13 Best Coffee Grinders With A Hopper

If not the entire galaxy, most of us already know morning coffee is crucial. Without coffee, many of us can’t even get out of bed.

And if you can’t even get out of bed, you definitely can’t make yourself food. Therefore, you can even make an argument that without coffee, you starve. 

Aside from the slightly exaggerated intro above, your morning coffee is genuinely important. Guessing by why you’re here, you’ve probably figured out one of the primary secrets to life: enhancing your morning coffee with a grinder!

Why grinding beans directly before brewing your coffee tastes the best?

Ground coffee goes stale rather quickly since oxygen breaks down some of the compounds of the coffee. But prior to getting ground, coffee beans aren’t exposed to oxygen holding their taste for extended periods. Therefore, grinding your beans directly before making coffee is the best way to achieve full flavor.

Why a coffee grinder with a large bean hopper is much more convenient

The bean hopper is basically the container at the top of the grinder which holds the coffee beans. They make your grinding experience much easier as all you need to do is drop the beans in the hopper, press the start button, and your electric grinder does the rest.

After extensive research and reviews, we formulated a list of the 13 best and highest-rated coffee grinders with a bean hopper. We made it our primary objective to find the grinders with a larger than average hopper. Regardless of your budget or preference, you’ll surely find what you’re looking for below!

In Short, Here Are The Best Electric Coffee Grinders With A Large Hopper To Hold Your Coffee Beans

  • Baratza Virtuoso+
  • Mr. Coffee
  • Mueller Austria
  • Breville BCG820BSSXL
  • SHARDOR Mill 2.0
  • Baratza Encore
  • Bodum Bistro
  • Cuisinart DBM-8
  • Sboly

1. Baratza Virtuoso+

We decided to start off with the almighty coffee grinder of all coffee grinders. That’s with the exception of commercial coffee grinders. The Baratza Virtuoso+ is, in our opinion, the very best coffee grinder with a hopper on the list. However, it’s not only us who emphatically believe that, it also has the highest-customer reviews of any coffee grinder on the entire market. And to even top that, the Specialty Coffee Association recommends this grinder, as well.

Once you receive this grinder, you’ll be quite surprised by its compact size. But don’t let the size fool you. This grinder is remarkably powerful and provided performance second to none. The functionality is quite effortless to use and the robust construction is built for maximum longevity.

It offers an extremely high amount of 40 different grind settings. Especially if you’re absurdly picky about your coffee, with this grinder, you’ll find your preferred grind size without question. The digital timer is changeable tenths of a second so you can get the accurate amount. Last but not least, you get peace of mind with a 1-year warranty!

Users Say: “Great Coffee grinder. Grinds coffee the right size. easy to use. the beans go right through the hopper and into the plastic bin. For other coffee grinders, I had to use a brush to get them completely through. Bin empties out completely with nothing clinging to the side from static.”

Tech Specs

  • 40 different grind settings
  • 1-year warranty
  • Digital timer
  • Award-winning

2. Mr. Coffee

Possessing 18 grind settings and a sizable hopper, the Mr. Coffee is another great grinder. Something you might enjoy is both the hopper and chamber are removable. Impressively, the hopper can hold up to a half-pound of beans, as well. It’s nicely sized at 8.4 x 7.9 x 12.8 and provides an attractive design for the money!

Users Say: “I’ve had mine for a few years now and haven’t had any issues. This one is a gift. Pretty easy to clean and it’s as loud as you would expect. Hopper holds about 16oz of beans.”

3. Mueller Austria

Also a coffee grinder of extreme fame, the Mueller Austria has a detachable chamber and spacious hopper. Designed with high-quality stainless steel, it has an exceptional quality of construction. It also gives you a wide array of grinder settings by twisting the unit above the chamber. It’s surely a reliable choice by providing a large 32-cup max capacity and auto-stop at the end of the grinding, it’s surely a reliable choice!

Users Say: “Great quality, perfect size to fit in my kitchen cabinet, very quiet motor. Coffee is perfectly ground and easy to remove from the container. Love how the bean hopper comes off for easier storage of the machine when not in use.”

4. Breville BCG820BSSXL

If you’re looking for the highest-possible quality coffee grinders with a hopper, the Breville BCG820BSSXL is one of the three best possible options on the market. The other option is the final one on this list.

First and foremost, it’s a Smart grinder with an integrated timer for adjusting the grind time. Since it allows you to change the time in miniature increments of 0.2 seconds, you can make the exact proportion of coffee you need.

Made of stainless steel with a brushless finish, you’ll be extremely satisfied with the robust build quality and alluring appearance. The front face has a suitable LCD display that shows the grinding time, amount of cups/shots, and grind settings.

Overall, it’s certainly a high-class grinder due to its incredible construction, LCD display, ease-of-use, precise accuracy, grinding efficiency, and massive 16oz hopper. We highly recommend it!

Users Say: “We grind about a pound or so of coffee each week. We have burnt through 4 of the other brands in the last couple of years. This machine is super nice. Seems like it is really high quality. A lot quieter than other models we have tried. The hopper holds a large number of beans and the machine will grind to any size you want. I highly recommend it.”

Tech Specs

  • Built-in timer 0.2-second increment adjustments
  • LCD display
  • 16oz hopper
  • 3 color options: Brushless stainless steel, cranberry red, sesame black


With an incorporated 8oz hopper, the ENZOO is yet another incredible bang for the buck coffee grinder. There are a number of reasons why it’s an awesome choice for the money. Coming with the purchase is an essential measuring scoop and cleaning brush.

The conical burr is made of 40mm stainless steel for an even grind and enhanced longevity. With the built-in timer, you can get the exact number of cups you require. Another beneficial attribute is the large chamber that can hold up to 32 cups of coffee grinds.

Providing a 450 RPM motor, it’s exceptionally powerful and grinds the beans with ease and efficiency. A unique, but often overlooked benefit with this grinder is the noise-level is slightly lower than average. Believe me, you’ll soon appreciate that.

Due to the reasonable price, high reliability, robust construction, built-in timer, large chamber, 10 grind settings, 40mm stainless steel burr, the tough motor of 450RPM, and large 8oz hopper; We highly approve of this coffee grinder and believe it significantly outperforms its price!

Users Say: “I am absolutely delighted with this ENZOO grinder! I purchased this grinder to fill my portafilter for our home lattes. For a single-family, this grinder is quick, efficient, and predictably fills our portafilter. It is easy to add additional coffee beans to the hopper when more grinds are needed. I would highly recommend this grinder and I have plans to purchase another grinder as a gift this Christmas. Thank you!!”

Tech Specs

  • Built-in timer (set for 10s to 50s)
  • Large chamber (holds 30-32 cups)
  • 8.5oz Hopper
  • 40mm stainless steel burr
  • 450 RPM Motor
  • 10 grind settings

6. SHARDOR Mill 2.0

Here is one of the more uniquely designed coffee grinders on the market. Including us, some love the appearance while others don’t. But besides the looks, the SHARDOR Mill 2.0 is an awesome choice with an integrated bean hopper.

This grinder produces 14 adjustable grind settings for 2-12 cups. It’s very precise and appears accurate. Along with the impressive build quality, you’ll also appreciate the BPA-free construction. 

Users Say: “Great coffee grinder. The Bean hopper is plenty big as is the output container. Great for my morning pour-over. Good value for the price. Recommended.”

Tech Specs & Details

  • 14 Settings
  • Able to Grind Up To 12 Cups

7. Baratza Encore

All grinders from Baratza is top-of-the-line, that’s why the Baratza Encore effortlessness made its way to our top 13. Like mentioned earlier, it’s one of the three very best grinders on the market. It provides 40 grind settings, has 40mm commercial-grade conical burrs, and very easy to use. Amongst users, it’s highly rated and very dependable. Coffee professionals chose Baratza grinders as their most recommended option.

Users Say: “Don’t be tempted by cheaper grinders. Anything less than $100 is probably got some flaw that will make you wish you’d just sprung for this one. Great grind quality. Not too noisy. And the hopper and the bin are both made of a type of plastic that reduces static, which means your ground coffee isn’t going to fly everywhere as it will with glass or cheaper smooth plastic.”

8. Bodum Bistro

Amazingly, the Bodum Bistro is on a hefty price cut of 30% off the original amount. Although we’re unsure if this discount is permanent or temporary, we believe it’s, either way, an impeccable option. This coffee grinder is one of the top-shelf choices on the market. And with that, it’s also wildly popular with high customer-reviews. The integrated timer lets you grind the exact amount of coffee you need. Along with that, you’ll find the large 7.75 Oz. hopper useful, as well.

With 12 changeable grind settings, you’ll be able to make the coffee just the way you prefer it. A unique feature is the lid built-in instructions for what time to set it per cup size. Offering a borosilicate glass chamber that prevents coffee grinds from sticking. To sum it up, we fully endorse this grinder for those who don’t mind spending $100!

Users Say: “Absolutely love this burr coffee grinder. It has a small footprint, a modern-looking design, and has a wonderful glass catch that helps eliminate the static coffee grinds that usually get all over when we use to grind our coffee in the plastic catch our old grinder had. Large capacity hopper for the coffee beans too! Don’t hesitate to buy this if you’re looking for a great little burr grinder!”

Tech Specs

  • 3 color options: Black, White, or Red
  • Hopper
  • 12 setting grinder
  • Borosilicate Glass Chamber


Even though the TIBEK isn’t necessarily the highest-rated on the list, we still believe it’s worth a mention. It enables 18 various grind settings, able to produce 2-14 cups, and has a spacious 8.8oz hopper. Unfortunately, many users complain about receiving a defective unit or the hopper prematurely breaking within a month. Nevertheless, it’s also important to note its lower price than most grinders.

Users Say: “Very pleased with this grinder. Set the grind, set the number of cups, push a button, and go. Works great and my coffee is better than with the old blade grinder. I have been making my coffee much too strong and this will actually pay for itself in a few months because I won’t be using too much. So far so good. Seems to be a decent grinder for the price level.”


Next up, the SHARDOR is an excellent coffee grinder with a sizable 8.8oz hopper. Possessing various settings to choose from, it provides 14 grind settings for 2-12 cups. What many people love its grinding accuracy and speed per setting you choose. Of the 14 settings for diverse brewing methods, you can make French press, espresso, drip coffee, pour-over, etc.

To achieve the full flavor of the coffee you deserve, the integrated conical burr offers consistent grinding. You’ll also love its overall easy operation. After setting your brew setting and cup amount, you simply press the button in the cup setting center. It automatically stops once finished.

There are a few other noteworthy qualities worth mentioning. Aside from its reliable performance and high customer-reviews, you’ll love that it’s entirely free from BPA. It also has a safety lock, has a sleek stainless steel construction, and provides 200 Watts of power. Compared to other grinders, it has a relatively low noise operating level of 75dB and below, as well.

Users Say: “I use this every day to grind my coffee for Turkish coffee. The grind has been consistent and fine, and my coffee has been delicious. I especially like the design of the hopper, which extends out from the base. (In other grinders I think the plastic hopper expands over time and eventually does not fit completely into the base.”

Tech Specs & Details

  • 14 Total Grind Settings Between 2-12 Cups
  • BPA-Free
  • Made of Stainless steel
  • Safety Lock
  • Noise-operation: 75dB
  • Auto-Stop
  • Hopper capacity: 8.8 ounces


Barely below $100, the OXO BREW is an all-around exceptional coffee grinder with a large hopper. With 15 adjustable grind settings, robust build quality, ease of use, straightforward functionality, and reliable performance; this grinder is surely a top contender if the top of your budget is $100!

Users Say: “Great grinder, very quiet compared to others. Steel hopper doesn’t cling to grinds, which is nice. Figuring out the dial is a bit of a pain, but we set it on 10 seconds for a regular size Moka pot and french press, and it seems to work well. As an added bonus, the counter footprint is minimal.”

12. Cuisinart DBM-8

The Cuisinart DBM-8 is an astounding coffee grinder with a timer and hopper. But the value it offers greatly exceeds the typical coffee grinder. One of the first things you’ll notice is the 18 different grind settings. By simply twisting the hopper, you can change the grind settings. From coarse to fine and nearly everything in between, you won’t have any issues finding your preferred coffee type.

Considering the larger than usual cup sizes it offers from 4-18, this grinder is an amazing choice if you’d rather grind more coffee at a time or you have a big family. Another practical trait is the two stylish options to choose from. Depending on the color and style of your kitchen, you can get it in either stainless steel or cream.

The built-in bean hopper has an adequate space of 8 ounces. Considering the lid and hopper are removable, it’s effortless to clean, as well. It starts up by pressing the start button and the timer automatically stops it once finished. Overall, it’s certainly one of our favorite coffee grinders on the market and you’ll be!

Users Say: “Very easy to program to your taste. Tolerable noise level but may be considered loud for first thing in the morning. I have no problem with static as I grind 1 hour before making a pot for the next day. A few good raps and most fines are in the hopper. Also, there are practically no fines outside the machine.”

Tech Specs

  • 18 Grind Settings
  • Timer
  • 8-ounce bean hopper
  • 4-18 cups

13. Sboly

Last but not least, the Sboly is a fantastic conical coffee grinder with 19 adjustable grind settings. Providing a conveniently large hopper, this grinder is exceptionally easy to use. You can grind up to 12 cups after a simple one-touch press of a button. 

Another attribute is worth mentioning is its FDA certification. Furthermore, you’ll appreciate its ETL certification for safety of use. The only downside I noticed with this grinder is it’s annoyingly loud with a slightly high-pitch. Luckily, its ability to grind precision coffee accurately is super quick. Therefore, the loud sound doesn’t last very long. 

The motor is potent and trustworthy as most people don’t experience issues with longevity. With a sleek design, you’ll also enjoy that it helps enhance the appearance of your kitchen. All in all, we believe it’s one of the more convenient grinders offering immense value compared to the price!

Users Say: “Our morning grind just got a lot better since purchasing this grinder. I can set the grind level from extra fine to coarse, throw my beans in the hopper, set the grind time, and hit the grind button. Very easy to use and perfect every time. The freshly ground beans are quickly ready for brewing and the burr grind makes a great cup of coffee.”

Tech Specs & Details

  • 12 Cup Capacity Max
  • 19 Grind Settings
  • Safety Lock
  • Stainless Steel Burr

Our Winner

Keep in mind that our opinion is not the end all be all. Like mentioned earlier, everyone has different needs, requirements, and budgets for their coffee grinder with an incorporated bean hopper. However, our winner is the Baratza Virtuoso+ due to its state-of-the-art build quality, 40 different grinding settings, impressive performance, and picture-perfect customer reviews across the board. We decidedly recommend it for anyone looking for the best possible coffee grinder with a hopper.

Why grind coffee beans with a grinder rather than purchasing already ground coffee?

The sooner coffee beans are ground, the better the coffee tastes. Therefore, grinding your own coffee beans makes for better-tasting coffee than purchasing preground coffee. 

How much do coffee grinders cost for home use?

The cost of coffee grinders varies by a vast margin between $30-$330. However, most tend to hover around $70 with very few exceeding $100. 

What’s a hopper on a coffee grinder?

The hopper is the compartment used to hold the coffee beans on a coffee grinder. Most hoppers are located on top. 

When should you grind coffee beans before brewing?

The sooner you grind your coffee beans before brewing, the better it will taste. Most coffee enthusiasts emphatically recommend grinding your beans directly before brewing without wasting a moment. 

After grinding the coffee beans, how long does coffee last? 

After grinding your coffee beans, the total time it lasts is roughly 4-5 weeks. However, the longer freshly ground coffee beans go without brewing, the more flavor and aroma are lost. 

Quick Recap

Here Are The Highest-Rated Coffee Grinders With A Built-In Hopper On The Market

  • Baratza Virtuoso+
  • Mr. Coffee IDS77-RB
  • Mueller Austria
  • Breville BCG820BSSXL
  • SHARDOR Mill 2.0
  • Baratza Encore
  • Bodum Bistro
  • Cuisinart DBM-8
  • Sboly

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