23 Best Chandeliers Under $100

Whether you need a chandelier for your bedroom, dining room, foyer, etc., you’ve come to the right place. Each one of these has outstanding reviews among users. Luckily, many gorgeous chandeliers are affordable, as well. We formulated a list of the highest-rated chandeliers for bedrooms under $100!

Without Further Ado, Below Are The 23 Highest-Rated Affordable Chandeliers Under $100

1. Saint Mossi Spiral Raindrop

First up, Saint Mossi Spiral Raindrop is an excellent chandelier running below $100. Not only is it very affordable for the attractive style, but many users love it for their bedroom, as well. It’s made of crystals with a smooth chrome finish!

Users Say: “There isn’t a photo that can justify how beautiful this chandelier is. It takes a little patience installing it though not difficult to do and well worth the effort. Worth the and money. It’s actually a great bargain considering how stunning it is.”

2. Gypsy Color

Not only is the Gypsy Color wildly popular, but it also has near-flawless reviews. You can get it in 7 different colors. With a compact design at 17” H x 12” W, it generally fits nicely in just about any bedroom!

Users Say: “We recently redecorated our daughter’s room. This mini chandelier was the perfect fit. It was prettier than we imagined and we couldn’t be happier with it. She truly loves it. It was packaged well and it’s made beautifully.”


The stylish LALUZ has a splendid oil-rub finish. Made with durable iron, it’s very tough and built for longevity. This chandelier has 5 lights with two layers. You’ll also appreciate it being UL listed, as well.

Users Say: “Love this light! It’s the perfect size for a breakfast nook or small dining room. I use 15W frosted bulbs to keep the lighting soft, but it can be very bright (with larger bulbs) if needed.”

4. MO&OK Mini

You can get the MO&OK Mini in either White, Black, or Red. Running dramatically below $100, it’s extremely inexpensive. People primarily use this chandelier for their kitchen area. Along with it being UL listed, it’s entirely dimmable, as well!

Users Say: “If you like a crystal chandelier, you might like this MO&OK Modern crystal chandelier lights Mini Black chandeliers. Without chandeliers, it would be a very minimalist-like lamp. It comes packed nicely and needs a bit of assembling, which is not hard at all.”

5. Saint Mossi K9 Crystal

The Saint Mossi K9 Crystal is another affordable chandelier below $100. Made out of metal and crystal, it has robust construction for the price.

Users Say: “Looks great in my smaller entryway (8 ft ceilings). Love the light that casts on the ceiling. Great price. Crystals take a while to put on.”

6. lifeholder

In case you thought the market ran out of affordable but attractive chandeliers, you were wrong. The lifeholder is another fantastic choice that’s easy on the wallet!

Users Say: “Oh my gosh what a beautiful chandelier for the awesome price!! I bought a bigger one after this one cuz I figured the larger one would look better in my dining room and the small one in the entrance. Great chandelier, very elegant. Would recommend it!”

7. Hardware House

Amazingly, the Hardware House chandelier is on a hefty price cut of 32% off its original price. Although we’re unsure if this discount is permanent or temporary, we believe it’s either way, an amazing value for the money. This chandelier is amazing for dining rooms and kitchens. It has an attractive nickel finish, 5 lights, and a 3-foot chain!

Users Say: “This was a bit difficult to install. We needed an extra hand. It was tough to hold it up and install it at the same time. I recommend not putting in the light bulbs until it’s hung up completely. I also couldn’t get the lights leveled completely but you can’t tell unless you look closely. It looks really nice in our entryway.”

8. Dixun

Currently running under $100, the Dixun is an exceptional bang for the buck. Its modern contemporary style makes it an alluring choice!

Users Say: “Beautiful light. Infinity adjustable ring options. It comes with extra crystals which is great, due to the fact get some Crystal’s do get damaged in shipping.no harder to install than any other standard light fixture”

9. Lingkai

For good reasons, the Lingkai has almost perfect customer reviews across the board. The overall creative design of this chandelier significantly outperforms its meager price!

Users Say: “I love this light! First, I bought one that was a ceiling hugger and realized I needed a chandelier. This was similar to the other fixture but less expensive. It’s perfect! A great buy!”

10. Saint Mossi Chandelier

This crystal raindrop chandelier matches most dining rooms well. Not only is the Saint Mossi made of metal and crystal, but you’ll also love its chrome finish. We highly recommend it!

Users Say: “Seriously more beautiful than I ever expected! So thrilled with its beautiful sparkle. Brought some glam to my hallway. Love the shadows it casts on the walls. Very romantic, glamourous light. My husband also said it was easy to install!”

11. Bestier French Empire

The Bestier French Empire is another great choice. Running under $100, it’s very affordable. This chandelier looks stunning. Most people wouldn’t believe how affordable it is if you told them. We believe it’s a fantastic choice for bedrooms, dining, rooms, or your foyer!

Users Say: “I love this light fixture! It is hanging in front of my flat rock fireplace which dresses it up without being pretentious. It was easy to install. Needed to attach the crystals to the top and bottom which was simple to do and didn’t take that long. Also, creates a beautiful circular shadow on the ceiling.”

12. Hile Lighting KU300074

Here is yet another one of the most affordable chandeliers on the market. With an 8.66 width and a 10.43 height, the Hile Lighting KU300074 is an amazing choice for anyone looking for a compact chandelier. It’s very famous with outstanding user reviews, as well!

Users Say: “This small but impressive chandelier is perfect for my walk-in closet. I brought 2 and they are well made and very cute. It was the perfect size I wanted not too big but not too small. It has some plastic and some crystal beads. The crystal ones are bigger nicer ones. I’m glad I found this great buy.”

13. Riomasee Mini

This chandelier comes in either chrome or black/gold. Either way, you’ll definitely appreciate the Riomasee Mini alluring design for the price.

Users Say: “This chandelier is perfect for my half bath…very well made! I had my son put it together…it took some time, but was worth it!”

14. MO&OK Modern

Next up, the MO&OK Modern chandelier is an astounding choice. There are a plethora of reasons why we love it. For one, it has an artsy design that works for most bathrooms, foyers, bedrooms, or dining rooms. You’ll also appreciate that it’s UL certified!

Users Say: “Bought 2 of these lights for a hallway. It also suits for girl’s room and closet. The packing was nice and it was easy to gather the small glass piece. They need 3 light bulbs & they are super bright and very nice looking. It will reflect subtle and romantic light through the crystal and red gauze lampshade. Worth it.”

15. Smalody

Whether you get the Smalody in black, bronze, or oil-rubbed bronze; It’s a stylish vintage choice. This rustic pendant chandelier is made with tough metal!

Users Say: “Great for small dining area! I needed something to hang over my dining table but the box wasn’t above the table. This light worked perfectly! Did not come with a hook for the ceiling. Great, warm light. Stylish look. Would definitely recommend it!”

16. Saint Mossi Modern

Also with phenomenal user reviews, the Saint Mossi chandelier is another traditional choice. Made of glass with a chrome finish, it’s an alluring piece and we highly recommend it!

Users Say: “This chandelier did not come with an instruction booklet I have no clue how to put it together. The chandelier itself looks very beautiful however I have nothing to tell me how to put it together I looked online I looked in the companies inventory to see if I can find instructions can somebody help me please.”

17. Westinghouse Lighting 6343300

Currently running right at $100, the Westinghouse Lighting 6343300 is one of our personal favorites on the list. This chandelier provides a traditional design with a modern twist. Another positive feature is the oil-rubbed bronze finish with added highlights for an enhanced appeal. This is one of our highest recommended chandeliers on this list!

Users Say: “We love this fixture. It looks beautiful over our dining room table. Perfectly matches our other oil-rubbed bronze decor. We didn’t use the Edison-style bulbs. Since we prefer brighter white light, we opted for standard LED bulbs instead. It was easy enough to mount myself.”

18. DLLT Vintage Pendant

Coming in two sizes, you get get the DLLT Vintage with 3 lights or 5 lights. It’s made of durable metal with a sleek matte finish. 

Users Say: “Love the look of this hanging light. I live in a split-level ranch and it was perfect for our entryway! Looks so nice and fits the space perfectly.”

19. Hykolity

Here is yet another phenomenally-rated chandelier. Made of both iron and wood, the Hykolity offers a simple rustic style. Best of all, coming with the purchase, you get a 5-year warranty!

Users Say: “I wasn’t sure what I was getting myself into when I ordered this but I loved the look so I took a chance… it’s great! It looks amazing, very sturdy, and was easy to install. So happy with how it turned out!”

20. MO&OK Industrial Globe

The MO&OK Industrial Globe is an affordable sphere chandelier under $100. It matches just about any foyer, bedroom, or dining room. Made of metal, it’s very tough. It’s also UL listed!

Users Say: “This light is awesome. We purchased it to hang above our kitchen table and it looks great! Similarly styled lights sell for far more expensive. We have recommended this product to a friend, who might have another one in the future. Thanks!”


Running below $60, the PAPAYA chandelier is another affordable option. However, many people believe its traditional style and durable construction make it a great bang for the buck.

Users Say: “This chandelier is beautiful! We hung it in our guest bath and wanted a bronze color since we have browns and golds in the room. Works well!! It’s a perfect size for a toilet room. It creates a lovely ambiance as the light hits all the walls!”


The VINLUZ is a modern chandelier at a very inexpensive price. This sputnik fixture has 8 lights. With a brushed finish, it’s very enticing for just about any room in your home. You can get it in six different colors, as well. We highly recommend it!

Users Say: “Looks better in person than the photoshopped pics online. Good quality and easy to install. Putting the arms together was a bit time-consuming but overall worth the price. The brass is a good color and doesn’t look cheap. Very “on trend” with the brass accents that are coming in style right now.”

23. Tadpoles

Last but not least, the Tadpoles chandelier is on a large 27% discount. It’s highly rated and reviewed amongst users, as well.

Users Say: “This is in my daughter’s nursery and is just stunning. I get so many compliments on it! Great for the price, I wanted a Victorian-esk theme and this worked perfectly. The lights are great also, not too bright but not too dim either, and my daughter loves looking at the pattern the lights create on the ceiling.”

Quick Recap

Here Are The Best Chandeliers Below $100 You Can Buy Online

  • Saint Mossi Spiral Raindrop
  • Gypsy Color
  • MO&OK Mini
  • Saint Mossi K9 Crystal
  • lifeholder
  • Hardware House
  • Dixun
  • Lingkai
  • Saint Mossi Chandelier
  • Bestier French Empire
  • Hile Lighting KU300074
  • Riomasee Mini
  • MO&OK Modern
  • Smalody
  • Saint Mossi Modern
  • Westinghouse Lighting 6343300
  • DLLT Vintage Pendant
  • Hykolity
  • MO&OK Industrial Globe
  • Tadpoles
What’s a chandelier? 

A chandelier is a ceiling light fixture that’s generally more attractive than the standard ceiling light. 

How many lights do chandeliers have?

Chandeliers with 4-8 lights are the most common. However, there are many with fewer or more. 

Where do chandeliers look best?

Chandeliers are primarily used for the dining room. However, smaller chandeliers are quite common in the kitchen or foyer. People typically use ceiling fans rather than a chandelier for the living room or bedroom. 

What’s a farmhouse chandelier? 

Farmhouse chandeliers have a vintage rustic appeal. Some people describe them with a rural style since their commonly made with wood and metal. 


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