3 Best Outdoor Gas Pizza Ovens

If you’re looking for a gas-powered pizza oven designed for the outdoors, you’ve come to the right place. Cooking with gas is generally more convenient. It also produces much less soot and smoke, which makes it easier to cook and maintain. After extensive research and reviews, we narrowed it down to our top 3 favorite pizza ovens on the market.

In Short, Here Are The 3 Best Outdoor Gas Pizza Ovens

  • Summerset
  • Ooni Koda

1. Summerset

Amazingly, the Summerset recently had a massive price cut of 20%. Although we’re unsure if this discount is permanent or temporary, we believe it’s one of the best gas-powered outdoor pizza ovens on the market. There are a plethora of reasons why we love it. For one, the main burner offers a staggering 16,000 BTU giving you all the energy you need. It’s also built like a tank. With it’s 304 stainless steel, it effortlessly withstands vigorous weather conditions. You’ll be very satisfied with its overall longevity.

This pizza oven has been CSA certified. All the electronics are dependable, and it’s easy to ignite. You’ll love how it has a smoker box, as well. Although the entire unit doesn’t take up too much space, it fits pizzas up to 16 inches in diameter. Coming with the purchase, you also get a cover if you want to keep it outside permanently. 

Although this version comes with a stand, you can get this very version without a stand for a bit cheaper. The unit itself is 101 pounds coming in at 23 inches wide x 25.5 inches deep x 34 inches tall. Overall, it’s an exceptional gas-powered pizza oven designed for the outdoors. If you’re looking for the highest quality outdoor pizza oven without a budget, look no further than the Summerset. 

Users Say: “This is more than just a pizza oven. We have cooked everything from meats to desserts! It shipped to us promptly and the assembly was a breeze. The design is exquisite. It looks amazing and does not take up much space of our limited outdoor space (balcony of a one-bedroom apt). The two side tables on the freestanding version fold in as needed and it includes a very nice cover that is easy to put on and take off. The oven heats up extremely fast. We really enjoy having this product in our cooking arsenal.”

Details & Specs

  • Made of stainless steel
  • Weight: 101 pounds
  • Main Burner: 16,000 BTU
  • Max pizza size: 16-inch diameter
  • Dimensions – 22.8 x 25.5 x 34.2-Inches
  • Natural Gas
  • Outdoor cover coming with the purchase

2. Ooni Koda

Next up, the Ooni Koda is a compact outdoor pizza oven that’s gas-powered. It instantly ignites a flame once you initiate the built-in gas ignition. However, it takes about 15 minutes for it to be ready. You can adjust the heat, as well. Made out of an insulated steel shell, it holds heat and cooks pizzas at an impressive 60 seconds. This stove heats up to 932 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Another useful attribute is it comes entirely assembled. Aside from pizza, you can also cook steak and fish. Overall the Ooni Koda is a great pizza oven for the outdoors. It’s gas-powered, highly-reviewed amongst users, very compact, and easy to use. Be sure to check out the reviews below!

Users Say: “This goes together so easy, it’s a no brainer. Like all things cookware, it will take a little getting used to adjust your temperatures depending on the type of flour you use. I also highly recommend a laser temperature gun. You will definitely need this. I had no issues with the gas flow but I did find there is a small range for the flame adjustment. But once you know that, it’s not a problem. The manuals that come with this give you a lot of information and recipes and I highly advise reading them. I am very happy with this product and everything came in perfect condition.”

Details & Specs

  • Gas-powered
  • Takes 15 minutes to start up
  • Takes 60 seconds to make a pizza once ready
  • Arrives assembled
  • Heats to 932ºF
  • Adjustable heat control


Lastly, the ROCCBOX is another outstanding choice for anyone looking for a gas-powered outdoor pizza oven. It’s lightweight and easily portable. With the ability to heat up to 932-degrees Fahrenheit, it can cook a pizza in only one minute. 

It’s one of the most popular and highest-rated pizza ovens on the market for good reason. It’s competitively priced and has robust build quality, which outperforms its price. Coming with the purchase, you get a custom made cordierite stone baking board. Overall, it’s an excellent choice.

Users Say: “I love this pizza oven. We got it for a family member as a gift and it has now become part of our weekly routine. It took some time to figure out and get used to (don’t get too frustrated if the first few don’t come out as you would think!). It’s all about getting the oven INCREDIBLY hot and then maybe turning down the flame while you put in the pizza. We’ve also had some success with cooking the dough for a bit before adding sauce and toppings (The type of dough you buy matters too so be sure to try multiple kinds). It is heavy and comes with a carrying strap but I don’t think we’ll ever take it to the park-like it says you can. It’s an excellent gift and allows for every person to make their own pizza and then cook it. It’s great for parties or family get-togethers! We feel like we are part of the marketing team as we have convinced 4-5 people to buy their own now!”

Details & Specs

  • Heats up to 932-degree Fahrenheit
  • Rolling Flame
  • Comes with Pizza Peel
  • Weight: 62.7 pounds
  • 86% Heat-Retention
  • Insulated Body

Quick Recap

Here Are The Best Outdoor Gas Pizza Ovens

  • Summerset
  • Ooni Koda

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