31 Best Ceiling Light Fixtures You Can Buy Online

Not only are there a multitude of ceiling lights online, but they come in just about any size and budget. We formulated a list of the 32 highest-rated and customer-reviewed light fixtures on the market. Whichever style or size you’re looking for, you’ll surely find it below!

In Short, Here Are 31 Stylish Ceiling Lights For Your Home On Amazon

1. Globe Electric 65904

First up, the Globe Electric 65904 is an excellent ceiling light fixture. It offers 3 lights, a satin finish, and a sturdy metal build. Currently, you can get it at a sizable 24% discount. We highly recommend it!

Users Say: “I love this fixture. It took my husband a while to finally put it up, but it has transformed my hallway, where I keep my clothes, especially with the clear lights I put in. Now I can see better when cleaning.”

2. Orillon

Next up, the Orillon is a modern ceiling light for your living room or bedroom. It has a durable build quality made of metal and plastic. With 4 blades made of ABS plastic, it’s also a mini fan. This 2-in-1 fanlight has a smooth polished finish. With an alluring design and construction, it’s a reliable choice!

Users Say: “Beautiful ceiling fan. The design is modern and so convenient, being able to merge the fan and the surrounding light is a masterpiece. I would definitely buy it again. Thank you for such a great product.”

3. MAXvolador

Running below $40, the MAXvolador is an affordable ceiling light. Made with both glass and metal, you’ll appreciate its vintage aura!

Users Say: “Great looking light fixture & super easy to install. I was able to install it without the help of my husband!!”


This contemporary light fixture comes in either black or white. You’ll love how the DINGLILIGHTING DLLT lets you change the colors to three different settings. A very beneficial feature is its glare-free capabilities enabling eye-protection. Overall, we believe it’s a great bang for the buck and we highly recommend it!

Users Say: “This light is a perfect update to our 5th wheel trailer. Love the brightness of the LED lights. And the fact that it’s adjustable makes it amazing.”

5. DINGLILIGHTING 4-Light Flush Mount

With excellent rating and customer reviews, the DINGLILIGHTING 4-Light Flush Mount is an astounding modern ceiling light. Many people love it for their dining room, living room, or bedroom!

Users Say: “It’s pretty and elegant, if you have a big room, might be a bit small. People with big hands might struggle a little putting it together, but worth it.”


This sputnik chandelier has lights pointing in various directions. On top of its attractive design, the KOSTOMO has high marks amongst users, as well. You can get it in one of ten colors!

Users Say: “I love these lights! I purchased two for my kitchen and they look great. They are stylish and well made and were very easy to install. Very happy with my purchase!”

7. Hall of Lamp

The Hall of Lamp is an elegant light fixture with a modernized vibe. But not only is it a light, but it’s also a fan with three retractable blades. It has incredibly high marks amongst users and we highly recommend it!

Users Say: “This. arrived quickly, was packaged nice. It took about 2 hours to install. It’s absolutely beautiful and I can’t take my eyes off of it. The fan works great and the remote is great! I would highly recommend it!”

8. Cloudy Bay

With a brushed finish, the Cloudy Bay has a pleasant style for a low price. It’s dimmable to 10%, has a 5-year limited warranty, and it’s energy-efficient. If you’re looking for an inexpensive ceiling light, it’s a great choice!

Users Say: “Was impressed that the kit was easy to install and gave me the results of the more expensive brands I had been using. My only wish is that the fixture would come in the colors gold, black, and white.”

9. Qin

Next in line, the Qin is a fabulous modern light that fits best in bedrooms. You can get it in either black or white. Coming with the purchase, you get a remote control to change the color temperature and brightness. The color temperature can be changed between cool white, neutral, or warm white!

Users Say: “It works great and looks terrific in my living area! Love how you can change the brightness and shade of light!”

10. Alice House

For good reasons, the Alice House has near-perfect reviews amongst users. It’s has a very creative bead design. Another beneficial attribute is its robust metal and wood construction!

Users Say: “Absolutely love this light! I searched for something for this space and everything I found was so expensive. This is exactly what I was looking for for a lot less money. It is extremely similar to much more expensive ones. It was easy to install and looks great in the space.”

11. Airand

Running below $40, the Airand is another budget-friendly ceiling light for your bedroom or office. You can get it in either neutral white, cold white, cool white, or soft white. Along with its inexpensive price, there are a plethora of reasons why we love it. It comes with a 3-year warranty, it’s energy-efficient with only 18-watts, it’s IP44 waterproof, and provides a touch of modernity!

Users Say: “It was hard to rewire from the old light I had up. It took some time and I had to add some wire just to get it to be able to fit. I then had a hard time getting it to snap into place. I finally got it up and going”

12. Globe Electric

Not only is the Globe Electric on a significant price reduction of 28%, but it’s flawlessly customer-reviewed, as well. You can get it in either Matte Black, Dark Bronze, Chrome, or Oil-Rubbed Bronze. However, the oil-rubbed bronze version provides 3 lights!

Users Say: “Love these! Got two and put them in our walk-in closets… put in a different bulb- wanted more of a bright white light. Will get one for our laundry room too now that I know how nice they are and how much light they give off.”

13. Possini Euro Lilypad

If you’re looking for modernized ceiling lights for your home that resembles lily pads, Possini Euro Lilypad is your best bet. It has a brushed finish and 12 halogen G4 base bulbs. It’s a dependable option!

Users Say: “We bought the bigger one and smaller one for our kitchen. One over the island and one over the table. We absolutely love them. Anyone that comes in the kitchen sees them first. Highly recommended.”


You can get the DINGLILIGHTING with either clear glass, cognac glass, or transparent glass. It has a vintage design with dimmable compatibilities!

Users Say: “I bought this for my laundry room. Fits perfectly and it’s nice-looking light! My glass did have a defect. The company was very responsive and they are sending out a replacement piece.”

15. TALOYA Smart

Here is yet another wildly popular ceiling light for your bedroom or office. Not only do we love the TALOYA due to its modern style, but it offers smart features, as well. It’s compatible with both Google Home and Alexa. You’ll also appreciate its dimmable capabilities and built-in Wifi. Better yet, it’s also currently on a friendly 10% price reduction. We explicitly recommend it if your primary goal is to have a smart light for your home!

Users Say: “Awesome Ceiling lamp for the price. Connected to Alexa and I can change the color of my trim with my voice. Works awesome simple and easy to set up. Great quality. Can be bright white light towards the floor and any color you want around the edge.”


The retro-styled VILUXY is an outstanding value for the money. This ceiling fixture provides 2 lights, a durable metal frame, and dimmable capabilities. You can also get it in one of three designs!

Users Say: “These are exactly what I wanted! They are bright enough with the vintage-style amber glass warm candlelight. We could have purchased clear glass, but we wanted a little warmer! These are a good quality light! I bought two for entrance and I plan on purchasing two more for the upstairs hallway!”

17. Generous

You can get this modern sputnik light in two different sizes and three different colors. With durable metal construction, the Generous is both attractive and built well. Along with the bedroom, this light looks great in the kitchen, as well!

Users Say: “What’s not to love? Fits perfectly in our breakfast area. Super easy to assemble & install. Highly recommend.”

18. Youtob

If you’re looking for the cheapest ceiling light that doesn’t look cheap, the Youtob is a great choice. It’s very popular and has superb reviews. With the purchase, you get an 18-month warranty, as well!

Users Say: “I bought this product mistakenly as I thought it was battery operated. I’m not an electrician and I hate fooling with electrical things, but this was super easy to install and the light is extremely bright. I’d buy another one if I ever needed to replace another light fixture in my house.”

19. DINGLILIGHTING Semi Flush Light

This light fixture comes in three different styles, as well. You can get it as a two-tier, silver, or black. Overall, the DINGLILIGHTING Semi Flush Light extremely famous with phenomenal reviews amongst users!

Users Say: “This really is a beautiful light. I bought it for my mother’s dining room. When I opened the box I thought it would be flimsy because it hardly weighs anything. But once installed it is perfect, bright, classic -she just loves it.”

20. Cotoss Tiffany

The Cotoss Tiffany is one of the more eye-catching lights on the market. Better yet, it comes in different designs all providing unique beauty!

Users Say: “This light fixture is absolutely beautiful.”


Amazingly, the AXSHINE is on a hefty 15% price cut off the original amount. Although we’re unsure if this discount is permanent or temporary, we believe it’s, either way, an excellent bang for the buck. It’s basically a perfectly sized modern light fixture for a bedroom, office, or dining room. Another beneficial attribute worth mentioning is its dimmable features with the provided remote!

Users Say: “I purchased this light a week ago. Thankfully, I have worked with lights like this before and was able to help my husband install it in about 20 minutes. I like the light, however, my husband doesn’t. It’s in my hallway entrance and it’s extremely bright. The remote is a plus. You can dim it and change the look of it to a cooler or warmer hue. The downside is that once you turn the light off and turn it back on you have to reset it to the desired look.”

22. Airand 5000K

If you’re looking for a standard ceiling light that outperforms the meager price, the Airand 5000K is an exceptional choice. You can get it in four different lighting colors, as well!

Users Say: “This is a very basic ceiling lighter that does a very good job for the money you pay and for sure very economical since this is LED. It’s a good solution for places like closets or bathrooms.”

23. KAI

The KAI is another flawless choice for your home. You can get this modern ceiling light as a dimmable or 6000K light. Made of metal, crystal, and stainless steel; it has a very attractive design. Coming with the purchase is peace of mind with a 3-year limited manufacturer’s warranty!

Users Say: “The chandelier was hung in the foyer by the front door. It’s beautiful and bright. It’s also not too big. The picture doesn’t show how brilliant it is.”

24. MAXvolador Semi-Flush

We explicitly recommend the MAXvolador for those looking for a 4-pack affordable light with a vintage flair!

Users Say: “I love these lights. They are perfect for closets, pantries, and hallways. They put out great lights with a daylight LED bulb.”


Next up, the TFCFL is an excellent LED ceiling light with a modern sleek design. Best places in either bedrooms or dining rooms, it offers great value for the price. Primarily made with acrylic, it has a decent build quality. You’ll also appreciate its polished finish. This light also comes in either black or white!

Users Say: “I know it had the dimensions on-line, so I should have gone with a bigger size for my bigger space (great room). While I like the light, it is a little pricey for what you get.”

26. Hykolity

Coming in three different sizes, you can get the Hykolity as a 10-inch, 13-inch, or 32-inch. It has a sleek brushed finish. You’ll also appreciate that it’s ETL listed!

Users Say: “The light is very bright it came preset on the 4000 k setting, the highest is 5000. It is easy to install, due to the light being very lightweight. All and all it’s a good light.”

27. Fandian With Fan

Coming in one of four designs, the Fandian With Fan is a fabulous choice for your bedroom or dining room. This modernized light fixture is made with robust metal and acrylic. One of its most unique attributes is its partially a mini fan, as well. It also has an electroplating cover. Overall, it has outstanding customer reviews and we highly recommend it!

Users Say: “Great fan, the only way it was getting installed was ingenuity from my spouse. Instructions are not well written. The fan looks awesome, I like it in my office”


This 6-light sputnik ceiling fixture is a stylish choice for your home. Along with its sturdy metal build quality, the ZEEFO is an alluring choice. We highly recommend it!

Users Say: “For this price, this is a gorgeous piece! The light is bright, doesn’t turn hot like some lights. The installation is quite simple. The only problem is it is a bit smaller than I expected. So please check the measurement before purchasing.”


The VANDER is an excellent ceiling light with a dimmable remote. With the provided remote control, you can change the color temperature to either warm white, neutral, or cold white. It also has eye-protection capabilities. With a 30,000 hour total lifespan, this light has remarkable longevity.

Users Say: “My husband put this up by himself. It’s so modern and I love the remote control. I can make it super bright or a warm tone. This was a great purchase”


Also with an enticing vintage style, the FEMILA is an amazing pick. It looks good in just about any room in the house!

Users Say: “We put it in the pantry. Easy to install, works fine, and looks much better than the old fluorescent light.”

31. W-LITE

For those looking for an affordable but simplistic bedroom light with a hint of modernity, the W-LITE is an exceptional choice. It’s color changeable, dimmable, and offers an impressive 50,000-hour lifespan. This light also passed ROHS certification and CE certification. You’ll also appreciate the eye-protection capabilities!

Users Say: “This was the only light I found that looked nice, had multiple shades and brightness options as well as a memory function. It completely lights up my room, so I am happy so far.”

Quick Recap

Here Are The 31 Best Light Fixtures For Your Bedroom, Dining Room, Kitchen Island, Foyer, or Living Room

  • Globe Electric 65904
  • Orillon
  • MAXvolador
  • DINGLILIGHTING 4-Light Flush Mount
  • Hall of Lamp
  • Cloudy Bay
  • Qin
  • Alice House
  • Airand
  • Globe Electric
  • Possini Euro Lilypad
  • TALOYA Smart
  • Generous
  • Youtob
  • DINGLILIGHTING Semi Flush Light
  • Cotoss Tiffany
  • Airand 5000K
  • KAI
  • MAXvolador Semi-Flush
  • Hykolity
  • Fandian With Fan
  • W-LITE

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