9 Best Bookshelf Speakers With A Remote Control

While the name can be a bit confusing, bookshelf speakers are used for many other applications than a bookshelf. Better yet, a remote control dramatically enhances the practicality and ease of use. 

Bookshelf speakers are best known for producing a vast soundstage in a compact design. They can be used for providing TV audio, computer speakers, or standard music speakers throughout your home.

For whichever reason you’re in the market for bookshelf speakers with an included remote control, you’ve come to the right place. We formulated a list of the 9 best and highest-rated options. Regardless of your precise budget, style preference, or technical aspects you require, at least of these below will suit your needs. 

In Short, Here Are The Highest-Rated Bookshelf Speakers With A Remote Control

  • Edifier R1700BT
  • i-box
  • HeroFiber
  • Edifier S360DB
  • KEiiD
  • Rockville HD5
  • Edifier S350DB
  • Vanatoo Transparent
  • Swans Speakers – M200MKII

1. Edifier R1700BT

First up, the Edifier R1700BT is an exceptional pair of bookshelf speakers that also comes with an essential remote control. Out of every pair on this list, these provide the very best bang for the buck. In addition to near-perfect reviews amongst users, there are a plethora of reasons why these speakers dramatically outperform the price range.

They offer vast power at 132 watts, provide Bluetooth wireless capabilities, have a wooden closure, deliver rich sound for the low cost, and produce a wide audio spectrum with a 60Hz to 20kHz frequency response.  Coming with the purchase, you get peace of mind with a 2-year warranty. 

Users Say: “AWESOME! I bought these to replace a receiver and speakers. I am totally blown away at the quality of the sound, workmanship, and low price. These are true studio-quality speakers at a bargain price They have Bluetooth connectivity for the ultimate convenience for connecting to Napster, Spotify, etc. They even include a nice little remote. Won’t peel the paint off the walls, but a very decent output and absolute clarity (I believe that they boast a digital anti-distortion feature to ensure hi-fi output at high levels). Totally recommend these.”

Tech Specs & Details

  • 132 Watts
  • Wooden Enclosure
  • 2-Year Warranty
  • Frequency Response: 60Hz to 20kHz
  • Comes with a Remote Control
  • 2 Auxiliary Inputs
  • Weight: 14.5 pounds
  • RMS Wattage: 66
  • Bluetooth Connectivity (Wireless)

2. i-box

Even though the i-box isn’t necessarily the highest-rated on this list, we still believe it was worth an honorable mention. This pair of unique bookshelf speakers come with a handy remote control, provide passive speakers, and have 4-inch incorporated drivers.

While the remote control adds a large degree of convenience, the primary downside with these speakers is the audio fidelity isn’t up to par with its price range. We especially don’t recommend it to audiophiles. 

Users Say: “The i-box provides fantastic sound quality. The well-balanced sound you would expect from these speakers for an affordable price. It also has an AUX input, allowing you to connect your iPhone, iPad, or any other device to play its audio. The remote can be placed closer to you. Even if the speakers are some distance away, you can still start, stop, and adjust them conveniently. Highly recommend.”

Tech Specs & Details

  • Impedance: 6 Ohm
  • 4-Inch Drivers
  • Removable Magnetic Cover
  • Passive Speakers
  • Comes with a Remote Control
  • 60 Watts
  • 1-Inch Wooden Cabinet
  • Weight: 11.7 pounds

3. HeroFiber

Amazingly, the HeroFiber had a hefty price cut of 12 % off the original amount. Although we’re unsure if this discount is permanent or temporary, we believe it’s, either way, an incredible bang for the buck. 

This pair of bookshelf speakers come with both a remote control and a full stereo system. A beneficial attribute you might appreciate is it has Am/Fm radio. You’ll also fully approve of the Hi-Fi audio fidelity. 

A few other notable features worth mentioning is its integrated CD player, compatibility with a Sony system, wireless Bluetooth connectivity, and auxiliary cable. Of every choice on this list, it’s one of the top three highest-marked among customers. We fully endorse! 

Users Say: “Great slim stereo system. Unfortunately, many companies are no longer selling these systems anymore, but this one is pretty good. We have several Panasonic ones that are all very nice, and this one Sony. I like all of them, but I think the sound from the Sony is better — it’s richer, with more bass, but not so deep it sounds muffled in any way. Keep in mind, you’ll never get sound quality out of this like you would from a full-on system like a Denon, but for having in the garage or kitchen to listen to a CD or the radio, it’s great. It was a better price new than the refurbished Panasonic’s, too!”

Tech Specs & Details

  • Bluetooth 
  • Comes with a Remote Control
  • AM/FM Radio
  • 50 Watt
  • Weight: 17.7 pounds

 4. Edifier S360DB

Once again, Edifier hit a home run on this pair of bookshelf speakers. The Edifier S360DB is a step up from the previous Edifier S350DB. With an 8-inch subwoofer, it provides a stunning bass response that’s both deep and punchy. It gives Bluetooth V4.1 for a quick and secure connection.
With APTX decoding, it offers superior wireless playback without noticeable loss in audio quality. A unique and beneficial trait it provides is the wooden MDF enclosure. Essentially, it helps keep the sound clarity top-notch by eliminating resonance from the cabinet.

Not only is the bass and mods fantastic, but it also offers top-of-the-line treble. It provides excellent treble due to its fully planar diaphragm tweeters. Coming with the purchase is a wireless remote control. The speakers have a variety of inputs, such as an RCA, coaxial, AUX, and optical.

The only downside I noticed was the wireless remote control. It’s not up to par in terms of quality with the speakers. Overall, the Edifier S360DB is another remarkable pair of bookshelf speakers with a subwoofer. We recommend them for anyone looking for the cleanest sound audio below $500

Users Say: “This was an outstanding purchase and one that I am so glad that I made. The Edifier speakers have exceeded my expectations.”

Tech Specs & Details

  • 8-inch subwoofer
  • Wireless remote
  • Wooden MDF for reduced acoustic resonance
  • Inputs: RCA, coaxial, AUX, and optical
  • Fully planar diaphragm tweeters
  • Bluetooth V4.1
  • Weight: 49.6 pounds

5. KEiiD

Running below $150, the KEiiD is an affordable set of bookshelf speakers with an included remote control. However, the remote doesn’t possess the best quality of construction. 

For the price, you’ll be satisfied with the tough build quality made with aluminum housing. Additionally, it offers secure 5.0 Bluetooth and 40 WAtts RMS. Another useful trait is its integrated auxiliary input. One of its most prominent features is the three customized EQ settings for either movies, games, or music.  

Users Say: “Bought this for my wife to replace a broken Klipsch Promedia 2.1 system for her PC so you know it has big shoes to fill and she was not disappointed. I am thinking of buying one for myself now. That’s how good it is. Can’t believe the amount of bass coming out of 3in drivers. The sound is clean and crisp. So far we’ve tried it only with music but I don’t doubt it will sound good with movies and gaming. We are connecting to it via Bluetooth.”

Tech Specs & Details

  • 40 Watts RMS
  • Weight: 7.7 pounds
  • Aluminum Housing
  • 3 Options for EQ
  • Comes with a Remote Control
  • Optical AUX Input

6. Rockville HD5

The Rockville HD5 is a decent set of bookshelf speakers. Included with the purchase, you get a practical remote that provides EQ settings for the treble and bass.

What makes this pair stand out above the crowd are their surprisingly high 600 peak wattage and 15 Watt RMS. You’ll also approve of its vast 50Hz-20KHz frequency response. Each woofer is quite spacious at 5 inches, as well.

Users Say: “I just love these speakers! I am amazed at all the sounds that they produce. Excellent high frequency and plenty of bass. Very easy to connect to your Bluetooth device also. The remote is handy to adjust the system to your needs. I highly recommend these speakers to anybody that wants excellent sound at a reasonable price.”

Tech Specs & Details

  • Comes with a Remote Control
  • 4 EQ Presets
  • 150 Watt RMS
  • 600 Watt Peak
  • 5-Inch Woofer
  • Weight: 13.9 pounds
  • Frequency Response: 50Hz-20KHz

 7. Edifier S350DB

The Edifier S350DB is one of the top-tier bookshelf speakers with a subwoofer. Not to forget, it’s also one of the highest-rated units on the market. There are so many reasons why we love this system. For one, the sound quality is absolutely fantastic. The right speaker has three physical knobs that control the volume, treble, and bass. The option to adjust the highs and the bass pleases bass lovers or those who prefer a more balanced sound. It produces phenomenal sound quality that’s crystal clear, rich, and well separated. These are some of the overall best-sounding bookshelf speakers we’ve ever tested. 

Another thing you will highly appreciate is its design and build quality. It has a retro-modern design with a black front and wooden cherry red on the sides. Weighing 5.7 pounds each, speakers are built like a tank and easily able to last. The subwoofer itself is pretty big, weighing about 24 pounds.

The only downside you may encounter with these units is the subwoofer size. You may have difficulty finding room to fit it. Overall, the Edifier S350DB is one of the best-sounding bookshelf speakers with a subwoofer at its price range. Coming with the purchase, you also get a wireless remote. Lastly, both the U.S and Canada offer a 2-year warranty. We highly recommend it! 

Users Say: “This is the best 2.1 I have ever owned. I have it set up as a PC speaker system with a TV wall mounted above my setup. It blows my 400 dollar soundbar out of the water. And the sound is clear and crisp at any level. The sub is tight and punchy and works well with speakers. Has every connection possible so you have many options to connect it to your source.”

Tech Specs & Details

  • Bluetooth V4.1
  • Can be used for PC
  • Weight: 19.84 pounds
  • Pure Mids
  • Ability to get extremely loud without distortion
  • 2-Year Warranty
  • Inputs- AUX, RCA, coaxial, and optical
  • 8-inch subwoofer
  • Titanium dome tweeters for crystal clear highs

    8. Vanatoo Transparent

    Coming in just below $600, the Vanatoo Transparent is a dependable choice. This pair of bookshelf speakers have an included remote control. You’ll also appreciate the five usable inputs like analog, coax, Bluetooth, USB, and optical. 

    Along with its 1-inch aluminum dome tweeter, the aluminum woofer and passive radiant at 5.25 inches contribute to its impressive audio fidelity. You’ll also live that it has a 4-channel bi-amped class D amp.

    While the previous sentence might have been a bit too technical, put plainly, these speakers sound phenomenal due to their construction quality. A few other notable traits worth mentioning are its included grills, EQ controls, 48K at 24 but resolution, and sub output with the auto-sense feature.

    Users Say:Reddit was right. These speakers sound great! As Z Reviews said on YT, you need to follow the manual to switch from shelved DSP to flat DSP, and switch from compressors enabled to compressors disabled. The “Flat DSP” and “Compressors disabled” sound great!”

    Tech Specs & Details

    • 5.25-Inch Woofer
    • 100Watt
    • 48K / 24 Bits Resolution
    • 120 Volts
    • Weight: 27.8 pounds

    9. Swans Speakers – M200MKII

    Last but not least, the Swans Speakers – M200MKII is another set of bookshelf speakers with a remote. Currently, on a sizable 14% pride reduction, you’ll be impressed by their value for the money. The woofer is 5.25 inches and the 28mm Dome Tweeter delivers relatively clear highs.

    You’ll also love the adequate sound stage and frequency separation for enhanced clarity. However, the build quality slightly lacks compared to many in this price range. 

    Users Say:These speakers do sound good. The bass is well-balanced sounding and not overpowering. Playing music from a smartphone is fun with Bluetooth. You will like these self-powered speakers.

    Tech Specs & Details

    • Comes with a Remote Control
    • 28mm Dome Tweeter 
    • 5.25-Inch Woofer
    • 24-Bit
    • Weight: 29.6 pounds

    Our Winner

    Keep in mind that our opinion is not the end all be all. Like mentioned earlier, everyone has different needs, requirements, and budgets for their bookshelf speakers with an included remote control. However, our winner is the Vanatoo Transparent. We believe it’s the very best choice and produces the best quality of construction and sound fidelity. Not only does it have our full endorsement, but it’s also near-flawlessly rated across the board amongst users. However, if you’re looking for the best bang for the buck, Edifier R1700BT is the best option for the money! 

    How much do bookshelf speakers cost? 

    You can get bookshelf speakers anywhere between $30 up to the $1000’s. However, some of the more popular choices hover between the $100-$300 range. 

    How much do bookshelf speakers weigh?

    Altogether, bookshelf speakers can weigh anywhere between 7-50 pounds. Keep in mind, the only set of bookshelf speakers that weigh anywhere close to 50 pounds come with an additional subwoofer. With both speakers combined, most hover around 20 pounds.

    Do bookshelf speakers come with a subwoofer?

    While most bookshelf speakers don’t come with a subwoofer, there are a few that do. For example, the Edifier S350DB is an astounding set of bookshelf speakers that come with an 8-inch subwoofer. 

    Why do people like bookshelf speakers?

    The primary benefit bookshelf speakers offer compared to other speakers is their compact size. Furthermore, the soundstage is quite vast for the petite build. 

    What’s the speaker size of bookshelf speakers?

    While the speaker size of bookshelf speakers varies, most fall between 4 to 8 inches. The entire speaker is generally compact making it suitable to fit on a bookshelf.  

    Quick Recap

    Here Are The Best Bookshelf Speakers With A Remote

    • Edifier R1700BT
    • i-box
    • HeroFiber
    • Edifier S360DB
    • KEiiD
    • Rockville HD5
    • Edifier S350DB
    • Vanatoo Transparent
    • Swans Speakers – M200MKII

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