26 Popular Outdoor Statues & Sculptures

One of the quickest ways to greatly enhance the appeal of your yard is a statue or sculpture. Regardless of your budget, style preference, or favored size; you’ll surely relish our top 26 below!

Without Further Ado, Below Are The Best Outdoor Sculptures & Statues You Can Buy On Amazon: Made of Resin, Polyresin, or Metal

1. John Timberland

First up, the John Timberland is an elegant outdoor or indoor statue. You’ll love that it’s a graceful water fountain, as well. Weighing 36 pounds at 39.5″ tall x 16.5″ wide x 18″ deep, it’s well-sized for most affairs. You get a water pump with the purchase and a 6-foot cord for the integrated LED lights!

Users Say: “Looks great and it sounds fantastic. The lights make it really beautiful at night. I do not notice any splashing at all but I have it outside on my deck. The instructions could be a bit better. but there are so few parts I just used common sense to put together the pump and the electric.”

2. Design Toscano Meditative Buddha

If you’re looking for a buddha statue, the Design Toscano’s Meditative Buddha is one of many choices on this list. It’s made of tough polyresin and able to withstand vigorous weather conditions. However, it only weighs 19 pounds with a 15 x 20 x 26 size.

Users Say: “Heavy enough to stay put, light enough to easily move around. Great quality and finish. A gift for my mother. She’s had it outside for many many months and it is doing well.”

3. Potina

For good reasons, Potina has picture-perfect reviews across the board. You can get it in one of three sizes; Small (18 x 18 x 8), Medium (30 x 22 x 13), and Large (40 x 27 x 12). It’s made of resin and looks excellent in a garden!

Users Say: “This is just gorgeous!! We purchased this for our garden area outside and when we got it there was no way it was leaving the house. We now have it in our formal living as a reminder of our love of Savannah.”

4. EMSCO Group

Recently, the EMSCO Group guardian lion had a hefty price cut of 21% off the original amount. Although we’re unsure if this discount is permanent or temporary, we believe it’s either way, in incredible bang for the buck!

Users Say: “Statue is beautiful, I added 25 lbs. of play sand inside (has a hole on bottom) for sturdiness if using outdoors.”

5. Chisheen

Made of sturdy metal, the Chisheen is a graceful 2-pack of heron bird statues. Each comes with a U-shaped stake to clench into the ground!

Users Say: “Have to unpack and put them together, we decided to keep them in our family room because they were too nice to put outside.”

6. Top Collection Aster Fairy

This Aster Fairy sitting on a stone is a majestic choice for anyone interested in mythology. Coming in at 14.5 x 8.75 x 13, it’s nicely sized. Made of cast resin with a discerning copper finish, you’ll be satisfied with the design. Unfortunately, the thin edges are a bit flimsy.

Users Say: “She is beautiful and I have moved her several places inside and outside. She just brightens up anywhere I put her. Be careful with the little butterfly on her foot though – it broke off quite easily but glued back on just as easy.”

7. Kicust

Here is yet another set of two heron birds. Yet, the Kicust sculptures have a more graceful aura.

Users Say: “The Blue Heron Garden Statue set is beautiful! They were very well packaged and received very timely. I couldn’t be happier!”

8. SPI Literary Cat

This adorable cat with glasses laying down reading a book is made of rust-resistant aluminum. Only weighing 6.25 pounds, the SPI Literary Cat is a lightweight sculpture. You’ll also like its weather-resistant finish. It’s only 10” tall x 18.5” wide x 11.5” deep.

Users Say: “This is a really cute garden item. Since it is near winter here I have not had it outside yet so I don’t know how it will hold up but I gave it five stars because it looked even better than pictured and seems to be good quality. Looks so good in my house I may keep it inside.”

9. Design Toscano

Also by Design Toscano, this is a classic statue of pelicans on a dockside. It’s 24 inches tall, constructed of resin, and only 5 pounds. Considering its meager weight, we recommend you weight it down due to winds.

Users Say: “I bought this for my flower garden in the front of my house but instead put it next to my fireplace. It is too nice to put outside. I really, really like it.”

10. John Timberland Rustic Angel

As partly mentioned in the name, the John Timberland Rustic Angel is in fact a stylish rustic angel. This statue is made of resin and a great value for the price!

Users Say: “This is beautiful it is not heavy but very pretty, it is a green color to it but very nice.”

11. Pure Garden 50-LG1104

Next up, the Pure Garden 50-LG1104 is an adorable statue of two frogs in romance under an umbrella. It’s very small at only 8 x 6.25 x 14.5. You’ll also enjoy the very affordable price tag!  

Users Say: “They are Adorable, & Awesome. They are so cute, I get many comments. They were a little pricey but not too bad. They came packaged very well, & in a reasonable amount of time.”

12. Bits and Pieces-Steadfast

In case you haven’t seen one of the most famous movies on the planet, “The Wizard Of Oz”, then you probably wouldn’t understand this one. For the rest of us, the Bits and Pieces-Steadfast is an exceptional sculpture of the Tin Man!

Users Say: “Makes me happy. Looks so cute outside. Love it so much I bought one for my mom too and my sisters and brother.”

13. Achla Designs CAT-05

Coming in a pack of one to four, the Achla Designs CAT-05 is a cute statue for either indoors or outdoors. It’s compact at only 6 x 8 x 8.5 and goes well with your garden!

Users Say: “Bought this as a memorial to my beloved 15-year old cat, Chester. It reminds me of him; how he’d lick a paw by the water bowl. At first, was going to put it outside in the garden, but it’s such nice bronze and so pretty, I keep it inside.”

14. Alpine Corporation

Here is a charming statue of a boy and girl happily sitting on a bench. The Alpine Corporation is only 11 x 7 x 16 and weighs 8.4 pounds.

Users Say: “My daughter and son-in-law absolutely loved it. A great addition to their patio.”

15. EMSCO Group

First called moai by the islanders who created the real “Easter Island Statues”, this statue is a replica of just that. However, the EMSCO Group imitating an island statue is, luckily, made of resin. Whereas, the real Easter Island Statues were made of soft volcanic rock. But aside from all that, it’s a gorgeous statue with a natural granite appearance!

Users Say: “Better quality than I expected after reading other reviews. The mold seam is visible, but in subdued lighting or outside use is not very noticeable. Can be filled with sand, water, concrete for added stability, and if you are putting anything of value on it, it should be. Would definitely buy again.”

16. Design Toscano DB383049 (Life Sized)

If you’re looking for a Life-Sized statue of superb quality without a budget, the 72-inch Design Toscano DB383049 is a remarkable choice. You can get it in either white or brown. Along with its extreme fame, it has near-flawless reviews amongst users!

Users Say: “This statue is awesome. We call him George, the kids, and I. I bought this to put outside in my front yard for decoration. But I think it would get stolen. This is definitely a conversation starter and it does shock people the first time they see it. It came well packaged and I have had no problems with it. I would recommend this highly.”

17. John Timberland Buddha Head

On top of its magnificent customer-reviews, the John Timberland Buddha Head is a flawless option. This statue is very articulate. We believe its overall craftsmanship dramatically outperforms the price range!

Users Say: “Great outdoor statue. We have had it outside for 13 months in New England and it has withstood lots of weather without looking any worse for the wear. It was delivered in great condition -and still looks great!”


Looking for a mediating frog statue? Not only is the LIMEIDE handmade, but it provides a robust build quality for the outdoors, as well. However, it’s a little bit on the lightweight side considering the compact size. Be sure to have its weight down or in a place safe from the wind.

Users Say: “When our very large ash tree had to be cut down because of insect infestation we were left with a stump in the middle of forsythia. This statue, with a toadstool statue behind it, created a beautiful serenity garden. It arrived well packaged and made me smile when I first looked at it. It looks as if it was handcrafted.”

19. Design Toscano NG29870

Whether you get the Design Toscano NG29870 as a medium-sized 10-inch or large-sized 17-inch, in any case, it’s a fashionable option for your yard. It’s made of polyresin and has an elegant stone finish.

Users Say: “Love this and it does well outside in the yard! Would like additional ones – some large and some small like this and other designs. I bring it in each winter as we have snow and ice.”

20. John Timberland Zen Buddha

This John Timberland Zen Buddha is a fabulous statue customized for the outdoors. You’ll enjoy the comprehensive attributes of the face and body. We highly recommend it!

Users Say: “This was perfect. We were looking for a large Buddha for outside that wasn’t overpriced. It is exactly as described. I was concerned about shipping because it is fragile, but it was packed really well and arrived quickly. We’ll probably order another one for the backyard garden. I highly recommend this product and look forward to seeing the other products made by this company.”

21. SPI

The SPI is a lovable cat with a butterfly laying on its nose. It’s sizable at 7.5” x 10.5” x 15”. Another thing that enhances its appearance is the enticing weathered bronze finish!

Users Say: “Beautifully made and very attractive! The cat is a lovely patina color and the removable butterfly is a copper color. Looks fabulous on a small table outside my front door in a covered entry area, surrounded by similar art. I love it!!!”


Running under $100, this dual set of crane bird statues is an astounding bang for the buck. With a recycled iron and metal construction, artsy style, U-shaped stakes to hold in the ground, and detailed carving; the TERESA’S COLLECTIONS an incredible choice.

Users Say: “Lovely addition to the deck. Great size for adding art to your outside space.”

23. SPI Home 50791

Next in the lineup, the SPI Home 50791 is another meditating frog. It’s made of cast resin and lightweight just below 5 pounds. It’s a wonderful choice for your deck, porch, or garden!

Users Say: “Used outdoors in my garden, holding up real well, looks great!”

24. Alpine Corporation Sitting

On a massive 28%, the Alpine Corporation Sitting is an outstanding statue of two kids reading a book. It has an attractive bronze and patina finish giving it an antique design.

Users Say: “They are a perfect size to sit alongside our Lavender plants around the fire pit. These guys are so incredibly cute and they look really natural outside. I love the weathered look and I am very happy with them.”

25. Design Toscano KY71134

If you’re primarily searching for a high-grade lion statue at a highly competitive price, the Design Toscano KY71134 is an amazing choice. There are a plethora of reasons why we love it. This statue provides comprehensive detail, it’s well-sized at 28″H x 13″W x 21.5″D, possesses enhanced durability, and great for either indoor or outdoor use!

Users Say: “I love them. Thought that they were heavier was surprised by how light they were so I had my contractor fill them with concrete and concrete them on my front entrance and now they are mine totally, no one can ever take them from our property unless they smash them totally. Way to go.!!”

26. Design Toscano EU9305

Last but not least, the Design Toscano EU9305 is a captivating garden statue of a girl fishing. You’ll love that it’s very inexpensive, highly detailed, and made of polyresin!

Users Say: “The quality and value of this figurine was amazing. Would definitely recommend it to any who enjoys decorating the flower gardens or patio.”

Quick Recap

In Short, Here Are The Best Outdoor Sculptures & Statues For Your Yard, Garden, Patio, etc.

  • John Timberland
  • Design Toscano Meditative Buddha
  • Potina
  • EMSCO Group
  • Chisheen
  • Top Collection Aster Fairy
  • Kicust
  • SPI Literary Cat
  • Design Toscano
  • John Timberland Rustic Angel
  • Pure Garden 50-LG1104
  • Bits and Pieces-Steadfast
  • Achla Designs CAT-05
  • Alpine Corporation
  • EMSCO Group
  • Design Toscano DB383049 (Life-Sized)
  • John Timberland Buddha Head
  • Design Toscano NG29870
  • John Timberland Zen Buddha
  • SPI
  • SPI Home 50791
  • Alpine Corporation Sitting
  • Design Toscano KY71134
  • Design Toscano EU9305

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