27 Popular Indoor Sculptures & Statues

A sculpture or statue is one of the quickest ways to enhance the appeal of your home. Regardless of your budget, style preference, or favored size; you’ll surely find something of your interest below!

Without Further Ado, Here Are The Top 27 Indoor Modern Sculptures & Statues On Amazon

1. Top Collection

First up, the Top Collection has a cold-cast bronze with a mixed resin construction. It’s basically a sculpture of a lady holding a light which is a real lamp. You’ll enjoy the sleek bronze finish, as well.

Users Say: “It exceeded my expectations. Quite a very nice Art Deco reproduction. Has the look and feel of a lamp of that era. For the price, it is exactly what I wanted”

2. Design Toscano NG32459

Made of polyresin, the Design Toscano NG32459 is a captivating pedestal sculpture with an antique stone design. It’s quite spacious at 29 inches tall and 11 inches wide!

Users Say:This sculpture is Absolutely Beautiful! I bought it to use as the base for my Marble tabletop. It’s Perfect! Very Elegant and very well made! I Love!

3. G6 Collection

With a simplistic but highly artistic construction, the G6 Collection is an engaging piece. Not only will you love the fact that it’s entirely handmade, but you’ll appreciate the enticing wooden construction, as well. You can get it in either brown or black!

Users Say: “This is such a cool, interesting sculpture and a great conversation piece. It looks just like the picture and arrived very well packaged. It looks just like the picture and we’re very happy with it.”

4. LKXHarleya Greek Michelangelo

Created by LKXHarleya, this Greek Michelangelo sculpture is an exceptional option. Running under $25, it’s very affordable. Another positive trait worth mentioning is its fade-resistant capabilities with resin construction.

Users Say: “Love how this looks for a little accent on a side table!”

5. Kensington Hill Abstract Family

As stated in the name Kensington Hill Abstract Family sculpture is just that. With a lightweight cast resin build and a bronze finish, it’s an amazing choice for your family.

Users Say: “We’re using this in our wedding ceremony to display our Love Lock as a couple, as well as two from our children to show a united, blended family. Very excited with this piece. It’s beautiful.”

6. Napco

Just recently, the Napco statue had a hefty price cut of 19% off the original amount. Although we’re unsure if this discount is permanent or temporary, we believe it’s either way, an incredible bang for the buck!

Users Say: “It’s really beautiful! Don’t accidentally bump it because it will fall backward, the wings are long and heavy so set her solidly. Love it!!!”

7. WU Unicorn Studios

The WU Unicorn Studios is an alluring bronze statue of Jesus washing the feet of his disciples. Along with the message, you’ll also love that it’s constructed with a real bronze coating!

Users Say: “This was presented to a pastor at a blessing ceremony. He really liked it. It reminds him that Jesus will wash his feet when the burdens of the congregation, home, family, world get too big.”

8. Signature Design by Ashley Pallaton

Sitting on an elegant marble base, the Signature Design by Ashley Pallaton metal sculpture is a lovely option for your home. It’s essentially an abstract piece of art that’s both visually pleasing and provides robust build quality!

Users Say: “I enjoy this sculpture very much, the simplicity of the materials; marble and metal crafted in a way to convey a sense of purity. Fast delivery, properly packed, product as described.”

9. Hi-Line Gift

For those looking for an indoor buddha statue of excellent detail, the Hi-Line Gift is a superb pick. This statue is constructed of clay fiber for solid design and longevity.

Users Say: “I got this as a gift for my mother. It is heavy, but 100% worth it. She has wanted this exact Buddha for so long!! Very happy I could find it.”

10. Top Collection Geronimo

Amongst customers, the Top Collection Geronimo is possibly the highest-rated bronze sculpture on the list. It’s essentially of a Native American warrior on horseback. Designed with real bronze powder combined with resin, it has a stellar build quality.

Users Say: “Love this statue…..the detail is remarkable…..I ordered the sitting bull statue on his horse to go with this piece…they will both have a permanent place on my fireplace mantle in front of a large mirror to show the detail on both sides Extremely pleased.”

11. Design Toscano KY71134

If you’re primarily searching for a high-grade lion statue at a highly competitive price, the Design Toscano KY71134 is an amazing choice. There are a plethora of reasons why we love it. This statue provides comprehensive detail, it’s well-sized at 28″H x 13″W x 21.5″ D, possesses enhanced durability, and great for either indoor or outdoor use!

Users Say: “This lion statue is beautiful. It’s “bigger” than I thought. Ordered 2; waiting for others to arrive at the place at the entrance front door. Design details are intriguing & very life-like.”

12. Dahlia Studios Loving Couple

This charming bronze-finish statue is of an endearing couple. Not only is the Dahlia Studios Loving Couple nicely-sized at 10 inches tall and 11.5 inches wide, but it makes the perfect gift to your significant other. As a matter of fact, I actually got this for mine on Christmas!

Users Say: “This is absolutely a beautiful, well-made, art sculpture. It would make a great gift! But, in my case, it was for myself to put on a half-crescent table, and it looks perfect there! Highly recommend!”

13. John Timberland


Also on a friendly 10% price reduction, the John Timberland indoor buddha is a delightful sculpture for your home. It’s rather large at 42 inches tall x 25 inches wide x 21 inches depth. Designed with ceramic, it’s pretty durable while remaining at a 38-pound weight.

Users Say: “This Buddha is so pleasant & added so much grace to our landscape. For now, it kinda became the talk of the community. It’s not stone. Kind of resin material. Around 40lbs. Heavy enough not to get blown away or easily displace by winds. We really like it!!”

14. Joyful Buddha

Whether you get this as an antique design or old stone style, the Joyful Buddha is truly a joyous statue. Considering its solid stone construction, it’s designed for maximum longevity. It’s compact at 11 inches tall x 9 inches wide x 5 inches deep with a meager 8 pounds weight. 


15. Toperkin Eagle

Being handmade, the Toperkin Eagle is a superb sculpture of an eagle made of top-quality bronze. It might be a little bit on the pricey side. However, the quality details and material makes it worth the higher price!


16. St Joseph The Worker

St Joseph The Worker is a wonderful statue for either indoors or outdoors. It’s made in Italy, has a 32-inch height, and has an intriguing appearance!


17. Veronese Design

Next in the lineup, the Veronese Design is an incredible bronze statue of a man holding the world above his head. It’s pretty compact at only 9.25 inches tall. However, it’s the perfect choice for your office or reading room. Amongst users, it has near-perfect reviews!

Users Say: “Definitely a quality desk topper for anyone that enjoys Greek mythology and the tale of Atlas.”

18. Sunnydaze Todd The Tortoise

Coming in two sizes, you can get the Sunnydaze Todd The Tortoise statue as a 20-inch or 30-inch. This statue has an impeccable build quality as it’s constructed of fiberglass, polyresin, lightweight concrete, and sand blend.

Users Say: “Sturdy. Heavy. This is a quality creation for the landscape wishing to add a bit of whimsy. We have had “Sherwin” for years now. He’s held up through the snow, sleet, ice storms, and hale. A permanent fixture in our back yard, guarding the fountain and yuccas.”

19. Ozzptuu Sandstone

What we love about the Ozzptuu Sandstone is that you can get it in one of six unique styles. Along with the affordable cost, you’ll love its creative design!

Users Say: “I love this figurine!! It’s perfect for my shelf, not too big, not too small. Personally, I think it’s worth the money spent.”

20. Studio 55D Atlas

Kind of like the Veronese Design, the Studio 55D Atlas is a statue of a man holding a sphere-like-structure. Made of cast resin with a bronze finish, it’s an elegant accent for your tabletop!

Users Say: “This amazing artwork was a great addition to my workout room. Looking online, it’s hard to find something that showcases strength but also a class at the same time. I’m very happy with my purchase, thank you so much for creating this piece!”

21. Decozen

For good reasons, the Decozen has near-flawless ratings and reviews amongst users. Basically, it’s a handmade leaf with a wooden build quality. You’ll love the elegant beauty, as well!

Users Say: “I absolutely love this item, it’s so gorgeous. The time and craftsmanship it took to create this makes it’s all the more special to me. Decozen, you truly exceeded my expectations. I’ll be ordering this item again to have in another room in my home.”

22. Design Toscano Art Deco

Along with its gorgeous appearance, the Design Toscano Art Deco sculpture is also a useful lamp, as well. With a pearl and bronze finish, it’s visually pleasing to the eye!

Users Say: “I love the Roaring 20’s feel of this gorgeous lamp. It is very sturdy and it stands out when it is lit up (or even when it is off). It obviously looks prettiest when it is all lit up, and I bought those flickering candle style bulbs to put in it (LED) and they really give it a soft light that makes the little rhinestones on the ladies’ dresses sparkle.”

23. Mengya Head Bust Thinker

Offering an attractive appearance, the Mengya Head Bust Thinker is a phenomenal choice for your home. You can get this sculpture as a sand, silver, or bronze design. We highly recommend it!

Users Say: “I definitely love it in the beginning and I thought it was gonna look weird, but it was beautiful and better than I expected you won’t regret it if you get this and the shipping was faster!”

24. Danya B Small Iron

Here is yet another wildly popular and perfectly-reviewed indoor sculpture. Along with its delightful vibe, the Danya B Small Iron has an excellent quality of construction. Due to the sand casting method, this compact sculpture is made of iron!

Users Say: “I have been a book reader my whole life and one of my favorite things to do is find a quiet place with a nice cup of tea and dive headlong into a good book. This little statue could be me leaning on a tree, bed, or stack of pillows. This would make a great gift for any book reader.”


Not only is it made in the USA, but the LIFETIME INTERNATIONAL is made of pure bronze, as well. It’s remarkably thorough with a high-quality marble base. Although it’s an amazing choice created with high-grade material, it’s also a bit on the pricey side. However, we believe it’s well worth it!

Users Say: “Very pleased with the workmanship and quality of the bronze sculpture. Not sure where the lasso goes since we researched several photos of the sculpture and saw the lasso placed in multiple poses. So put it where we thought it looked good. Have wanted a Remington sculpture for years since the artist was one of my dad’s favorite western artists.”

26. Interlocking Hearts

Here is yet another romantic sculpture with an enticing aged-bronzed finish. The Interlocking Hearts is a delightful gift to a loved one. It’s relatively popular with high ratings and customer reviews!

Users Say: “Bought this for my wife for our 8th (Bronze) anniversary. It is a very nice sculpture and can go anywhere and look nice. It is solid and well built.”

27. Design Toscano KY9055

Last but not least, the Design Toscano KY9055 is an outstanding statue customized as a plant stand. If you need both a plant stand and a statue, this is a great choice!

Users Say: “I was hyper-critical wanting to be sure this planter was not wobbly. It is perfectly stable/ not WOBBLY, and it looks even more amazing in person. Lots of MESSY Styrofoam packing material – that was good so that the planter was not damaged while shipping. It looks so beautiful even without a plant. So tall. I put this planter on my dresser located in front of a window in my bedroom with the backdrop of elegant velvet drapes / 3-dimensional silk curtains.”

Quick Recap

Here Are The Best Indoor Art Sculptures & Statues For The Money

  • Top Collection
  • Design Toscano NG32459
  • G6 Collection
  • LKXHarleya Greek Michelangelo
  • LKXHarleya Greek Michelangelo
  • Napco
  • WU Unicorn Studios
  • Signature Design by Ashley Pallaton
  • Hi-Line Gift
  • Top Collection Geronimo
  • Design Toscano KY71134
  • Dahlia Studios Loving Couple
  • John Timberland
  • Joyful Buddha
  • Toperkin Eagle
  • St Joseph The Worker
  • Veronese Design
  • Sunnydaze Todd The Tortoise
  • Ozzptuu Sandstone
  • Studio 55D Atlas
  • Decozen
  • Design Toscano Art
  • Mengya Head Bust Thinker
  • Danya B Small Iron
  • Interlocking Hearts
  • Design Toscano KY9055

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