Line 6 Relay G70 – Full Review

Line 6 Relay G70

Line 6 Relay G70

Not only a pedal wireless guitar system that also has an integrated tuner, but the Line 6 G70 is 5 different pedals in 1. 

  1. Wireless Guitar System
  2. Tuner
  3. ABY Switcher
  4. Direct Box
  5. Gain Pedal

There is no other wireless guitar system on the planet with this combination. To get into tuner mode, you must hold down the stomp button for 2 seconds. By just clicking the stomp button, you change channels. The Line 6 G 70’s transmitter and receiver are made of rugged metal, it is designed for longevity and to withstand the harsh environments of touring. You can switch between multiple transmitters by tapping on the pedal when changing channels as well.  

Of the 16 different channels on this system, you can set up and customize each of them in any way you prefer under the “Add Scene” Tab in settings. You can customize and name each channel in various ways including gain, cable length simulator, or change the LCD brightness/colors for each channel.

In the settings of the receiver, it gives you the option to simulate cable length anywhere from 5-100 feet of length, or you can just turn cable simulation off. The gain setting allows you to increase up to +12dB or decrease to -18dB where you can set the gain to an output of your choice. 

There are two ways to power the receiver, either a USB or a DC 9V that most pedal power supplies have. The receiver has an XLR output and a ground lift on its top head. On the right side of the receiver is an extra aux-in jack that may save you in a bad situation. If the receiver does not sense the transmitter in a bad signal area, it will automatically use the aux-in for the input for all the patches.

The receiver shows the battery playtime left in hours and minutes on its front screen, although using rechargeable batteries, like Tenergy, tend to make the battery reading inaccurate.

The line 6 G70 is a digital wireless system where the transmitter uses a quarter-inch cable, yet the cable that comes with it has a nice cable lock. For minimizing dropouts, the receiver has a built-in quad-antenna array with advanced dual receiver topology for signal reliability and strength. When opening the transmitter by pressing the buttons on the side while pulling it vertically, within it gives you the option to change channels, change batteries, putting the transmitter into sleep mode, or attaching a USB for updates.

Details/Tech specs

Range:200 feet
System:Digital 24-bit/48kHz uncompressed
Transmitter Battery/Life:2 AA – 8 hours
Latency:1.48 (ms)
Dynamic Range:120dB
Gain Settings:-18dB Up To +12dB
Receiver/Transmitter Build:Rugged metal 
Transmitter Type:Body Pack
Receiver Type:Pedal
Frequency Range:2.4 GHz
Frequency Response:10Hz-20kHz


  • 5 in 1 deal wireless guitar system, gain pedal, ABY switch, Tuner, and Direct box.
  • Made of Metal for durability and longevity 
  • Made with Studio quality DAC and ADC converters
  • Abnormally low latency at 1.48 milliseconds
  • Extra aux-in jack
  • Output C (XLR direct in) gives you the ability to send a balanced or full ranged signal with 120dB 
  • Great Tone 
  • 24-bit/48kHz uncompressed digital transmission
  • Built-in quad-antenna array with advanced dual receiver topology for signal reliability and strength
  • Gain setting allows you to increase up to +12dB or decrease to -18dB
  • Ground lift switch attached for DI
  • Receiver shows transmitters battery life
  • Compatible with active pickups


  • The metal clip on the transmitter for attaching to your guitar/bass strap has many complaints. To fix this, get a Neotech wireless pouch.
  • Many reviews claim dropouts occur, although some claim its rare, others claim frequently.
  • Low battery life (8 hours) compared to Shure GLXD 16 (16 hours)
  • 2 AA disposable batteries needed
  • Does not work well with rechargeable batteries
  • Reviews claim tuner doesn’t work well with banjo
  • Some claim the possibility of extra noise

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