4 Best Touch Screen Laptops Under $500

What’s the best affordable touchscreen laptop under $500?

A touchscreen laptop is a lot like a tablet and a standard laptop combined. Some are convertible, where you can fold the keyboard entirely backward and use it just like a tablet. Others can’t fold the keyboard backward, but they’re still touchscreen.

Unfortunately, most high-quality touchscreen laptops on the market are relatively expensive. We are fortunate to live in an innovative marketplace with a booming technology sector. Due to high competition and demand, there are now a handful of fantastic but low-priced touchscreen laptops under $500. After extensive research and testing, we formulated a list of the 4 best touchscreen laptops on the market currently running below $500.

In Short, Here Are The Best Touchscreen 2-in-1 Laptops Under $500

  • HP Ryzen 3-3200U
  • HP Ash Silver
  • Dell Inspiron i3583
  • Lenovo 2020

1. Lenovo 2020

Just recently, the Lenovo 2020 had a massive price cut of nearly 18% off the original price. Although we’re unsure if this discount is permanent or temporary, we believe it’s either way, a phenomenal bang for the buck.

This touchscreen laptop has an 11.6-inch display size. It can fold in a standard fashion like a laptop or converted upward like a touchscreen tablet. It’s highly rated and reviewed amongst customers, as well. 

Another attribute you’ll highly appreciate is its anti-glare screen. No matter where you are, it provides a pleasant viewing experience. You’ll also love the powerful quad-core MediaTek processor. In terms of its overall performance, this touchscreen dramatically outperforms its low price. Not to forget, it uses Chrome OS.

Providing a thin and sleek construction, it’s highly portable and convenient. It’s effortless to use, as well. Overall, the Lenovo 2020 is a remarkable value. We highly recommend this touchscreen laptop if you’re budget is $500. Be sure to check out the reviews below!

Users Say: “Not sure how good this is for games but I do play Gwent and works amazing for that game. Picture quality is great in my opinion and I love how flexible this product is, I can use it like a typical laptop or use it as an oversized tablet. Once tilted just past completely flat keyboard buttons quit working so no worries about accidentally pushing buttons when in tablet mode.”

Tech Specs & Details

  • Graphics Coprocessor: Integrated PowerVR GX6250 
  • Display size: 11.6-inch
  • Convertible
  • Anti-glare
  • Resolution: 1366×768
  • Touch-Screen
  • C330 Processor MediaTek MT8173C
  • Chromebook
  • Weight: 2.6 pounds

2. HP Ryzen 3-3200U

Next up, the HP Ryzen 3-3200U is an excellent touch screen laptop running at an affordable price under $500. Not only is it conveniently thin, but it also provides a nicely sized 14-inch screen.

You’ll appreciate the AMD Ryzen 3 3200U processor, as well. The screen has an LED backlight, and the overall design is very satisfying. With a 1366×768 HD resolution display, it offers surprisingly fantastic picture quality, which supersedes its price. 

On the side, you’ll find three USB ports. You’ll like having the ethernet port, USB-C, and SD slots, as well. It provides a fantastic performance, and it’s very dependable. Overall, the HP Ryzen 3-3200U is a great touchscreen laptop under $500. Not only is it easy on the wallet, but it also has higher ratings amongst users. We highly recommend it!

Users Say: “It’s great as in 8 gig memory and higher than low-end SSD. Solid st as the drive is better than any amount of moving drives that can fail and lose data. I do not use anything but SSD. Needs enough to at least run op systems. This can. Just use your external drives. Get sad. The only thing I wish is it was a quad-core. And it is true sometimes it freezes on a web page. Requires reboot but I haven’t lost anything as the web page is saved upon reboot in the same place I left off. I haven’t had the issue working on a Word doc or anything, so not sure if it could happen to cause loss of data. 3 months now and hasn’t done that. I do like the computer but the freeze issue is a concern. This also has a touch screen on it which compared is a deal to others.”

Tech Specs & Details

  • 128GB M.2 SSD
  • Touch-Screen
  • Built-in Webcam
  • Display size: 14-inch
  • 8GB RAM
  • Non-convertible
  • Resolution: 1366×768
  • Dual-core to 3.50 GHz

3. HP Ash Silver

Here is yet another high-quality but affordable touch screen laptop. Running under $500, the HP Ash Silver is a superb value for its performance. There are a plethora of reasons why we love it. For one, it has outstanding build quality with robust construction.

This laptop is able to last a very long time. With a large 14-inch screen and 1366×768 resolution, you’ll be very satisfied with the overall display. It’s compact and easily portable with a meager weight of 3.2 pounds. 

With 128GB SSD and 4GB DDR4 RAM, it offers fantastic performance for the price. It’s very reliable and fast. Amongst users, it has high marks. The primary downside is the few complaints that customers had the touchscreen break prematurely. However, most people didn’t experience that issue. Overall, we believe the HP Ash Silver is definitely one of the top contenders under $500!

Users Say: “I got this as a Christmas present for my wife to use while she works on her degree, she loves it and I’ve played with it a bit and it seems pretty nice. The screen resolution could be better but it’s a $300 laptop so I can’t complain. I left S mode on as she will primarily use the office programs so it’s not an issue. Overall, I do recommend this laptop for the price point (throw some extra RAM in it though).”

Tech Specs & Details

  • Windows 10
  • RAM: 4GB
  • Display size: 14-inch
  • 128GB SSD
  • Non-convertible
  • Processor: 8th Gen Intel Core i3-8145U
  • Touch-Screen

4. Dell Inspiron i3583

Last but not least, the Dell Inspiron i3583 is an exceptional touch screen laptop. Currently running under $500, it’s budget-friendly while providing reliable and quick performance. It has the largest display size on the list at 15.6 inches.

With vivid 1366×768 HD resolution, it has excellent picture quality for the low price. You’ll also enjoy its intel UHD graphics 620 and LED backlight. 

Built-in, it has an 8GB ddr4 system memory, Intel i3-8145U, and a 128GB solid-state drive. It’s effortless to travel with due to its small design and lightweight. Overall, this touchscreen laptop is definitely one of our top choices. It’s affordable, built sturdy, and provides fantastic performance!

Users Say: I bought this laptop for my mother who was looking for an inexpensive device to run only a few programs (MS Office, Quickbooks, and Chrome). This item fit her budget and seemed like a great deal. Unfortunately, the operating system is not the regular Windows 10 as listed in the product title. Instead, the operating system is Windows 10 Home in S mode, so unless you disable the “S mode” you can only use products from the Microsoft store. My husband and I have been trying to walk her through the process to switch out of S mode, but so far it’s been very difficult. This product is better for more tech-savvy people who want a simple device.”

Tech Specs & Details

  • Non-convertible
  • Intel i3-8145U
  • Resolution: 1366 x 768 HD
  • Touch-Screen
  • Display size: 15.6 inch
  • LED backlight
  • 8GB ddr4 system memory

Quick Recap

Here Are The Best Cheap Touchscreen 2-in-1 Laptops Below $500

  • HP Ryzen 3-3200U
  • HP Ash Silver
  • Dell Inspiron i3583
  • Lenovo 2020

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