22 Best Bar Stools On The Market

For whichever reason you’re in the market for a barstool, you’ve come to the right place. We formulated a list of the 22 best choices based on customer reviews and extensive research!

Below Are The Highest-Rated Barstools On Amazon


First up, the SUPERJARE is an excellent pair of bar stools with a mini back. You can get it in either retro brown or light brown. They’re uniquely stylish, have tough build quality, and height-adjustable!

Users Say: “We purchased two of these and loved them so much we ordered two more. The stock photos do not do them justice. They are a little pricey but you won’t be disappointed. They were easy to put together. The basic one, two, three instructions.”

2. Christopher Knight Home

Also coming in a pair, the 2-pack Christopher Knight Home is a reliable choice of barstools. They’re wildly popular and highly-rated amongst users! With a snakeskin brown color, they have a nice contemporary design!

Users Say: “Great buy, just as expected. Multiple family members that have sat in them are surprised at how comfortable they are. East to put together, took only a few minutes per chair, sturdy even with some larger sized people (230-240lbs) sitting in them over Christmas break.”

3. DHP Luxor

Currently, the DHP Luxor is on a hefty price cut of 27% off the original amount. Although we’re unsure if this discount is permanent or temporary, we believe it’s, either way, a great value for the price. It has a robust steel frame and an attractive wooden seat. We highly recommend it!

Users Say: “I assembled these single-handed and they were so easy. They will require some tightening from time to time but nothing bothersome. They look great, just like the pictures. I love the unique staining on each one and every seat is different. They have character. They are very easy to clean too with just a wet cloth.”

4. Homall Modern

You can get the Homall Modern in one of nine colors. This 2-pack of barstools has a back seat, metal frame, foot rear, 280-pound weight capacity, and a modernized appearance!

Users Say: “I got these to use with my kitchen island. They feel sturdy enough to hold my weight without any issues. Though my kids are the ones who use them on a daily basis and they have held up their abuse. The leather is very easy to clean, so I highly recommend these.”


This backless pair of barstools is a wonderful choice. Running below $80, the VASAGLE ALINRU is very affordable and has a pleasant design. Made with both steel and metal, the construction outperforms the price!

Users Say: “These are the best counter stools we found after weeks of searching! Assembly is required, but it’s fairly easy. Great quality lightweight stools that look great! We are considering purchasing a coffee table or other item from this brand now, it’s so great.”


The ALPHA HOME is an exceptional pair of barstools with a backrest. Whether you get them in grey or brown, they’re a great choice with an artsy flair!

Users Say: “The quality is nice and they were easy to assemble but not very sturdy! I have a big guy for a husband and not sure if they’ll hold up even after looking at how many lbs it can hold!”

7. Ball & Cast

If you’re looking for a high-quality single barstool with a backrest, the Ball & Cast is a top contender. It’s superbly famous with remarkable customer reviews. It has a durable build and a traditionally rich look. We highly recommend it!

Users Say: “The best purchase I have made at Amazon, and there have been many. They were even better than I thought and matched my bar perfectly. They weren’t the easiest to put together but if you lined up the bolts like the instructions, they are well worth it. Very well made and strong and don’t tilt.”

8. Yaheetech White

Not only do the Yaheetech White barstools have an elegant backrest, but they provide convenient armrests, as well. Each stool is very tough with a 331 weight-limit. They fully swivel and have a modernized style!

Users Say: “Extremely well packaged. All chrome parts were individually wrapped. All necessary hardware and hex wrench included. Simple instructions and assembly. Just assembled but the piston seems very stout. Good mid-range stool. Not commercial grade but certainly as expected or better for this price range.”

9. BestOffice

Coming in either black, red, or brown; the BestOffice is an outstanding pair of barstools for the price. They provide a backrest, a chrome finish, footrests, height-adjustable capabilities, and they can swivel!

Users Say: “I have a tall early Century manufacturing table for my dining area. And I tell you what these chairs work beautifully with the room and the height needed. Pretty darn sturdy too I’m 240 and there is no wobble when seating. If my table was bigger I’d buy more of the same Chairs. Worth the money and that wasn’t much to spend at all.”

10. Halter

With an eye-catching design, the Halter is a lovely pair of barstools. You can get them in a plethora of colors. They have a 330-pound weight capacity, a metal base, and a fabric seat.

Users Say: “I set these up around my kitchen island. Everyone is able to sit in the kitchen now while the food is being prepared. The red color was perfect! They’re pretty sturdy too. I have had different weight sizes sit in them without any issues. I’m very happy with my purchase!”


Made of iron and metal, the pair of LOKKHAN barstools have a vintage build. They’re both backless with compact footrests. With near-flawless customer reviews, these barstools are a dependable option and we highly recommend them!

Users Say: “Stools are exactly as they were described. Very heavy duty, look great! The box they came in scared me, on the outside a box was checked that said they were white . . . they weren’t (whew) They look just like the pictures. Great bar stools and a good price.”

12. Christopher Knight Home Ogden

If you’re looking for a dual set of barstools with a backrest made with a comfy fabric seat, the Christopher Knight Home Ogden is a great choice. They have a gorgeous design!

Users Say: “These stools are absolutely wonderful. We bought 4 to place around our island bar. Easy to assemble. To prevent the stools from stains we bought a stain guard since they are very light in color. After using the stools for several weeks the items are still wonderful and stain-free. The stools add a rich look to our open kitchen.”

13. Leopard Outdoor Products

Along with them being the most famous set of barstools on the market, the Leopard Outdoor Products have many fantastic attributes. These barstools have an alluring design, a comfy backrest, convenient footrests, a lovely chrome finish, and a vast amount of colors to choose from!

Users Say: “I was a bit concerned about quality and stability due to the price. I am pleasantly surprised. The assembly was very simple. The chairs are perfect for a breakfast bar. Very comfortable. Swivel. Foot rest. I do not think they would be comfortable for long-term sitting. I also think that they would be uncomfortable for very large people.”

14. KaiMeng

Running below $70, the KaiMeng is an inexpensive pair of barstools. However, many people wouldn’t ever even know that these barstools are much cheaper than most. They have a nice construction and style for the money. Overall, we believe they’re an exceptional bang for the buck!

Users Say: “These stools are very nice looking and were easy to assemble. They are sturdy and comfortable, and the family loves that the height is adjustable. I would definitely recommend them and would buy them again. Well worth the money and they are reasonably priced. They arrived in great shape, too.”

15. Yaheetech Metal

Amongst users, the four-pack of Yaheetech barstools is flawlessly rated. Designed for either indoor or outdoor use, they have a sturdy metal build quality. You’ll like how they’re stackable, as well!

Users Say: “Tops were actually real solid wood, not a thin layer over particleboard. Very sturdy and carefully packaged. Similar stools in stores are 3-4 times the price. Great value for the money.”

16. Furmax

Here is another 2-set of barstools at a low price. The Furmax has a convenient backrest and footrest. It’s made with a sturdy metal frame with a pleasant chrome finish. For the low price, you’ll be pleased!

Users Say: “I needed 4 counter-height chairs and didn’t want to spend a ton, but wanted something comfortable. I ordered 2 sets of these chairs and they were absolutely the right price! They arrived quickly and assembled in no time. The padding is comfy and guests can sit for long periods with no complaint. These cute little chairs were just what I was looking for!”

17. ZENY

For those looking for a 4-set of metal barstools with an alluring wooden seat, the ZENY is certainly a top contender. They have remarkable build quality with an impressive 330-pound weight capacity. Optimized for indoor or outdoor use, we highly recommend them!

Users Say: “These are great bar stools. They look and feel better than others I’ve looked at, and they cost a fraction of the price. Very sturdy, great looking, and great build quality.”


Next up, the CHITA is a single barstool made with upholstered fabric. In terms of comfort and build quality, it’s highly admired. Better yet, it’s currently on a friendly 22% price deduction!

Users Say: “These barstools are absolutely perfect. The fabric is soft and comfortable. The shade of blue is the perfect complement to my gray & white kitchen. They were well packed and already put together.”


The YAHEETECH is a 2-pack of barstools with a backrest. They have a footrest, can swivel at 360-degrees, and has an adorable style. For the low price, it’s a great choice!

Users Say: “We saw chairs similar to these at the Home Store, but they were so much more expensive than these. These stools look just like the picture, they were super easy to install and look very classy.”

20. Walker Edison

Coming in one of five colors to choose from, the Walker Edison is an impeccable pair of barstools. Providing backrests, footrests, robust construction, and a 250-pound weight limit; They’re a dependable choice!

Users Say: “We bought these for our new breakfast bar and they are great. A great contemporary look and a sleek design at a reasonable price. The faux leather is really durable and completely wipeable. We have two small children and they are really stable and I’m not worried about them tipping over. I’d definitely purchase again.”

21. Vnewone

As you might see in a futuristic movie, the Vnewone has a very modern unique style. These barstools are highly-rated, popular, height-adjustable, swivel, provide footrests, and have tough construction. We absolutely recommend them!

Users Say: “Love these chairs – super easy to assemble. Definitely not the highest quality materials (the metal piping isn’t metal and the base is super light), but it gets the job done and looks attractive! The design is cute but the back isn’t going to give you much support.”

22. Christopher Knight Home Brown

Last but not least, the Vnewone is a fantastic pair of barstool chairs. They have a comfy backrest and an elegant appearance. Although they’re a bit on the pricey side, most people believe they’re well worth it!

Users Say: “These are an outstanding value! Very well built and feel rock solid once you tighten up all the fasteners. Made in Malaysia. Legs are black and we got the brown simulated leather material. Studs and all stitching seems very well done. They look a feel a lot more expensive. We originally bought 4 and order another set just because they were that comfortable.”

Quick Recap

Here Are The Best Bar Stools For The Money

  • Christopher Knight Home
  • DHP Luxor
  • Homall Modern
  • Ball & Cast
  • Yaheetech White
  • BestOffice
  • Halter
  • Christopher Knight Home Ogden
  • Leopard Outdoor Products
  • KaiMeng
  • Yaheetech Metal
  • Furmax
  • ZENY
  • Walker Edison
  • Vnewone
  • Christopher Knight Home Brown
How much does a pair of barstools cost?

Barstools usually come in a pack of 2. With a few exceptions, most barstools are between $90-$260. 

Are barstools height adjustable?

Roughly half of the barstools you see on the marketplace have a lever to adjust the height. 

Do barstools swivel?

Most barstools you see on the marketplace provide swivel capabilities. Only a few are stationary. 

Can you purchase a single barstool online?

While most barstools come in pairs, there are many options to purchase a single barstool online. 

How much does a barstool weigh?

The average barstool weighs between 14-24 pounds. 

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