26 Highest-Rated Accent Chairs Online

Accent chairs are primarily used for two reasons; seating and decor. Since used to kill two birds with one stone, they’re incredibly useful. Many accent chairs are optimized for reading. However, others can even be used as backup dining room chairs for larger occasions. 

For whichever reason you’re searching for an accent chair, you’ve come to the right place. We formulated a list of the 26 highest-rated choices on the market. Regardless of the size, style, or color you require, you’ll surely find your best option below! 

Without Further Ado, Here Are The Best Accent Chairs For Your Bedroom, Family Room, Or Living Room

1. Lexicon

We decided to start off with one of our absolute favorite accent chairs on the market. There are a plethora of reasons why the Lexicon is a fabulous choice. It has a modern design, it’s one of the more comfortable on this list, has a robust quality of construction, provides a 300-pound weight limit, and it’s built for maximum longevity. It’s also quite sizable at 28.5 x 32 x 32.

Users Say:It’s a great-looking chair. Nice wood, nice color too. Putting it together, a little awkward for one person…it’s a two-person job.

2. Baxton Studio Sorrento

Here is a stunning accent chair with an enormous 54% reduction in price. Providing excellent comfort for reading, the Baxton Studio Sorrento is genuinely a phenomenal value for the price.

It has a retro vibe and well-sized construction at 29.7 x 27.7 x 33.3. On top of that, the robust wooden build quality dramatically outperforms the price, as well.

A few other traits worth mentioning are the rounded armrests to help prevent injuries. The comfortable cushions are removable, the chair is lightweight at only 30 pounds, and the legs have an alluring dark walnut finish. To sum it up, it’s possibly the best option under $$140 on the market!

Users Say:We already had the loveseat, which we purchased about 2 years ago. I had been waiting to purchase the matching chair. I should have got it sooner! Perfect pairing with our loveseat. I really like how light they look, but that they are sturdy and classy. Is it a squishy comfy piece of furniture, no, but add a pillow, blanket, and ottoman, it is perfect.

3. BELLEZE Mid Century

Users Say:I bought two for my living space and am in love. The finish and upholstery are beautiful. Easy to assemble and beautiful impact. Roomier and more comfortable than expected. Highly recommend!

4. Rosevera Gustavo

What makes it so tough is the integrated hardwood frame. Along with that, you’ll also love thick padding for enhanced comfort. A few other noteworthy features boosting the overall comfort and support are the armrests and barrel frame. Not only do we believe it’s one of the best accent chairs for reading, but users have it near-flawlessly rated, as well! 

Users Say:I bought this beautiful chair for my husband after his hip replacement surgery, he is a large man and this chair is perfect, very comfortable & sturdy with arms, even roomy enough for our 3year old Grandson to climb up with Papas.

5. Roundhill Tuchico

Next in the lineup, the Roundhill Tuchico is a reliable option if you need an accent chair for a small area. You can get it in either brown or grey. Amongst users, it’s extremely famous and has high marks. However, the previous chair is a better option for a small area.

Users Say:Stunning piece. Using for my guest room. If you like a sturdy, upright chair, you’ll enjoy this. Incredibly easy to assemble.

6. Alpine Furniture Zephyr

With an attractive modern design, the Alpine Furniture Zephyr is a spectacular accent chair for your living room or reading room. It’s made of super comfy 100% polyester fabric and a rigid wooden frame for enhanced durability. We believe it’s best for those who like to sit closer to the ground than the standard chair! 

Users Say: “Arrived early! Also, it looks great and is so comfy! Assembly is a lot easier with a second person (which the manual says), the only small complaint is it was missing a hole cut out in the fabric for one of the screws. Easily fixed with a kitchen knife and it’s in a place you can’t see. Overall very happy!”



The YAHEETECH is an excellent accent chair with a compact construction. To be exact, it’s 27 x 25.2 x 28.4. This chair has an elegant design and soft padding for comfort. You’ll also like the curved back to rest your arms. In case you don’t care for the chair’s color in the picture above, you can also get it in gray, white, or navy blue!

Users Say: “Arrived quickly and was easy to assemble. Super soft and perfect size to tuck under a computer desk I bought for a small space in my living room. Would buy several more. Makes a great computer chair and the size was perfect for what I was looking for.”

8. Christopher Knight Home Toddman

If you’re looking for an accent chair with a high back, the Christopher Knight Home Toddman is a top contender. Right off the bat, it delivers a vintage style with a tufted fabric. The wingback allows you to lie you’re head on either side while reading a book, watching a movie, etc. Another eye-catching trait is the patterned front legs. 

While some people prefer an accent chair with arms, many people rather no arms like this one. This armless chair has high-marks amongst readers, dependable quality of construction, a gorgeous design that matches just about any room, and a thickly padded fabric for comfort. We highly recommend it! 

Users Say:The chair is well constructed and provides adequate support. The seat height is at least an inch lower than the couch that I matched it with. If seat height is a concern, then know that it is lower than the standard height of a dining chair.

9. Lohoms Modern

Possessing a futuristic style, the Lohoms is a superior accent chair if you want a modernized look. Along with its outstanding comfort, you’ll appreciate the option to get it in either grey or mustard yellow. Considering it’s only priced barely below $150, it’s yet another chair that significantly outperforms its price range. You’ll be more than pleased with the durable build quality, as well. 

Users Say:I’m so pleased with this purchase. It’s the perfect color and accent for our room. Super easy to assemble with no help needed from the husband.

10. mecor Modern

Running below $150, the mecor Modern is one of the more affordable 2-pack of accent chairs on this list. But don’t let the low price fool you. These chairs offer plenty of value with a sturdy build quality, attractive style, and comfort. In case you prefer a different design, you can get it in two separate choices, as well. These chairs are wildly popular with fantastic reviews amongst users! 

Users Say:These chairs are very nice and surprisingly comfortable. They were easy to assemble. They look similar to each other but the print is different on each chair even though they came as a set. They fit with my decor so not an issue. I love these chairs.

11. Christopher Knight Home Boaz

Amongst customers, the Christopher Knight Home Boaz has superb ratings. First and foremost, it matches perfectly with lighter rooms. It has an expressive design of elegant blue flowers and grey trees in the background.

But aside from its appearance, this chair delivers incredible comfort and quality of construction. You’ll also appreciate patterned legs, a hardwood frame for boosted robustness, and a 100% polyester padded fabric build. 

Users Say: “I am using in my guest room that I just remodeled. The colors are beautiful! Looks very elegant in the bedroom. Was super easy to put together. Comes in 3 pieces, bottom, back, legs in a box. Would buy it again if they had it in a yellow, black-white combo for my master bedroom.”

12. Red Hook Floral

Users Say:I ventured out and tried something different for my office. At first, I thought that the legs were missing, but they were tucked under the seat! Functional and pretty at the same time.

13. Best Choice Products

Users Say:I am OBSESSED! It is so beautiful. It does sit low and is definitely meant to be an accent chair but it’s comfy and sturdy. It took all of 10 minutes to put together and is the perfect splash of color. The colors are vibrant and beautiful. I love it.

14. Christopher Knight Home Hayden 

The Christopher Knight Home Hayden accent chairs can be used for your dining room. Many people get compact accent chairs like these to fill areas in the house, and when needed, add to the dining room table during larger occasions. This is an alluring 2-pack of accent chairs that are both comfortable and attractive. We fully endorse them!

Users Say:We’ve had many compliments on our chairs. We got them, along with an inexpensive accent table, to keep the dogs away from our front windows. Not only has it worked, people really like the visual look of our dining room now. Win-win.

15. HomePop

Amazingly, the HomePop had a hefty price cut of 22% off the original amount. Although we’re unsure if this discount is permanent or temporary, we believe it’s, either way, an incredible bang for the buck.

This chair is slightly bigger than most on this list at 25 x 27.75 x 33.25. Nonetheless, it’s still manageable for most smaller areas. A noteworthy quality worth mentioning is its comfort level is far above-average! 

Users Say:This chair is beautiful and comfy! Was very easy to put together. I was worried that it would be too big for where I wanted to put it but it is a little smaller than what it appears in the picture. If I had anyplace to put a second one, I wouldn’t hesitate to order again!

16. YAHEETECH Armless

Users Say:This chair is larger than I expected, which is a great thing. It’s very comfortable and supports my entire body on the chair (I’m 5’11”). Assembly was easy but definitely took patience to secure all the bolts fully. It looks great as well. Highly recommend this chair.

17. Artechworks Modern

For those looking for a modern accent chair with a pink color, the Artechworks is possibly your best bet. Nonetheless, if you love the chair but want a different color, you can also get it in green or light purple! 

Users Say: “The chairs are the perfect addition to my seating area. Communication with customer service about shipping was prompt when one chair arrived before the other. I am very happy with my purchase!”

18. Christopher Knight Home Evelyn

This nicely tailored accent chair is another valuable option for readers. With a modern style, waffle-tufted seat, walnut finish for the legs and armrests, the Christopher Knight Home Evelyn is an outstanding choice. You’ll also appreciate the ample space at 32.3 x 31.5 x 32.7.

Filled with soft foam, it’s impressively comfortable for reading or sitting in general. It’s, without a doubt, one of our top 5 most recommended picks on this list. 

Users Say:The quality is great for the price I paid! They look great beside our fireplace and have a good size to them. They are not small by any means. They are not the most comfortable but these are not chairs that guests will sit in for long. I’m very happy with them.

19. Homy Grigio

Users Say:Super comfortable and assembly is only 5 bolts! Real wood, quality fabric and the perfect height for a bistro table. I’m 5’5″ and my boyfriend is 5’11” we both are super comfortable. See photos.”


Next up, the DAZONE is an excellent accent chair with a graceful design. Considering it’s very comfortable and comes with a footrest, we believe it’s a fabulous choice for reading. However, various users concur.

The chair itself is 27″x 25.5″x 28.5″ while the leg rest is approximately 18″x 16.5″x 14.5″. With a rare yellow, it’ll surely help brighten up your home. Another convenient factor is the effortless assembly since you only need to screw the legs. 

Users Say: “I so love this chair and ottoman! I was looking for something small to fit in my bedroom and this is perfect! I’m short, just 5’2” and it’s just the right size for me!”

21. HomePop Parsons Classic

If you’re looking for a finer quality accent chair for small spaces, the HomePop Parsons Classic is an exceptional option for a few reasons. For one, the wooden frame makes it impressively durable with a 250-pound weight capacity. You’ll also enjoy the rich upholstered fabric construction. Additionally, it can be used for a dining room, as well! 

Users Say:Love these chairs. The color was true to the pictures. Very comfy and seem very sturdy. Assembly took a little patience but wasn’t too bad. Helped the clean screw holes out first.

22. Christopher Knight Home Malone

This accent chair offers a thickly padded tufted button seat, a soft padding, and sturdy heavy build quality weighing 43 pounds. Lastly, you’ll love how the Christopher Knight Home Malone comes in either beige, grey, slate, dark teal, light blue, or greyish brown! 

Users Say: “LOVE these chairs. Purchased 2. Great looking, light beige/tan, firm seat but very comfortable, wide enough to curl your legs up in. Put them together in minutes. The only minor negative is a seam in the back where two sections come together.”

23. Artechworks Teal Green

Although the Artechworks Teal Green is a bit pricey, users attest that it’s worth every penny. It has one of the more artistic visual appeals on the list. Not to forget it’s immensely comfortable and supportive for your arms with the armrest. You can get it in either green or pink! 

Users Say: “This pink loveseat was added to my Master bedroom. My colors are pink and grey. It fit well and the color complimented my style and decor. This loveseat is worth every dime spent. Give Me more warm soft colors and pastel textures.”

24. eLuxurySupply

Upon arrival, the eLuxurySupply takes about 5 minutes to assemble. After that, you’ll be amazed by its aesthetic value compared to the price. The build quality is one of its strong attributes, as well. We mainly recommend it if you’re interested in a rustic vintage-style accent chair! 

Users Say: “This chair looks way more expensive than it is, it’s perfect for what I needed it for. Super easy to assemble and light, only cons are the seat bottom cushion doesn’t have a ton of support and it’s more of a grayish Brown but if that’s your preference then you’ll love it!”


The STHOUYN is a charming accent chair with high marks for reading. It has a decent quality of construction that’s slightly below average for the price. However, it’s pretty comfortable and has an appealing style. It’s a bit on the stiffer side as some people prefer it, and others don’t. Luckily, it’s very easy to assemble. 

Users Say:The chair is really cute! Very affordable for my room and I really like the look–would recommend it over other chairs. I think the size is really good and it looks super cute and cozy in my studio apartment.”

26. Lansen

Last but not least, the Lansen is a superb 2-pack of accent chairs. However, you can also get a solo chair rather than a pack of two. They have a modernized style and a vibrant yellow color. 

Users Say:After a quick assembly, the set looked stunning and very modern. Great fit for my home and comfortable chairs without taking much space.

Quick Recap

Here Are The Best Decorative Chairs For The Money

  • Lexicon
  • Baxton Studio Sorrento
  • BELLEZE Mid Century
  • Rosevera Gustavo
  • Roundhill Tuchico
  • Alpine Furniture Zephyr
  • Christopher Knight Home Toddman
  • Lohoms Modern
  • mecor Modern
  • Christopher Knight Home Boaz
  • Red Hook Floral
  • Best Choice Products
  • Christopher Knight Home Hayden
  • HomePop
  • Artechworks Modern
  • Christopher Knight Home Evelyn
  • Homy Grigio
  • HomePop Parsons Classic
  • Red Hook Martina
  • Christopher Knight Home Malone
  • Artechworks Teal Green
  • eLuxurySupply
  • Lansen
What’s an accent chair?

Accent chairs are compact single seating chairs that are also visually pleasing. 

How much do accent chairs cost?

The majority of accent chairs cost anywhere between $70-360. The rough median is in the $200’s. 

How much does an accent chair weigh?

With a few exceptions, the average accent chair weighs between 14-48 pounds. 


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