22 Best Hurricane Candle Holders For Your Home Or Business

For whichever reason you’re in the market for a hurricane candle holder, you’ve come to the right place. We formulated a list of the highest-rated and customer-reviewed holders. Made of either glass or metal, you’ll surely find what you’re looking for below!

Without Further Ado, Below Are The 22 Best Hurricane Candle Holders Made Of Either Glass Or Metal

1. Stonebriar

First up, the Stonebriar is an excellent choice. It has a black metal frame and glass cylinder. You’ll appreciate the vintage style, as well. This hurricane candle holder comes in either a large or small size!

Users Say: “Well constructed. Packing was well done to prevent breakage. Appears exactly as pictured. It fits nicely on a ledge that is 7.25” wide.”


Coming with a black or gold swirl holder, the XUANJIA is a fantastic option for the price. It’s highly-rated with great reviews. We highly recommend it!

Users Say: “I’m so upset I don’t have a smaller display candle to put in this holder. Such a beautiful candle stands for aesthetics and looks good over my bar. Lovely”

3. Retrome

Providing a unique style, the Retrome is a creative hurricane candle holder. It has a durable metal frame construction with a removable glass cylinder. 

Users Say: “Bought this for a table on my front porch. It is very nice and I plan to put battery-operated fairy lights in it rather than a candle.”

4. Danya B KF219

Here is yet another stylish hurricane candle holder. Made with iron, glass, and metal, the Danya B KF219 provides a rustic aura!

Users Say: “Made and packaged well. I actually purchased 2 of them for breakfast and the dining table. Looks great and I’m very happy with the purchase.”


Running below $15, the CYS EXCEL is a standard hurricane candle holder. But don’t let the low price fool you. Its overall build quality dramatically outperforms the price!

Users Say: “Bigger than I needed but way sturdier! Kids knocked it over and you would never know!”

6. First of a Kind

If you’re looking for a creative hurricane candle holder with a gorgeous style, the First of a Kind is an incredible choice. Although it’s a bit pricey compared to the others, it’s certainly worth it!


7. cyl home Honeycomb

With near-flawless reviews amongst users, the cyl home Honeycomb provides immense value for the price. You can get it in one of three sizes. What I love about it is each hurricane candle holder is hand-finished and mouth-blown. 

Users Say: “This vase is absolutely perfect! The picture and measurements are completely true and it comes very well protected! Definitely recommend and will be purchasing the smaller versions as well.”


This 3-set of alluring hurricane candle holders is a great bang for the buck. Each one has a simplistic textured pattern. Most people prefer the JHY DESIGN set for either Christmas time or weddings!

Users Say: “These are just beautiful. I wanted to use them for pendant lights, but I couldn’t find a glass company to drill the hole. But they are gorgeous for what they were meant for…candles.”

9. Stonebriar Fleur de Lis

The Stonebriar Fleur de Lis offers a traditional design. It has a cylinder glass hurricane and a tough base with a zinc finish. You can get it as a small or large size. 

Users Say: “Definitely satisfied! You can’t beat the price. Yes, it is dainty and not the quality of a Pottery Barn candle holder, but keep in mind you are getting a killer deal. It is beautiful and I would buy it again!”

10. Nuptio

For those searching for a dual set of vintage hurricane candle holders, the Nuptio is a top contender. The glass is detachable from the metal base. You’ll also appreciate the attractive powder-coated finish!

Users Say: “So gorgeous!!!! I saw similar styles selling for $80-100 on other sites. My intention was to paint them black but the moment they came out of the box I fell in love! leaving them just the way they are.”

11. SIGNALS Rainbow

After you light a single flame, the SIGNALS Rainbow magnified various flames through its hurricane glass. It has a very unique construction with its crystal prism glass. We absolutely recommend it!

Users Say: “We purchased two of these lanterns and are very pleased with them. The effect is better when votive candles are used rather than the pictured tealights. We recommend these lanterns for decorative use on dining tables–under proper supervision, i.e., the watchfulness you’d always give for lighted, open-flame candles. They’re very pretty, indeed.”

12. Home Essentials 3-Set

Next up, the Home Essentials 3-Set is a triple-set of hurricane candle holders. It offers an alluring appearance and sturdy construction!


13. Whole Housewares

Explicitly designed for Christmas, the Whole Housewares is an amazing choice. Each of the three is different sizes and provides cute Christmas decorations underneath the candleholder!

Users Say: “Perfect for the ‘farmhouse Christmas’ vibe I was going for. A great blend of rustic and modern. I never actually lighted the ball candles that I got for them, but they looked super cute sitting there. I did have to finagle the ‘pine needles’ a bit at first to get them to fit into the holders well. Once I got them in though and set up, it looked really nice.”

14. Eastland Grande

Coming in a large 12-set, the Eastland Grande hurricane candle holder pack is an amazing choice. We recommend it for anyone needing many compact candle holders. Made of frosted glass, each one is  3.5″H x 3″W. They are most compatible with Richland Votive candles!

Users Say: “These grande frosted hurricanes are exactly what I’ve been looking for to burn the mini pillars – 2 x 3.5 candles. What I want to point out is the AMAZING customer service I received from Quick Candles when one of my 12 hurricanes arrived with a small crack from shipping. They took care of it immediately with a generous replacement and were extremely courteous and friendly on the phone/800 number. I’m impressed and pleased with everything about this product and company!”

15. WGVI

You can get the WGVI in one of fifteen sizes. If you require a very standard hurricane candle holder, you’ll surely find the perfect fit with one of these. It’s made of clear glass with each end open.

Users Say: “Great product. Well packaged. Arrived in one piece. I used it and it worked great. I am very happy with this purchase and I do recommend them. I will order again if I decide that I need a second one.”

16. Stonebriar Industrial

Just recently, the Stonebriar Industrial hurricane candle holder had a friendly price cut of 15% off the original amount. Although we’re unsure if this discount is permanent or temporary, we believe it’s, either way, an excellent value!

Users Say: “Beautiful lantern. Very nice quality. Terrific, authentic-looking vintage look. Surprised and very happy when I unwrapped.”

17. cyl home

With clear glass and a gold color base, the cyl home is a fantastic choice. This holder is 3.9 x 3.9 x 5.9, handmade, and constructed of soda-lime glass. It has high marks among customers, as well!

Users Say: “This is a beautiful vase. Very elegant and of good quality. The paint does not look like it would fade or chip easily. A lot larger than I expected, but that’s on me for measuring in my head. The large size is good for dramatic/formal settings.”

18. Just Artifacts

For good reasons, the Just Artifacts 12-piece set of candle holders has near-perfect ratings. Each one has a mercury glass construction and an antique mercury finish!

Users Say: “These votive holders are simply stunning! I plan to use them at my daughter’s wedding to put in lanterns and line the aisle she will walk down, and then use them again as part of the centerpieces for the reception. They are exactly what I was looking for. The way the light shines through them is gorgeous. I love how each one came in its own box – it protects them from breaking (they arrived in perfect condition) but also you can re-pack the little boxes when done using them to keep them safely stored. Beautiful holders! The pictures do not do them justice. Absolutely love them!”


The KETELAMP is another standard hurricane glass holder at an inexpensive price. With various heights and widths to choose from, you’ll surely find the perfect size. You’ll enjoy its polished finish, as well!

Users Say: “This lampshade is beautiful yet sturdy glass. I loved the customer service also very much. I ordered the wrong size and asked for a return and they replaced for no cost hassle-free! The lampshade looks beautiful around my broad oil lamp when lit. Thank you for the amazing product and amazing service you do to deliver to your customers.”


Offering a frosted glass style, the KICHI is a dependable option. It has a chimney tube design with each end open. It also has excellent customer reviews!

Users Say: “So happy with these, they were exactly what I was looking for and no lighting store in town carried them. They were the exact size specifications as ordered, and they made a world of difference to some old fixtures (which now look modern with frosted glass instead of exposed bulbs and wire) in my living room. Further, I ordered four and was certain that at least one would be cracked or chipped (because they’re glass, after all) but they were expertly packaged and all four were in perfect condition. Thank you very much!”


Next in line, the CYS EXCEL is yet another traditional hurricane candle holder. Providing multiple sizes, a chimney tube, both open ends, and made of glass; it’s a reliable choice.

Users Say: “Glass is thicker and of better quality than the glass piece of my decor I broke when moving it. Plus the replacement glass came in a set for a great price, so I can either save the second one in case I drop the replacement glass again or make another display.”

22. Stonebriar 18 Inch

Last but not least, the Stonebriar 18 Inch is a well-made choice with an enticing build. Not to forget, it’s also on a significant 25% price reduction. You can use it either indoors and outdoors. It has a mini door with a fully enclosed interior besides the top. However, the top is a lot like a chimney as it protects the candle while allowing open air on the sides. We primarily recommend it for those who want a hurricane candle holder for outside use!

Users Say: “This is an absolutely gorgeous piece. Its metal and wood make it sturdy and of high quality. Looks perfect hanging from a black rustic hanger from the wall. The sides are glass. I put a battery-operated candle controlled with a remote. Redecorating my bathroom to a rustic western theme. This was worth the money.”

Quick Recap

Here Are The Best Hurricane Candle Holders On The Market

  • Stonebriar
  • Retrome
  • Danya B KF219
  • First of a Kind
  • cyl home Honeycomb
  • Stonebriar Fleur de Lis
  • Nuptio
  • SIGNALS Rainbow
  • Home Essentials 3-Set
  • Whole Housewares
  • Eastland Grande
  • WGVI
  • Stonebriar Industrial
  • cyl home
  • Just Artifacts
  • CYS EXCEL 3″Wide x 6″Tall
  • Stonebriar 18 Inch

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