6 Best Dual-Fuel Generators Under $800

What is the best dual-fuel portable generator below $800? If you’ve ever wondered if a portable generator can either take gasoline or propane, well, there is such a thing. They are called dual-fuel portable generators and are relatively popular on the market. They can run on either gasoline or propane, which certainly may come in handy.

There are numerous reasons why people either want or need a portable generator. Just about any tailgater, camper, or person with an RV either want a generator or already has one. But for obvious reasons, everyone wants their generator to produce high Wattage while remaining on the more affordable and reliable side. Before the creation of portable generators, people thought owning one would be incredibly inconvenient. Luckily, owning a portable generator in today’s day in age is relatively convenient, portable, and affordable.

Not only are they used for fun, but they come in serious handy in case of an emergency. Knowing that my family will have a working refrigerator and other power sources in a severe storm certainly gave me peace of mind. Without further ado, based on experience, reviews, research, and comparisons; we gathered a list of the 6 best dual-fuel generators under $800.

In Short, Here Are The 6 Best Dual-Fuel Portable Generators Under $800

  • All Power America APGG10000GL
  • Pulsar PG5250B
  • Champion 3800-Watt
  • WEN DF475T
  • DuroMax XP4400EH
  • Sportsman GEN4000DF

1. All Power America APGG10000GL (10,000-8,000 Watts)

The All Power America APGG10000GL is a fantastic portable generator That produces more than enough power for off-grid living. It provides a staggering 10,000 Watt peak and 8,000 Rated-Watts. The generator runs an impressive 11 hours straight on a half load. For convenient travel, it has wheels and two foldable handles. The gas tank can hold 8 gallons of gas, enabling much more extended usage. On the front, you will find a 120v twist-lock outlet, a 12V DC, four AC Duplex 120V outlets, and a 120/240V twist-lock outlet.

The All Power America APGG10000GL has an effortless to use and reliable electric push start. It also has a manual recoil as well. With a self-noise of 76 decibels, it’s not too loud of a unit. However, some of the other inverter generators on this list are a bit quieter. The greatest strength of this unit is clearly the wattage. Of every single portable generator below $800, the All Power America 10000 produces the highest Watts by far. We highly recommend it.

Warning! Not able to be shipped to California.

Tech Specs & Details

  • Watts: 10,000
  • Wheels and handlebars
  • 11 hour run-time on a half load
  • EPA certified
  • Gas Capacity: 8 gallons
  • Electric push start
  • Recoil
  • Maintenance-free battery
  • 420cc OHV air-cooled engine
  • Self-noise: 76 dB

2. Pulsar PG5250B (5250-4250 Watts)

Next up, the Pulsar PG5250B is a fantastic dual-fuel portable generator. It can either be fueled by gasoline or propane. For the affordable price, this unit is extremely powerful. It produces 5,250 peak Watts and 4,250 rated Watts. With a full tank of 4 gallons, the PG5250B gives you 12 hours of run time on a 50% load. Coming with the purchase is a propane hose that inevitably comes in handy. 

Pulsar offers a 1-year limited warranty with the purchase of this generator. With a pull-up handlebar and wheels, it’s straightforward and convenient for travel. Another great attribute is its reliable 212cc OHV Engine and the robust powder-coated steel frame to protect it. On the front panel, you will find a 120/240V twist-lock receptacle, 30 amp RV receptacle, and two 120v outlets. Overall, the Pulsar PG5250B is a popular and highly-reviewed portable dual-fuel generator for a good reason. 

Details & Tech Specs

  • Dual-fuel
  • Accepts gasoline or propane
  • Peak Watts: 5250
  • Rated Watts: 4250
  • Fuel capacity: 4 gallons
  • Run time: 12 hours on a 50% load
  • Comes with propane hose
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty
  • 212cc OHV Engine
  • 30 Amp RV Receptacle
  • 120/240V Twist-Lock Receptacle

3. Champion 3800-Watt (4750-3800 Watts)

The Champion 3800-Watt is one of the most popular and highly-rated portable generators on the market. Currently running below $600, it is an incredible bang for the buck. This unit produces an immense amount of Watts for the competitive price. The starting surge peaks at 4750-Watts and the running Watts is at 3800. Keep in mind that this generator just had a massive price cut from $699 to $569. We are currently unsure whether the discount is permanent or temporary.

This dual-fuel generator can either take gasoline or propane. On a full tank of gas, it gives you a run time of 9 hours. With a 20 lbs propane take, it gives you 10.5 hours of run time. A very beneficial factor with this generator is its engine. The 224cc Champion engine is incredibly reliable and robust. It quickly cranks up with the effortless touch start. Very confident in this generator, Champion offers a 3-year limited warranty. They also provide free tech support in the instance you ever need it.

Details & Tech Specs

  • Starting Watts: 4750
  • Running Watts: 3800
  • Duel Fuel: Takes either gasoline or propane
  • Run-time on a full tank of gas: 9 hours
  • Run-time on 20 lb propane tank: 10.5 hours
  • 224cc Champion engine 
  • Touch start
  • 3 year limited warranty
  • Free lifetime technical support.

4. WEN DF475T (4750-3800 Watts)

Here is yet another great portable dual-fueled generator. The WEN DF475T is certainly a solid choice for many great reasons. For one, it produces immense power with 4750 starting Watts and 3800 rated-Watts. It has an effortless electric start that easily revs up the engine. Coming with the purchase, you receive a wheel and handle kit, one bottle of oil, and a 47-inch LPG connection hose. WEN also offers a 2-year warranty on this generator. 

The WEN DF475T has a fuel capacity of 4 gallons. On a full tank, you get 11 hours of run time on 50% load. On the front, you will find a 20V/240V NEMA 30A twist lock, a 12V DC cigarette-lighter-style plug, and two 120V GFCI outlets. Overall, the WEN DF475T is a fantastic dual-fuel portable generator. It has a robust engine; it’s very durable, produces high Watts, and easily portable with the wheels and handlebar. We highly recommend it. 

Tech Specs & Details

  • Surge Watts: 4750
  • Rated-Watts: 3800
  • Dual-fuel
  • Electric start
  • Fuel capacity: 4 gallons
  • Run time: 11 hours on 50% load
  • CARB Compliant
  • 12V DC cigarette-lighter-style plug
  • 20V/240V NEMA 30A twist lock
  • Two 120V GFCI outlets
  • Coming with the purchase: Wheel and handle kit, Bottle of oil, and 47-inch LPG connection hose

5. DuroMax XP4400EH (4400-3500 Watts)

Next up, the DuroMax XP4400EH is a reliable portable hybrid generator running below $600. With a surge of 4400-Watts and 3500-Rated Watts, this unit is undeniably powerful for the price. This is yet another dual-fuel unit able to take either gasoline or propane. It has an incredibly powerful and reliable 7 HP engine. One of the great benefits it has to offer is the ability to produce maximum power simultaneously per outlet. If you’re using both the 120V and the 240V at the same time, you receive full power from each one.

Considering it’s both EPA and CARB compliant, the unit can be shipped to any state. Another thing we love about the DuroMax XP4400EH is its robust build. With all-metal construction, the unit is built like a tank and able to handle vigorous conditions. On the panel, you will find a 30-amp RV plug and two 120V outlets. Keep in mind that this generator produces higher Wattage by roughly 200-Watts with gasoline. On propane, the peak Watts are approximately 4,180, and the rated-Watts are at 3,325.

The DuroMax XP4400EH has a fuel capacity of 3.96 gallons. On a fuel tank, you receive 11.5 hours of run time at a 50% load. It’s a very heavy generator at 127 pounds. Luckily, the wheels and foldable handles make it easy to travel. Overall, the DuroMax XP4400EH is a fantastic portable generator below $600. It’s very powerful, durable, and has a tough engine. We highly recommend it.

Tech Specs & Details

  • 3500-Rated Watts
  • 4400-Starting Watts
  • Duel-Fuel
  • Hybrid
  • 7 HP engine
  • EPA Compliant
  • CARB Compliant
  • All-metal build
  • MX2 Technology: enables every outlet to operate at full power simultaneously
  • Run-time: 11.5 hours on 50% load
  • Fuel capacity: 3.96 gallons
  • Weight: 127 pounds

6. Sportsman GEN4000DF (4000-3500 Watts)

Lastly, the Sportsman GEN4000DF is yet another highly reviewed dual-fueled portable generator. Producing a 4000-Watt surge and a 3500 running Watts, it’s very powerful for the competitive price. This unit weighs approximately 90 pounds. Unfortunately, it does not have any wheels. It holds 3.6 gallons of fuel and provides 10 hours of run time on a 50% load. On the front, you will find a 120V RV outlet, four 120V outlets, and a 12V DC outlet. It also comes with a 5-foot regulator hose kit. Overall, the Sportsman GEN4000DF is a fantastic portable generator that accepts both gasoline and propane.

Details & Tech Specs

  • Starting Watts: 4000
  • Running Watts: 3500
  • Weight: 90 pounds
  • 1-Year limited warranty
  • Fuel capacity: 3.6 gallons
  • 10-hours of run time on a 50% load
  • Recoil start
  • 212cc OHV Engine
  • EPA approved
  • 120V RV outlet
  • Four 120V outlets
  • 12V DC outlet
  • Regulator hose kit (5-foot)

Quick Recap

Here Are The 6 Best Dual-Fuel Generators Under $800

  • All Power America APGG10000GL
  • Pulsar PG5250B
  • Champion 3800-Watt
  • WEN DF475T
  • DuroMax XP4400EH
  • Sportsman GEN4000DF
What’s a portable generator?

A generator is a machine that turns mechanical energy into electricity. It’s used to power electronics portably. 

What’s a portable inverter generator?

An inverter generator is more energy-efficient and quieter than a standard generator. This is because the engine throttles in accordance with how much energy is needed rather than full-throttle consistently. 

How much does a portable generator cost?

While most generators hover between $450-$1400, you can find some generators as low as $100 and as high as $5000. 

How much does a generator weigh?

With a few exceptions, most generators weigh anywhere between 21-235 pounds. Keep in mind, the heavier generators usually have built-in wheels for easier mobility. 

How much does an inverter generator weigh?

Most inverter generators weigh anywhere between 21-115 pounds. 

When do generators come in handy?

Generators come in handy anytime you need portable electric power such as camping trips, tailgating, off-grid living, RV trips, etc. They’re also essential if your home loses electricity. 


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