3 Best Portable Ice Makers With Freezer Compartment

What’s the best portable ice maker with a built-in freezer compartment? Although few and far between, there are a few ice makers that keep your ice cool for extended periods. After extensive research and testing; we narrowed it down to the three best choices.

In Short, Here Are The Best Portable Ice Makers With Freezer Compartment

  • NutriChef PICEM15
  • Smad
  • Nutrichef PICEM62.5

NutriChef PICEM25

First up, the NutriChef PICEM25 is a great portable ice maker with a built-in freezer. But besides the convenient freezer compartment that holds the ice, they’re many other reasons why we love it. For one, it’s effortless to use. All you have to do is add water and press the button. Within 15 minutes, a sizable amount of ice is made and stored in the built-in freezer compartment. You’ll also enjoy how quiet this ice maker is in comparison to most others on the market. 

Coming with the purchase is a 4.6-foot power cord. Not only is the NutriChef PICEM25 great for parties and the outdoors, but it’s also great for commercial use. Many offices like using it due to its quietness, reliability, and speed. You can also choose your ice sizes between small, medium, and large. This ice machine can make up to 22-pounds of ice per day. A fair amount of people with a broken ice machine in their refrigerator use it to refill the ice bin. Some even use the large ice setting to restock their coolers, as well.

In terms of its build quality and durability, you’ll be pretty satisfied. It has a straightforward and easy-to-navigate design. Made with stain-resistant stainless steel, it’s sturdy and effortless to clean. It weighs 23 pounds and easy to travel with. You’ll appreciate the ice handle coming with the purchase, as well. The built-in freezer keeps the ice frozen as long as the unit stays on. Even when turned off, the ice remains cold for a decent amount of time. 

The only downsides with this ice maker are the slightly weak flapper with the machine and poor customer service. It’s best to be careful as you travel with this ice maker. Overall, the NutriChef PICEM25 is an excellent choice for anyone in need of a portable ice maker with a freezer compartment. Be sure to check out the reviews below.

Users Say: “Just got my ice maker 2 days ahead of expectation. I plugged it in and filled it with water and in 10 minutes, the first tray of ice dropped, and by the time I registered my new ice maker with the company I had 3 ice drops. it took a little longer for the ice to stay cool since I just plugged it in but after a while, it worked great.”

Tech Specs & Details

  • Makes ice within 15 minutes
  • Weight: 23 pounds
  • Comes with an ice handle and 4.6-foot power cord
  • Makes 22-pounds of ice per day
  • Add water to begin

Nutrichef PICEM62.5

Next up, the Nutrichef PICEM62.5 is another portable ice maker with a freezer compartment. If you’re looking for the unit that can make the most amount of ice per day, this one is the choice for you! It can make up to 33 pounds of ice in a single day. And like the previous one, it makes three different ice sizes, as well. This ice machine is a straightforward setup; Add water then press the button. It’s pretty quiet for an ice maker, as well.

Coming with the purchase is a 5.9-foot power cord and an ice scoop. It has a decent build quality with stainless steel design. One of the more unique features it offers is the LED lights. Located in the center, the Led window shows ice levels and alert you to refill water. It’s pretty lightweight at only 24 pounds. The built-in freezer compartment keeps the ice cool as long as the machine is on. Keep in mind that the freezer compartment is a bit small. 

There are a few downsides I noticed about the Nutrichef PICEM62.5. For one, there have been a few times where a customer receives a defective unit. Customer service is relatively poor, as well. There have also been a few times where the ice machine breaks within a year.

Lastly, when the machine is finished making ice, it rings a very loud beeping sound continuously. Some, however, like how it notifies you when the ice is completed by the loud beeping. Besides that, it’s a pretty good portable ice maker. Be sure to check out the reviews!

Users Say: “I can’t believe I lived without this before. We have an ice maker in our fridge but It’s not a large capacity. This Ice maker is a gem, especially for parties. I love chewing on Ice and these are very chewable. Great buy.”

Tech Specs & Details

  • Led window shows ice levels
  • 5.9-foot power cord
  • Weight: 24 pounds
  • 33 pounds of ice per day
  • Add water to begin


Although one of the more expensive of the three, the Smad is possibly the most reliable choice for commercial use. This portable ice maker has a decently sized built-in freezer capable of holding a lot of ice. However, the vast amount of storage room comes with a trade-off. Not only is it relatively heavy at 55 pounds, but the build also isn’t necessarily compact, either. This ice machine is 25 inches tall, 15.5 inches wide, and 17.8 inches deep.

Another thing to keep in mind is it’s an under-counter unit. You must connect the tube that comes with the ice maker to a cold water source. The tube is included with the purchase, as well. 

With its overfill prevention feature, it automatically stops making ice once the bin is full. This commercial portable ice machine makes up to 12 pounds of ice per day. The built-in freezer can store up to 6 pounds of ice. Unlike the others on this list, it can only make large ice cubes. It doesn’t give you the option for other sizes. It offers front ventilation, as well. 

The primary downside of this ice maker is its need to be connected to a water source. Thus, you’re not able to travel with it. Another downside side is the first few days of using it, the unit produces an awful smell. We recommend the Smad for commercial use. Be sure to check out the reviews below. 

Users Say: “Our huge ice-maker broke. We didn’t want to spend $900 to repair it. I checked online for the best little ice-maker and found this one!
We are all surprised at how much ice it produces if you simply store what you have not used in a freezer. By work the next day there is a new batch ready for you. We love it!”

Tech Specs & Details

  • Weight: 55 pounds
  • Dimensions: 25 inches tall, 15.5 inches wide, and 17.8 inches deep
  • 12 pounds of ice per day
  • Front ventilation
  • Must be connected to water supply

Quick Recap

Here Are The Best Portable Ice Makers With A Built-in Freezer

  • NutriChef PICEM15
  • Smad
  • Nutrichef PICEM62.5

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