6 Best Cordless Bug Zapper

Cordless bug zappers are incredibly beneficial since you can take them anywhere. Most people use them for camping, hikes, or relaxing in their backyard. They generally have a built-in rechargeable battery in which you can recharge with a USB cord. However, some of them give you the option of AA batteries. After extensive research and reviews, we formulated a list of the 6 highest-rated cordless bug zappers!

In Short, Here Are The Best Wireless Bug Zappers That Are Entirely Battery-Powered

  • Sahara Sailor
  • Albrillo
  • BroElec
  • ZinonMax

1. Sahara Sailor

First up, the Sahara Sailor is a reliable bug zapper with high reviews amongst users. Like many on this list, it’s also a lantern. However, this one offers three modes of brightness. You’ll also enjoy the long battery life. Coming with the purchase, you get peace of mind with a 1-year warranty. The UV cover for bug protection has a 360-degree radius. Another positive characteristic worth noting is its quiet noise operation.

Users Say: “So far I really like this light. The different modes and features are great and the light is much brighter than I’d expect for the size. It’s pretty easy to just recharge with a USB instead of using batteries. I haven’t been able to test out the UV function for bugs yet but I’m looking forward to it while camping in a tent this coming weekend.”


Here is yet another portable lantern bug zapper with impressive IP66 waterproof construction. For the inexpensive price, the RUNACC is a fantastic choice for camping. Another handy feature is the SOS emergence warning light. Even though we hope to never need to use it, it’s nice knowing that you have the option.

Users Say: “I bought this bug zapper for camping to avoid mosquitoes. It worked well and surprisingly I found the device lamp is really useful inside the tent. This device is not only a bug zapper but also a tent lighting for my camping. This device is waterproof and doesn’t need to worry about outdoor activities.”

3. Albrillo

Barely below $20, the Albrillo is a budget-friendly cordless bug zapper. With an IP67 waterproof build, it offers immense protection from the rain. This 4-in-1 bug zapper is also a lantern light, SOS light in case of emergency, and a standard flashlight. It’s also noise-free for a calm environment!

Users Say: “Lights work great have used them on the beach and on the patio. One bug zapper stays on the other not so much. They are waterproof and lightweight… handles are split so you can even hang them if needed.”


Next up, the OCOOKO is a dependable IPX5 waterproof bug zapper. It’s a 3-in-1 providing a flashlight, lantern, and bug zapper. Coming with a 2,200mAh lithium-ion battery, it’s rechargeable via USB cable. However, you can also use 3 AA batteries if you prefer. This lantern possesses a 365-400nm UV wavelength which provides decent protection from bugs in a 16 x 16 space.

Users Say: “We took upon ourselves to redo our outdoor area. Gazebo-check, outdoor furniture-check, and now bug killer- check….bug killer that works. We don’t have an outdoor outlet so this is perfect. I was surprised how small it was but surprisingly it does work. Left it out for about 4 hours and it still had battery left.”

5. BroElec

Not only is the BroElec extremely famous, but it also has an integrated 2200mAh rechargeable battery for wireless capabilities. You can use for either indoors or outdoors. In terms of its actual bug-killing abilities, it’s pretty decent at killing mosquitos but most people have better luck with moths for some reason. It’s not the best but not bad either. One thing’s for sure, it’s amazing for the low price. One of its noteworthy characteristics is that it’s EPA registered. This essentially means it’s safe to use.

Users Say: “We have been camping a lot this summer with friends. This bug zapper/camping lamp has been amazing. I really like that it is USB charged and we don’t have to deal with batteries or dangling power cords. It has a little hook for hanging from the top of your tent. There are two buttons: one is for the bug zapper and the other is an adjustable light that has three settings. We own larger bug zappers and I was concerned this one would make the same buzzing sound, but thankfully it doesn’t. We have been camping with friends with children that aren’t as used to seeing and being around so many bugs. When they get upset or worried about seeing a spider, mosquito, bee, etc. we get out our handy bug zapper/lantern and tell them it will keep them safe. It has helped to get the children asleep on several occasions.”

6. ZinonMax

Coming in either orange or green, the ZinonMax is a portable bug zapper with enhanced IP67 waterproof capabilities. It too is a 3-in-1 unit offering a camping lantern, flashlight, and bug zapper. With a 16-hour extended battery life, you shouldn’t have any issues during a full day of camping. The primary downside with it is the zapper is a bit weaker than the others on the list. But keep in mind, most wireless bug zappers don’t possess the power of a corded bug zapper anyway.

Users Say: “This little zapper arrived quickly and very well packaged. I wasn’t sure how this little zapper would work, but we charged it up and placed it in my Horse Barn. (24×36). This morning it was nearly full of mosquitoes. This is very easy to use and clean as well. We will order more now that we know they work like a charm. I love the fact that they are not solar, or electric and no batteries. We just plug in the USB port plug and charge.”

Quick Recap

Here Are The Highest-Rated Cordless Bug Zappers For The Money

  • Sahara Sailor
  • Albrillo
  • BroElec
  • ZinonMax
How much is a bug zapper?

While the price of bug zappers varies, most fall between $17-$65 with a rough median in the $30s.

Can a bug zapper hang from a ceiling or wall?

If a bug zapper has an attached hanger, you’re able to hang it. Keep in mind, most bug zappers have an incorporated hanger. Some even have an attached chain used for hanging. 

How much do bug zappers weigh?

With a few exceptions, most bug zappers weigh in the ballpark between 0.6-4.9 pounds. 

What’s the most effective way to use a bug zapper?

The most effective way to get rid of bugs with a bug zapper is to keep it on at all times. 


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