keurig k-cup user before I knew anything about good coffee, then I was introduced to french press coffee and loved it and became quite a coffee snob. although it’s a bit tedious and I drink a lot of coffee so I was looking for something that was easier. this coffee maker is great, I love the quality coffee it makes, and it’s so nice to program it and have hot coffee ready for me in the morning.”

        Tech Specs & Details

        • Made of plastic
        • 24-Hour Programmable Timer
        • Glass Carafe: 12-cup capacity
        • Weight: 7 pounds
        • Removable water-reservoir

        8. BLACK+DECKER CM2035B

        Along with its inexpensive price, the BLACK+DECKER CM2035B is a terrific value for a multitude of reasons. For one, most coffee machines that come with a stainless steel thermal carafe aren’t priced below $50. 

        Nonetheless, the current 29% price reduction brings it to a budget-friendly price under $50. It offers many features such as QuickTouch programming, the auto-shutoff, auto brew, and the convenient brew strength selector. Coming with the purchase, you get peace of mind with a 2-year warranty! 

        Users Say:I am very pleased with this purchase. It is not easy finding a large-mouthed, 12 cup thermal carafe coffee maker for a reasonable price. This be it! The ability to select brewing strength is a neat idea, even though I keep it set on max strong. The wide mouth allows my fat hand to get in to clean the pot. The timer works just like it’s supposed to.

        Tech Specs & Details

        • Stainless Steel Thermal Carafe
        • 12-Cup Carafe
        • Size: 8 x 11 x 11.5
        • QuickTouch Programming
        • Brew strength feature
        • Auto Brew Feature
        • Auto-Shutoff Feature
        • 2-year limited warranty

        9. BOSCARE (Drip)

        The BOSCARE is an exceptional coffee maker with a programmable timer. You’re able to set the time you want your coffee brewed 24 hours in advance. Along with its convenient auto shut-off feature, you’ll love that it’s a drip coffee maker, as well. It is very popular with excellent reviews amongst users!

        Users Say:So far, I have no complaints about this coffee maker. Good value. I like the “strength” button to adjust brew. Like, hold warm feature. Not too loud. Has programming feature to set time. Like stainless and black colors that match my kitchen.”

        Tech Specs & Details

        • Brewing strength control
        • 12-cup capacity
        • Warming plate
        • Programmable Timer
        • Drip Coffee Maker
        • 2-hour auto-shutoff
        • Glass carafe

            10. Bonsenkitchen

            The Bonsenkitchen is another great choice. This programmable coffee machine provides a modernized sleek but simple design. With a glass carafe, 24-hour programmability, and a stainless steel design; It dramatically outperforms its competitive price. We highly recommend it if you don’t want to spend over $60!

            Users Say: “I loved the design, our kitchen is stainless steel and black appliances so this fits wonderfully! I would highly recommend it. We have gone through so many coffee pots, this one has been working quite well!”

            Tech Specs & Details

            • 12 cup capacity
            • BPA-Free Plastic
            • 24-Hour Programmable Timer
            • Permanent Filter

            11. Barsetto (Drip)

            For those looking for a programmable coffee machine with a built-in burr coffee grinder, look no further than the Barsetto. On top of that, it also offers a removable filter, a large 1.5L water reservoir, an auto-start feature, and peace of mind with a 2-year warranty. You’ll also appreciate the three different strength brewing options!

            Users Say: “This coffee maker is made with stainless steel and is very stylish. it only took 5-7mins to make the coffee by the time when you push the power bottom. also is very easy to function with just one touch control even a beginner like me can brew a fantastic coffee every morning., I like the temperature can hold about 180F, I like the HOT coffee. Overall these machines are pretty quiet and easy to use highly recommend.”

            Tech Specs & Details

            • 10-Cup Capacity
            • 2-Year Warranty
            • Brew strengths: Mild, Medium, or Strong
            • Programmable Timer
            • Removable Filter Basket
            • Built-In Burr Coffee Grinder
            • Drip Coffee Maker

              12. Braun BrewSense

              Last but not least, the Braun BrewSense is a dependable coffee maker with two brew strength options. There are a plethora of reasons why we love it.

              This coffee maker delivers a 24-hour programable timer so your coffee will be freshly brewed when you wake up. With the convenient touch screen, you’ll love its easy functionality. The robust stainless steel construction is both visually pleasing and provides remarkable durability, as well. 

              Users Say:Very good product. Makes good coffee, easy to use, easy to clean, and looks good. I also appreciate the high-quality materials used both on the inside and outside. The only minor drawback is that the tank opening is not very wide so one needs to be careful when pouring water.

              Tech Specs & Details

              • Weight: 7.4 Pounds
              • Size: 7.9 x 7.9 x 14.2
              • Brew Strength Settings
              • Construction: Stainless Steel
              • 24-Hour Programmable Timer
              • Touchscreen
              • Brew Capacity: 12 Cups

              Quick Recap

              Here Are The Highest-Rated Coffee Maker With Different Brew Strength Settings

              • Mueller
              • BLACK+DECKER CM5000B
              • Keurig K-Select
              • Braun KF9070SI
              • Cuisinart DCC-3200P1 
              • SHARDOR CM615S
              • Ninja CE251
              • BLACK+DECKER CM2035B
              • BOSCARE (Drip)
              • Bonsenkitchen
              • Braun BrewSense
              • Barsetto (Drip)
              What’s the difference between a glass carafe or a thermal carafe? 

              A thermal carafe provides better insulation to keep your coffee warmer for extended periods. Furthermore, many coffee machines that come with a thermal carafe deliver a heating pad to keep the carafe warm. On the flip side, glass carafes are more affordable. If you don’t need to keep your coffee sitting in the carafe for extended periods, a glass carafe is a better choice. 

              How much do household coffee makers cost online?

              While household coffee machines drastically vary in price, they can run you anywhere between $20-$1400 on average. Some of the more popular coffee machines hover in the $75-$150 range. 

              How long do coffee machines last?

              On average, coffee makers last 5-10 years. If you take good care of it, it will last closer to 10 years. 

              How do you remove mold build-up from a coffee machine?

              After removing the water filter and coffee filter, fill up the water reservoir with half water and half white vinegar. Run the machine through a drip cycle. Once finished, refill the machine with only water and run the drip cycle. For safety, fill the machine again with only water and run it through a drip cycle for a second time. 

              What extra features do you want with your coffee maker?

              There are various features to consider when purchasing a coffee machine. To name a few; some have brew strength settings, programmability, a built-in water purifier, brew-pause, automatic shutoff, a built-in permanent filter, and some even come with a frother. 

              What’s a Keurig Coffee Maker?

              Rather than using coffee grounds to the filter, a Keurig coffee machine uses k-cups. Basically, you add a k-cup (pods) to the slot of the Keurig machine that grinds a single cup of coffee. Within each K-cup or coffee pod is ground coffee ready to brew. The benefit of Keurig coffee is it’s effortless to make a cup of coffee and hassle-free. A few of the downsides worth noting is it’s limited to making a single cup rather than a full pot, doesn’t provide as full of a flavor compared to traditional coffee makers, and each cup of Keurig coffee ends up being more costly than ground coffee. 

              What’s the water reservoir size of a coffee machine?

              The water reservoir is generally between 40-72+ ounces. The larger the water tank capacity, the more coffee it can produce in a single brew. 

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