19 Best Headboards For King Beds

People who choose their headboard based on appearance generally prefer a metal or wooden construction. Others who want their headboard for sitting upright go for an upholstered build. 

Whichever reason you’re in the market for a headboard for your king bed, you’ve come to the right place. Regardless of your budget, style preference, or build quality you prefer; At least one of the 19 below will be right for you!   

Without Further Ado, Below Are The 19 Highest-Rated Headboards For A King Bed On The Market

1. Modway Lily Tufted

First up, the Modway Lily Tufted is a contemporary upholstered headboard for a king bed. It has a traditional style with patterned squares throughout the board. With height-adjustable capabilities, you can customize it to your preference. 

Users Say: “The first one we got was a full. We sent it back and got the King a few days later. This thing is impressive! The Black vinyl matches my existing bedroom like it was designed around it. Great quality and craftsmanship. It went together quickly and installed even quicker. I put this on a king double adjustable frame and it fits like a glove.”

2. Zinus Jessica

You can get the Zinus Jessica in three styles; Upholstered, Button Tufted, or Banded. Along with that, it comes in either gray or taupe, as well. Its appearance is quite standard. However, the build quality is impressive for the low price and it has outstanding customer reviews. You’ll also appreciate the 5-year limited warranty! 

Users Say: “I absolutely love the simplicity of this headboard! It’s steady and does the job. It was quite easy to install to our king-size bed, highly recommend it.”

3. Barn Walls Honey

Not only is the Barn Walls Honey made with real wood for a sturdy and alluring design, but it’s also made in the USA. This king-size headboard is handcrafted, as well. For those who love nature, it’s an amazing choice! 

Users Say: “The product arrived just in time, allowing one hour to hang on the wall before the bed arrived. It is a stand-out feature on the wall. Glad we got it.”

4. Modway Keira

Coming in one of six color options, the Modway Keira is a dependable headboard for king-size beds. It’s made of 100% velvet and offers soft padding. With adjustable mounting, you can mount it in 4 different positions, as well. 

Users Say: “The color is gorgeous. The material is so soft. It is a little loose but I have it against a wall so it doesn’t bother me. The assembly was super simple.”

5. Rosevera Givanna

With high-ratings across the board, the Rosevera Givanna is an outstanding choice. This king-size headboard is made of fabric with a curved top. Providing a sturdy wooden frame, adjustable heights, and an attractive appearance; you’ll be very satisfied with it. 

Users Say: “Very well built. I actually attached it to the wall instead of the mattress frame. For me, this makes our king-size bed easier to move when cleaning the floor, etc. The color was just as pictured. Very firmly upholstered.”

6. 24KF Middle Century

Here is a very unique headboard with an enticing classical style. On top of the 24KF Middle Century tough construction, you might appreciate its rare navy blue color. It’s made of fabric, plywood, foam, and wood.  

Users Say: “This headboard is perfect for my king size bed. It is easy to install and the color is great. It looks nice and matched well with my room. I like it very much. Highly recommended to everyone!”

7. Iconic Home

Next up, the Iconic Home is an exceptional king-size headboard for your bed. You can get it in either black, gray, taupe, or navy. 

Users Say: “Beautiful and sturdy. Well made and elegant. Perfect for our king-size adjustable platform mattress.”


The LUCID is a wildly popular headboard that’s height-adjustable between 34-46 inches. Not only can you get this headboard in three styles, but it also comes in six color options, as well. The frame is robustly made of solid Siberian Larch wood. For peace of mind, it’s backed by a lifetime limited warranty. We highly recommend it for anyone with a king or Cali king bed.

Users Say: “Love this headboard! You don’t have to use it with rails but does come with the parts for it if you want to. I simply had mine screwed to the wall per the instructions and it looks fantastic. We have a king-size bed and it sits underneath the window so we have it simply sitting on the floor which is fine. The headboard fits perfectly underneath the window.”

9. Modway Sovereign

Designed with velvet upholstered fabric, the Modway Sovereign is an elegant choice with a modern aura. You can get this headboard for king, queen, full, or twin-sized beds. On top of that, it has a durable plywood frame. Although it’s one of the most attractive upholstered headboards on the market, it does come with a hefty price tag. Nonetheless, most users believe it’s worth every dime. 

Users Say: “It was easy to assemble. I got a king-size and I was able to add the legs all by myself with the tools provided. You can adjust the height during assembly. It doesn’t come with the brackets to attach to the bed frame though. I’m happy to just let mine sit against the wall. The fabric is soft and velvety just how I wanted. It is very white though so I’m a little concerned about my dog’s fur getting all over it. But it looks great!”

10. Flash Furniture Cambridge

For good reasons, the Flash Furniture Cambridge is one of the most famous and highest user-reviewed headboards on the market. You can get it in various sizes and a plethora of colors. They boast about its commercial-grade quality as it’s constructed to last over 20 years. Overall, it’s certainly one of the more dependable options and we fully endorse it! 

Users Say: “It was better than I expected. I ordered a king-size, fits perfectly. The legs are metal, not cheap flimsy wood. Yes, it has a smell chemical like, but I mixed water and fabric softener in a spray bottle and sprayed the headboard, and let sit for an hour or so. I myself put it together with no issues. It’s a good buy.”

11. Vänt (massive)

Don’t be fooled by the picture, the Vänt comes with four panels per purchase. If you want to expand the panels of this headboard like the picture, you must purchase more. Nonetheless, this headboard set is certainly futuristic and compatible with just about any bed size. But not only is it used as a headboard, but it provides soundproof capabilities, as well. We highly recommend it if you need a bed headboard and you want to help soundproof your room! 

Users Say:Even though the assembly instructions were almost impossible to read, this was easy to figure out. Just remember to use a washer on both sides of the leg when you insert the bolts. There are 8 washers for 4 bolts, so it works out. This fit my needs perfectly and I am pleased with how it turned out.

12. Modway Lily

Coming in either beige, gray, ivory, or navy blue; the Modway Lily is a reliable headboard for your king-size bed. It’s made of 100% polyester, comfortable to sit upwards on, and offers a traditional style. You’ll also enjoy the tough plywood frame! 

Users Say: “Really nice headboard. We were looking for an inexpensive king headboard to protect new wall paint. This is excellent, assembly is easy, looks good, works well. As an alternative to DIY build, this is well worth it.”

13. 24KF

The 24KF is a fantastic option, as well. This headboard is height-adjustable, has a sleek style, provides a plywood frame for enhanced durability, comes in four color options, nicely textured, and compatible with a king-size bed. Overall, it’s a great choice that’ll leave you satisfied. 

Users Say: “So far, I love this bench. It is heavyweight, I cannot carry it upstairs by myself. Easy installation, it only tools me 10 mins, and they did include install tool and extra screw. It is long enough, just the right size for my king size bed. And very sturdy, because the base is made of metal. Recommend.”

14. Modway Serena Rustic

If you’re looking for a steel metal headboard for your king bed, the Modway Serena Rustic is a remarkable option. There are a plethora of reasons why we love it. It’s without a doubt durable, designed for maximum longevity, possesses 7 mounting positions, and simplistic with a modern touch!

Users Say: “We just remodeled our bedroom and had no headboard for our new king-size bed. we have dark dressers and side tables, and I did not want anything too big and heavy looking. we ordered the dark brown color, and we love it. it completed our room. thanks, Annie.”

15. Rosevera Givanna

Providing a sturdy wooden frame, upholstered fabric, an alluring curved top, and a 5-year limited warranty; the Rosevera Givanna is an incredible choice for your king bed. 

Users Say: “Received in good condition quicker than expected. Excellent quality and price. We mounted it directly to the wall so it won’t hinder the up and down movement of our adjustable bed. So far I love it.”

16. Modway Emily

The Modway Emily is a tufted headboard suited for a king-size bed. However, You can also get it for a twin, full, or queen-size. What we like is its thickness and comfort for sitting upright. 

Users Say: “This is absolutely beautiful. The linen is a nice fine weave fabric and looks very high-end. I bought King size in Ivory and it fits perfectly and the color is true ivory. You can adjust it higher or lower about 8 inches. Don’t hesitate as I did. This is a great find.”

17. Barn Walls

If an aesthetic rustic style is your preference, the Barn Walls is an excellent headboard for your king bed. You can get it in 14 different colors. Each wooden plank is colored differently adding a nice style. 

Users Say: “I ordered a Cali King but when I got my order it stated it was a King. After contacting the seller, I was advised that the Cali King and the King are the same even tho they are advertised separately. I decided to keep it. It sticks out about 3 inches on each side of the bed, but it still looks good.”

18. Modway Annabel

With high-ratings and customer-reviews, the Modway Annabel is a phenomenal headboard for a king-size bed. You can get it in four different colors; Beige, Gray, Ivory, or Navy. We highly recommend it.

Users Say: “We have king split adjustable bed so first, we needed the headboard hardware to use with it. But my handy husband (after some sweating) was able to put hardware on the then headboard, love it (No bedbugs as some people said was on theirs) we ordered the gray.”

19. Prepac Flat Panel

Last but not least, the Prepac Flat Panel is a king-size headboard at a much more affordable price than the others. However, its build quality overperforms the price. You can also get it in either white, gray, espresso, or black. 

Users Say: “I love my king-sized headboard. I did not attach it to the bed frame and it works just fine. It was a little bit of a pain to put together as it comes completely unassembled. But was easy enough to put together. I’ve been using it for about a month or so and am so happy with it.”

Quick Recap

Here Are The 19 Best Headboards For A King Bed On The Market

  • Zinus Jessica
  • Barn Walls Honey
  • Modway Keira
  • Rosevera Givanna
  • 24KF Middle Century
  • Iconic Home
  • Modway Sovereign
  • Flash Furniture Cambridge
  • Vänt
  • Modway Lily
  • 24KF
  • Modway Serena Rustic
  • Rosevera Givanna
  • Modway Emily
  • Barn Walls
  • Modway Annabel
  • Prepac Flat Panel
  • Modway Lily Tufted

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