25 Best Bedroom Chandeliers On The Market

For whichever reason you need a bedroom chandelier, you’ve come to the right place. Each one of these has outstanding reviews among users. Regardless of your budget, at least one of the 25 below will be exactly what you’re looking for.

Without Further Ado, Below Are The 25 Highest-Rated Chandeliers For Bedrooms


First up, the NOXARTE is a gorgeous crystal chandelier. It has a nice circular design with dimmable LED lights.

Users Say: “Love. Get a dimmer. But really pretty!!!!! Takes a bit of time but easy and well done!!”

2. Westinghouse Lighting 6333600

With an oil-rubbed bronze finish, the Westinghouse Lighting 6333600 is an exceptional choice. There are a plethora of reasons why we love it. For one, it’s a nice mixture of simple and unique with a modern twist. You’ll also appreciate the 5-year warranty, ETL listing, and CETL listing, as well.

Users Say: “This fixture arrived on time and in perfect condition. Looks absolutely wonderful in the bedroom. Took my retired electrician husband about 10 minutes to install. Took him longer to get the ladder to reach our 9′ ceilings. Love the fixture!”

3. Saint Mossi

This crystal raindrop chandelier is an excellent choice for your dining room or living room. Running below $200, the combo metal and crystal Saint Mossi is a great value for your dollar.

Users Say: “On my goodness – truly the most beautiful light fixture I’ve ever seen! It’s far more sparkly and captivating than the picture shows and the quality is excellent. I bought two for my bedroom and they are absolutely stunning!”


For good reasons, the ANTILISHA has near-flawless customer reviews. This modernized chandelier is very creative and eye-catching. It’s definitely an amazing choice for nearly every age or taste.

Users Say: “This chandelier is absolutely stunning. We get so many compliments when people visit our home. We saw a similar chandelier at a store for 4 times the cost.”

5. Meelighting

If you have a little extra spare-change to spare, the Meelighting is one of the top-dollar chandeliers on the market. You’ll adore its contemporary style with vibrant crystals.

Users Say: “This is a very elegant chandelier. I installed myself and let me warn you: you will need help. It is heavy and doing electrical connections while trying to hold it is impossible. Also, make sure that you add screws to the corners of the rectangular base for additional support. It is heavy and the ceiling base may not be enough support”

6. LNC French Country

Next up, the LNC French Country is a 6 light chandelier. Made with both wood and metal, it has a tough build quality with a vintage style. It will match most dining rooms and bedrooms!

Users Say: “I LOVE it! I actually put it in my bedroom. I have 9-foot ceilings so I thought it would work. It looks awesome!! I wish the cord wasn’t so dark but I would just buy a cord cover. There are only a few inches of cord in my sich so it’s fine. It was easy as any other light to hang. There was basically no assembly. I didn’t even look at the instructions. The REAL WOOD is a beautiful soft light brown. I’m happy!!!”

7. DLLT Vintage Pendant

The DLLT Vintage Pendant is another excellent chandelier. With a sphere shape and a vintage flair, it dramatically outperforms its inexpensive price.

Users Say: “Firstly this literally takes two people to put together. Secondly, the screws are either too short or they need to figure out a different system to put it together. The chain is only 3 1/2 feet long which makes it difficult to hang from taller ceilings. Pleased with the finish and color.”


Here is yet another modernized chandelier. Made to replicate a firework, the GDNS is made of crystal, iron, and plastic. You’ll also like its polished finished!

Users Say: “We installed with, along with medallions, in our living room and bedroom. I was hesitant to purchase, but they really are a show stopper-brighter than I thought they would be, and beautiful to look at when off or lit.”

9. Wellmet

Also with impressively high customer ratings and reviews, the Wellmet crystal chandelier provides a contemporary style. You can get it in either bronze or silver.

Users Say: “We installed two of them (one in the bedroom and one in the retreat area). Took about 3 hours to install each chandelier but was worth the effort! These chandeliers transformed the look of our master bedroom.”


Running below $60, the PAPAYA chandelier is another affordable option. However, many people believe its traditional style and durable construction make it a great bang for the buck.

Users Say: “Beautiful looking chandelier for our daughter’s bedroom. She loves it and it’s really pretty.”

11. Hile Lighting KU300074

Here is yet another one of the most affordable chandeliers on the market. With an 8.66 width and a 10.43 height, the Hile Lighting KU300074 is an amazing choice for anyone looking for a compact chandelier. It’s very famous with outstanding user reviews, as well!

Users Say: “Bought this for my daughter. A little small for a bedroom in my opinion but the chandelier is gorgeous and my daughter absolutely loved it, she had no complaints. Must attach each crystal individually, so it’s a little time-consuming but well worth it, and my Daughter and I attached the crystals together so we cut the time in half.”

12. Edvivi Marya

Next in line, the Edvivi Marya is an eye-appealing chandelier with an oil-rubbed finish. Some of the things that make it interesting are its beaded drum shade, glass, and crystal construction. You can also get it in four different colors.

Users Say: “This Lighting fixture is beautiful in my newly made-over bedroom! Everyone says is the focal point and loves the reflection then it makes. It was slightly larger than I thought but still works very well. It looks much more expensive than what I paid.”


The stylish ZEEFO is another affordable chandelier. For the low price, it looks fantastic and built well.

Users Say: “You should have a helper to install. Other than that I could not be more pleased. It is beautiful, sparkly, and lights up my bedroom very well. I cannot tell they are acrylic at all. Looks authentic. Saw this same one at Lowe’s for over $100. So happy I found it here!!!!”

14. Waneway

With a chrome frame and crystal beads, the majestic Waneway is a traditional-looking chandelier. It comes in one of four color options; Silver, Gold, Copper, or Clear.

Users Say: “I love this I bought to add as lampshades in my bedroom, I just added a big washer on top to screw in the lampshade knob only problem I have is I just ordered them and 2 days later price jumped I ordered 2 more for a bday gift.”


Just recently, the KSANA had a hefty reduction in price of 14% off the original amount. Although we’re unsure if this discount is permanent or temporary we believe it’s, either way,

Users Say: “Gorgeous fixture! The wood used is beautiful and it looks amazing in our bedroom. I’d definitely recommend this item to a friend.”

16. Dellemade DD00906N

The Dellemade DD00906N is another chandelier with a modern vibe. It also comes with a two-year warranty for peace of mind.

Users Say: “Finally installed it in my renovated bathroom. Looks beautiful. I wish it was a little bigger so that I could use it in the entryway. The only concern is you have to purchase lamps separately.”

17. Saint Mossi

Also with phenomenal user reviews, the Saint Mossi chandelier is another traditional choice. Made of glass with a chrome finish, it’s an alluring piece and we highly recommend it!

Users Say: “If you take your time, pay attention to the directions and the illustration, it is easy to put together but takes about 2 hours. I laid everything out on a big towel and went step by step. When it’s done, it is much heavier than a regular hanging fixture, so make sure you can anchor it well and hang it by the hook. It already sparkles in the dark dining room, I can’t wait to see it up. The crystals are well made and although they look fragile, the fixture is not made cheaply. Very nice quality”

18. LALUZ Farmhouse

Currently, on a decent 7% price reduction, the LALUZ Farmhouse chandelier is a stylish choice. You’ll appreciate its simplistic design and sturdy build quality!

Users Say: “Well worth the cost. I like how much brighter the light is than you would expect from only 4 candelabra bulbs. It’s beautiful and modern. We had an electrician install it so I really couldn’t comment on the ease or difficulty of installation.”

19. Hong-in

Next up, the Hong-in chandelier is a very affordable choice. Although it’s currently running below $30, its appearance dramatically outperforms the price.

Users Say: “Stunning. Makes my little bedroom feel luxurious. It’s gorgeous. A great value for the price. It sparkles and is the perfect touch to make any room feel luxurious. I should have got one way sooner.”

20. lifeholder

In case you thought the market ran out of affordable but attractive chandeliers, you were wrong. The lifeholder is another fantastic choice that’s easy on the wallet!

Users Say: “Its small size is perfect for a bedroom or small living/dining room, we have 7ft ceilings so needed something smaller that wouldn’t be in the way of anyone walking. It’s easy to install and hang the crystals, and I found the bulbs at the home depot no problem!”


If you’re in the market for a modern chandelier in the $200 range, the KROSON is the choice for you. It’s a great choice for your bedroom or dining room!

Users Say: “This chandelier is bigger than I thought, but I don’t feel cramped when it installed in a small hall. I guess because it can adjust the angled layer by layer, and it has no central body in the center like a general chandelier, with the lamp shoulder extending outward, I mean it’s simplicity.”

22. Saint Mossi

This crystal raindrop chandelier matches most dining rooms well. Not only is the Saint Mossi made of metal and crystal, but you’ll also love its chrome finish!

Users Say: “Beautiful. Easy installation. This fixture looks better and has a better price than anything similar in the big box stores. We used it in our bedroom, I was afraid my husband wouldn’t like it bc of the crystals. But he loved it says it’s “sexy” and modern.”

23. Tadpoles

Amazingly, the Tadpoles chandelier is on a hefty 27% discount. It’s highly-rated and reviewed amongst users, as well.

Users Say: “Love love love my chandelier! Very elegant at an affordable price. Never thought I would have such a beautiful chandelier in my room for the price I paid. Easy to install.”

24. Gypsy Color

The Gypsy Color chandelier is a budget-friendly option if you want a traditional vibe in your dining room. You can get this chandelier in various sizes, as well.

Users Say: “Wow!!! We love these sweet chandeliers. They are so precious and add that charm to a bedroom. It really adds that little personality to a plain room. I’d recommend these adorable chandeliers to anyone – and we live in a very nice custom home we just finished building. No need to spend a ton of money – I love these!”

25. SenHome

Last but not least, SenHome is a very unique chandelier. Unlike the rest on this list, it’s also a fan. We highly recommend it for anyone who wants a 2-in-1 deal!

Users Say: “This is an update on my last review. The seller was exactly and very very helpful in taking care of my issues. I am really happy with the Crystal Ceiling Fan Light LED Chandelier it is truly beautiful and add beauty to my bedroom but most importantly the seller is the best and really cares about its customers, I will love to buy from them again.”

Quick Recap

Here Are The Best Bedroom Chandeliers For The Money

  • Westinghouse Lighting 6333600
  • Saint Mossi
  • Meelighting
  • LNC French Country
  • DLLT Vintage Pendant
  • GDNS
  • Wellmet
  • Hile Lighting KU300074
  • Edvivi Marya
  • Waneway
  • Dellemade DD00906N
  • Saint Mossi
  • LALUZ Farmhouse
  • Hong-in
  • lifeholder
  • Saint Mossi
  • Tadpoles
  • Gypsy Color
  • SenHome
What’s a chandelier? 

A chandelier is a ceiling light fixture that’s generally more attractive than the standard ceiling light. 

How many lights do chandeliers have?

Chandeliers with 4-8 lights are the most common. However, there are many with fewer or more. 

Where do chandeliers look best?

Chandeliers are primarily used for the dining room. However, smaller chandeliers are quite common in the kitchen or foyer. People typically use ceiling fans rather than a chandelier for the living room or bedroom. 

What’s a farmhouse chandelier? 

Farmhouse chandeliers have a vintage rustic appeal. Some people describe them with a rural style since their commonly made with wood and metal. 


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