4 Best True Wireless Earbuds Under $40

If you’re looking for the very best true wireless earbuds under $40, you’ve come to the right place. True wireless earbuds are essentially earbuds with absolutely no cables connected to the device or each earbud. They all have wireless Bluetooth connection. In general, True wireless earbuds have been exploding in the market place lately for a few reasons; They’re very convenient, easy to use, and hassle-free.

Everyone has different needs, requirements, and budgets for their earbuds. The goal of this article is to help you find whichever pair is best for you and your situation. Not to forget, all of the following are highly-rated between the average person and us on the market. After hours of research and testing; We confidently narrowed it down to the top 4 best true wireless earbuds under $40.

In Short, Here Are The Best Affordable True Wireless Earbuds Below $40

  • TRANYA Rimor
  • TOZO T6
  • TRANYA B530

1. TRANYA Rimor 

First up, the TRANYA Rimor is another very highly-rated true wireless pair of earbuds under $40. With its high-quality built-in microphone and ENC technology, they’re easily one of the pairs pair in this price range for making phone calls. These earbuds produce exceptional sound quality for a few reasons. If you prefer a well-rounded sound with a more accurate representation of your music, these earbuds may be the choice for you. They have a rare 10mm driver for added depth and clarity. The highs are clear and the midrange is punchy, as well. Overall, these earbuds produce very good audio for the competitive price. I give them an 8.9 out of 10.

In terms of comfort, the default sized ear tips are soft and lightweight in the ears. You’re easily able to wear them for extended periods without fatigue, as well. They fit snug and secure in the ears, as well. I give them a 9.2 out of 10. Both the earbuds and case have an excellent build quality which supersedes its price range. The form factor is conveniently compact, as well. These earbuds are easily able to last a long time. Overall, you will be highly satisfied with the build quality and durability. Not to forget, the IPX5 rating provides decent water and sweat resistance.

These earbuds provide a decent battery life of 5 continuous hours of playtime. The wireless charging case adds an additional 20 hours of battery life. One of the best attributes they offer is its environmental noise-canceling capabilities for clear phone calls. Most people thoroughly enjoy their call quality. Overall, the TRANYA Rimor is a fantastic but affordable pair of true wireless earbuds. We highly recommend it!

Users Say: “I am always looking for the “Perfect” earbud headphones. I Have purchased countless candidates in this search. From AirPods Pros to Sony WF100mx3s to Shure wired. These are without question the best value of the bunch. Yes some of the others may sound a bit better and some have better (active) noise cancellation, but these Tranya definitely perform way above their cost level. They are comfortable, they sound great, the carry case is small, they pair and sync effortlessly. I always worry when using the more costly earbuds about losing one. These are inexpensive enough that I can use them virtually anywhere without freting. May even have to buy a second pair!”

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Tech Specs & Details

  • 10mm dynamic drivers
  • Frequency response: 20Hz-20000Hz
  • Battery life: 5 hours (charging case adds an additional 20 hours)
  • ENC (environmental noise cancelling) technology reduces unwanted background noise during phone calls
  • IPX5 water-resistance


The VISLLA true wireless earbuds are an excellent choice under $40 for phone calls. This pair was specifically optimized for sports, exercise, hiking, etc. These produce stunning Hifi stereo sound quality for the price. Many people believe they can stand toe-to-toe with earbuds twice their price. Quite frankly, possibly the very best sound quality on this list. The audio is incredibly loud, clear, and rich. Those who prefer a heavy bass will be satisfied with these, as well. The VISLLA is exceptionally comfortable to wear for extended periods. One of its best attributes is the ability to fit snug and secure in your ears regardless of your vigorous activity. For my ears, I give it a solid 9.5 out of 10 for comfort.

These earbuds have a sturdy and robust build quality that is much better than the price point. For both the earbuds and charging case, the materials used to create these seem much higher quality than the price. You will be highly satisfied with the overall durability and longevity. The noise isolation works surprisingly well. It cancels out a large margin of the outside ambient noise. Not to forget, it uses CVC 8.0 noise cancelling, as well. They provide a decent battery life of 8 hours. Overall, the VISLLA is one of the more affordable true wireless earbuds on this list. It’s a fantastic bang for the buck and flawlessly rated across the board. We highly recommend it!

Users Say: “I bought these because I needed something that would work well and sound good especially for running. These game well rated and I like what I see. I like the little carrying case and built in charger. It comes in handy on the road! The earbuds fit securely and snugly, thanks to the over-the-ear hook and changeable earpads. Sound is solid. Decent bass for a little device. My husband said he could hear me clearly when using the mic during a phone call. The button controls work, just take a little getting used to. Only wish: Wish there was a little pouch on the charger lid to hold/store the USB cord. Sometimes it’s hard to jam that thing in there with the rest of the stuff. Overall, I have enjoyed these and they are holding up nicely!”

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Details & Tech Specs

  • 8-hour battery life
  • HiFi stereo audio quality
  • Comes with a portable charging case
  • Built-in microphone for phone calls

3. TOZO T6

Next up, the TOZO T6 is one of the highest-rated and customer-reviewed true wireless pair of earbuds under $40. Not to forget, they make exceptional phone calls, as well. If you’re looking for a crisp sound with a slight spike in the bass, these earbuds may be the choice for you. Many people love the clarity and full bass response that doesn’t sacrifice any of the other frequencies. With their 6mm speaker drivers, they easily outperform their price range by a wide margin. Overall, I give them a solid 9.2 out of 10 for sound quality. These earbuds are incredibly comfortable. They fit relatively securely in your ears without movement or pain. I give them a solid 9.2 out of 10 for comfort.

Designed with sturdy plastic, the TOZO T6 has a pretty good build quality with nothing much to complain about. One of its primary strengths is its fantastic water-proof capabilities. With its IPX8 rating, you’re able to bring the earbuds one meter deep in water for 30 minutes. Obviously, sweating won’t become an issue, either. I give it a 9.3 out of 10 for the build. Of the many ear tips coming with the purchase, depending on the ones you choose determines how great it passively isolates outside noise. After you find the right fit for maximum comfort and isolation, you’ll be pretty satisfied. I give it a 7.7 out of 10 for its noise isolation capabilities. Like most earbuds on this list, these don’t provide active noise cancelling.

These earbuds give you a 6-hour battery life whereas the case adds an additional 24 hours. With its advanced 5.0 Bluetooth technology, they provide a reliable and secure connection. In comparison to other true wireless earbuds under $40, the TOZO T6 provides amazingly clear phone call quality. They are a fantastic bang for the buck and we highly recommend it. Be sure to check out the reviews below!

Users Say: “I picked Tozo T6 Earbuds because of charging in the case, they came in white, and they were affordable for me. I had a hard time with the instructions, so I looked at the questions about the product and found knowledgeable answers given by owners of Tozo T6. Several people gave the instructions on the usage and that’s what I needed.
I love the quality sound and ease of using them.”

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Tech Specs & Details

  • Advanced Bluetooth 5.0 for a secure connection
  • High-level IPX8 waterproof capabilities
  • Battery life: 6 hours (wireless charging case adds 24 hours of battery life)
  • 6mm speaker drivers

4. TRANYA B530

Last but not least, the TRANYA B530 is an outstanding pair of true wireless earbuds for making clear phone calls. Running below $40, they’re very affordable. But don’t let the low price fool you, they are absolutely fantastic for the price. With its Qualcomm chip supported by aptx, these earbuds outperform their price with their sound quality. All the frequencies are well balanced and clean. They produce a tad extra bass without sacrificing the other frequencies. Although the sound quality of these earbuds dramatically outperforms their price, they still get a solid 8.6 of 10 compared to the more expensive brands on this list.

Coming with three sized ear tips, you’re able to pick the most comfortable solution for your ears. These earbuds are extremely comfortable and fit securely, as well. I give it a solid 9.8 for comfort. Another thing these earbuds outperform their price in is build quality. The soft rubber material on both the case and earbuds are great. Both earbuds feel sturdy and able to last a long time. However, the build quality of the charging case is not top-notch. compared to the more expensive earbuds on this list, I still give it a solid 8.5 out of 10 for the build. You will still be very satisfied. You will also enjoy its IPX5 water-resistant capabilities, as well.

These earbuds do not provide active noise cancelling. However, they do provide pretty good passive noise isolation. Once put on, it reduces outside noise passively by 15-20dB. I give it a solid 7.5 out of 10. You will also like their great battery life of 10 hours. It’s charging case adds an additional 7 recharges giving a total of 80 hours. With the purchase, you get a charging case, USB cord, and 3 different sized ear tip pairs. They have a built-in microphone for phone calls. However, the phone call quality is not as good as the others on this list. Overall, the TRANYA B530 is a superb bang for the buck pair of true wireless earbuds for making phone calls under $40.

Users Say: “I’m very pleased whit this earbuds!!!! I bought a older model last year for my son and he absolutely love it they lasted through all he is a bit active so I was worried they would not last . This is the new model and it’s for me they are so CONFORTABLE that was a always one of my concerns but by far this TRANYA B530 are amazing the quality of sound it’s great the design as well and more then all my ears are NOT sore after using them for a long period of time and also the battery life is great I WILL HONESTLY RECOMMEND THIS EARBUDS GREAT QUALITY!!!! No need for me to get the Apple one.”

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Tech Specs & Details

  • cVc 8.0 noise cancellation on the microphone during phone calls
  • Mono/Stereo Mode
  • 10-hour battery life (Added 70 hours with case)
  • IPX5 water-resistant capabilities
  • Reduces outside noise passively by 15-20dB
  • Comes with small, medium, and large ear tips

Quick Recap

Here Are The Best Cheap True Wireless Earbuds Under $40

  • TRANYA Rimor
  • TOZO T6
  • TRANYA B530

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