17 Best Platform Beds With A Headboard

A platform bed has a large and sturdy base without the added box spring. Better yet, many platform beds come with an incorporated headboard, as well. Along with enhancing the bed’s overall appearance, headboards also allow you to sit upright for reading, gaming, etc.

For whichever reason you’re in need of a platform bed with a headboard, you’ve come to the right place. We formulated a list of the 17 best and highest-rated choices on the market. 

Without Further Ado, Below Are The Highest-Rated Platform Beds With A Headboard On The Market: King, Queen, Full, or Twin

1. Flash Furniture

First up, the Flash Furniture is a remarkable platform bed with a combined headboard. This tufted-style upholstered bed provides 15 wooden slats for enhanced support. You’ll also love its quality of construction optimized to last over 20 years. Amongst users, it’s wildly popular and highly-reviewed. We absolutely recommend it! 

Sizes: Twin, Full, Queen, King

Users Say: “Seriously love this bed. We got the queen in dark gray with a 12″ hybrid mattress from amazon. I was worried bc I’m not great with measurements and was hoping the mattress wasn’t too high for this bed frame, but the headboard is actually pretty high. Very sturdy & took bf about an hour and a half to assemble. Def worth it.”

2. Bellemave

Running below $200, the Bellemave platform bed is an affordable choice with a headboard. However, it only comes as a twin-size with two storage drawers. It has an elegant appearance and perfect for your kid’s room or a guest room. 

Sizes: Twin

Users Say:I bought two of these and they were easy to assemble and fit perfectly in my kid’s room. The drawers are large and sturdy. Overall. Very happy with the purchase

3. Zinus Suzanne

Sizes: Twin, Full, Queen, King

Users Say: “This is a very well designed and packaged product. The headboard is real wood. Could not be happier. Still have to add the casper mattress on top, so will advise how the wooden slats hold up. That is my only concern is that they seem a bit flexible which may not work for a foam mattress where weight does not distribute like springs.”

4. Home Life 0013

Right off the bat, the Home Life 0013 is a long-established style bed frame with a headboard. It also comes with a practical 5-year warranty. Unfortunately, you can only get it as a king size. 

Size: King

Users Say: “This is frame and headboard are very nice. It was easy to put together and I am very happy I purchased this.”

5. DHP Cambridge

Also on a significant 27% price reduction, the DHP Cambridge is a futuristically designed platform bed with a built-in headboard. As you can see in the picture, the entire bed folds upwards exposing the vast storage compartment. With the gas lift mechanism, lifting the bed is effortless. You can also lock it in place once folded up. But aside from its unique storage compartment, this bed has impeccable construction quality and a phenomenal design. We fully endorse it! 

Sizes: Queen or King

Users Say:Love this bed! After multiple uses, the hinges are holding strong and the bed still is able to open and close without fault. The headboard is beautiful and overall the bed was a great buy.

6. Zinus Dori

Sizes: Full, Queen, King

Users Say:Absolutely gorgeous and affordable! I’m so glad I chose this one. All the assembly parts and tools are neatly packed into the headboard. It’s pretty easy to assemble, but I’m an airhead and messed it up initially and my friend finished the assembly and got it done in maybe 30 minutes. Would recommend! Great quality.

7. Amolife Queen

We believe the Amolife Queen is one of the most visually appealing platform beds on the market. Not only that, but due to its simplistic design, it’s also an outstanding bang for the buck running at a much lower price than you would expect. 

Sizes: Full or Queen

Users Say: “This bed is absolutely beautiful. Follow the directions and it’s pretty easy to assemble. Easiest to assemble side rails with the headboard and footboard laying flat on the floor rather than standing upright. I wouldn’t hesitate to buy again.”

8. Zinus – Brock 

Sizes: Twin, Full, Queen, King

Users Say:I don’t do reviews unless something is really good or really bad and these beds are AWESOME! We got them for our twin’s first big kid bed. They are well made and easy to put together. They were well packed too, even had the styrofoam in plastic so that it didn’t get everywhere.

9. Amolife

Next in the lineup, the Amolife is a great platform bed with four slide-out drawers and an incorporated headboard. Constructed of enticing faux leather with a button-tufted style, it’s a contemporary choice for your bedroom. However, you can only get it as a queen size. 

Sizes: Queen

Users Say:Pay close attention to every detail of the instructions and read through some of the reviews before assembling. It looks amazing and is definitely worth it!!

10. Zinus Tonja

Regardless of which size you get the Zinus Tonja, each one is competitively priced below $500. This platform bed has a vintage design with its rustic body and headboard. Not only is it a famous choice, but it has near-perfect ratings across the board, as well. You also get a 5-year limited warranty with the purchase. 

Sizes: Twin, Full, Queen, King

Users Say:Awesome headboard and frame! Sturdy and made from real wood. Extremely easy to put together as I was able to do it myself. Definitely worth the money!

11. DHP Dakota

Sizes: Twin, Full, Queen, King

Users Say:I loved the way it looks. Feels pretty sturdy, considering it was so inexpensive. We’ll have to wait and see. The headboard is pretty low, but it will do. No box spring needed, placed mattress 12″high right on top. It took about 1.5 hours to put together.

12. Zinus Lyon

Providing an elegant style, the Zinus Lyon is a great platform bed with a headboard. It has near-flawless reviews and it’s a dependable choice. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come as a king-size. 

Sizes: Full or Queen

Users Say: “I normally don’t write reviews. I have never seen anything packed as well as this bed. At first, when you open it, you think they only sent the headboard. Everything is inside the headboard nice and neat. I put the bed up myself in 40 minutes. We live the bed, very attractive and well built.”

13. Home Life

The Home Life is a fantastic platform bed. You can get it as a full, queen, or king size. The incorporated headboard offers a charming style with various buttons. With the purchase, you get peace of mind with a 5-year limited warranty. 

Sizes: Full, Queen, King

Users Say:Love this new bed!!! The color is just a tad darker, so a nice medium grey color. It is very sturdy and classy, the headboard is nice and tall as well. I could not be happier with this purchase!

14. Inofia King

Even though the Inofia King isn’t quite the highest-rated choice on the market, it’s still worth mentioning. This platform bed has a very tall headboard. However, it isn’t very sturdy. 

Size: King

Users Say: “What I loved about the product was the headboard. Everything came assembled in the headboard like the description depicted. Took maybe less than an hr to put it together, directions were fairly easy to comprehend. All in all, I rate this product a 5 star and can’t wait to sleep on it.”

15. Mellow

Amazingly, the Mellow is on a hefty price cut of 10% off the original amount. Although we’re unsure if this discount is permanent or temporary, we believe it’s, either way, an incredible bang for the buck. Unlike most on the list, this bed comes with a separate bedside storage drawer. Along with that, you’ll appreciate the integrated headboard, as well. We highly approve of this platform bed!

Sizes: Full or Queen

Users Say:Pleasantly surprised at how sturdy this was for the price. Nicely packaged & the only damage was in a few spots on the black cloth covering the back of the headboard. They could improve by using thicker cloth for this. No noise & the footboard storage is huge. The hinges on the storage bin are top quality. I highly recommend but make sure you have enough room to set this bed up prior to buying. I simply looked at the length & as I have a large bedroom it was perfect. Shipping was faster than expected.”

16. Zinus Julio

You can get the Zinus Julio as a full, queen, or king size. It has a reliably sturdy build and robust headboard. With the purchase, you also get peace of mind with its 5-year warranty! 

Sizes: Full, Queen, King

Users Say: “Sturdy and beautiful, great quality for the price. I would definitely suggest ordering, the only thing is you can’t use it with a box spring because the headboard is not high enough, but the wooden slates are included and they are sturdy. Seriously a great bed.”

17. Classic Brands

Last but not least, the Classic Brands is an excellent platform bed frame. Not only does it come in three sizes, but you can also get it in either grey, beige, or light grey. It has a robust metal frame with wooden slats. Another positive feature is the upholstered headboard!

Sizes: Full, Queen, King

Users Say:Great sturdy bed. We bought a 14″ deep full mattress. The height of the headboard is great for the mattress. There is a small gap where the slats show, but the bedding covers it. Really beautiful and so happy with this purchase for my daughter!

Quick Recap

  • Flash Furniture
  • Zinus Suzanne
  • Home Life 0013
  • DHP Cambridge
  • Zinus Dori
  • Amolife Queen
  • Zinus – Brock (King)
  • Amolife
  • Zinus Tonja
  • DHP Dakota
  • Zinus Lyon
  • Home Life
  • Inofia King
  • Mellow
  • Zinus Julio
  • Classic Brands
  • Bellemave
Is a platform bed good for your mattress?

Platform beds are great for your mattress due to the dependable support. Furthermore, they’re one of the better choices for a memory foam mattress. 

What are the benefits of a platform bed?

To name a few advantages of a platform bed, they’re visually pleasing with a traditional style, they provide a robust build and sturdy frame, they’re reasonably priced, they’re good for your mattress due to the firm frame, and they’re an excellent option for a memory foam mattress. 

Do you need a special mattress for a platform bed?

No, platform beds don’t require any special mattress. Considering their enhanced support, any mattress is compatible with a platform bed. 

Are platform beds squeaky?

Considering wooden platform beds don’t have box springs, they’re less likely to squeak. Additionally, the boosted mattress support platform beds provide make them less susceptible to squeaks, as well. 

How Much does a platform bed cost?

Not including the mattress, most platform beds will cost you anywhere between $88-$505 with a rough median of around $200.


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