Top 19 Tealight Candle Holders

A tealight candle is a very small circular candle with a short height. They’re generally placed in a thin cup. Considering they’re quite affordable and don’t drip, many people find them extraordinarily convenient.   

For whichever reason you’re interested in a tealight candle holder, you’ve come to the right place. We formulated a list of the 19 highest-rated choices amongst users. Regardless of your style preference, required size, or quality you need; you’ll surely find the best option below. 

Without Further Ado, Here Are The Best Candle Holders For Tealights Online


First up, the IYARA CRAFT is an exceptional candle holder set. Each one is handmade and has an enticing design of elephants. You’ll love the decorative base coming with the purchase, as well. 

Users Say:Got this gift for my boyfriend last year over Christmas. It came out really nice better than expected he really loved it. It looks really classy in the home.”

Details & Specs
  • Type of Candle Holder: Tea Light
  • How Many: 3
  • Made of Wood

2. Marbrasse Votive

For good reasons, the Marbrasse Votive is one of the more popular and highest-rated tealight candle holders on the market. It’s essentially a sculpture of a singular candle holder of a bird’s nest and a bird looking into the candlelight. Made of resin, it’s well-built for the price and makes a delightful addition to your bathroom. 

Users Say:Cute, simple, pretty sturdy but sit unevenly. Not a big deal, can’t tell when it’s up on the shelf but the candle doesn’t burn evenly (like I said, not a big deal, tea lights are cheap, but did notice). Makes a cute gift.”

 3. Waltz&F

Here is a tremendous crystal candle holder that we adore. However, the Waltz&F has a very expressive appearance with its multi-color variations.  It’s best placed near a window where the sun hits it making natural prism colors. Better yet, you can also get it in seven different color options.

Users Say: “I am happy with it! Looks very cute on a stack of books or on a coffee table. It is small but cute. The seller listed the dimensions so I don’t understand why people are complaining. Their fault for not reading!”

Details & Specs
  • Type of Candle Holder: Tealight 
  • How Many: 3
  • Made of Glass


Along with the IYARA CRAFT providing an enticing handmade wooden design with alluring detail, it’s also quite affordable. It’s a three-set of different-sized candles coming with a base. Each holder is compatible with tealight candles. Most people use it for their bathrooms on the sink or bath! 

Users Say: “A little expensive for how small the final piece is, but very good quality! Very well made – no loose threads or pieces. The tea candles seem a little cheap, but they are easily replaceable and not a big deal. Overall very satisfied with this as a dining table centerpiece!”

5. Volens

For good reasons, the Volens set of 12 tealight candle holders has near-flawless reviews amongst users. On top of the option to get them in gold, you can even get them in rose gold, as well. 

Each one is very petite at 2″ x 2″. They are considered votive candle holders and entirely compatible with tea light candles. With an antiqued metallic finish, you’ll also approve it their glimmering sparkle.

Users Say:This product was exactly like it said it was going to be. Each votive was packaged securely in the box, individually wrapped in bubble wrap. No damaged or broken votives. They fit the small tea light candles perfectly and I love the way they look on any surface I use them on.”

 6. ChasBete

Next up, the ChasBete is a dual-set of tealight candle holders that make a heart-shape when placed together. Not only are they uplifting, but they’re also constructed of a sturdy real wood, as well. Unfortunately, many users receive this pair with a slight defect making the candles look more like a circle than a heart. 

Users Say:The colors do not match, one is lighter than the other so obviously look weird together. They are thin and shorter than expected but Amazon photography of many pictured items look much bigger than they are. Plus descriptions of items are many times deceiving. This is a Christmas present, not sure if I will return it. My set makes a beautiful heart unlike what many customers experienced.”

7. SUJUN Black Metal

The SUJUN is a heavy-duty candle holder with a modernized vibe. Designed with wrought iron, you’ll be impressed by its robust build. This single set is made for tea light candles!

Users Say:This is a gift item for a family member, I did peek in the box to ensure the item arrived ok and it did. It is nice and solid, very attractive.”

Details & Specs
  • Type of Candle Holder: Tea Light
  • How Many: 1
  • Made of wrought iron

8. AiFanS

Here is yet another splendid crystal candle holder set. With a contemporary crystal design, the AiFanS is a reliable option if you require four holders. Nonetheless, you can also get it in two different styles. Unfortunately, the smallest holder is so petite that it has issues holding some candles. Aside from that, it’s a decent choice for the price due to its heavy quality of construction, clear design, and elegant patterns. 

Users Say: “These tealight candle holders are drop-dead gorgeous! Love the simple design and elegant look to them. Nice and heavy and does not tip over. The quality is excellent! The candle holders come very well packaged in styrofoam and each candle holder comes in its’ own box packaged in foam. Very please with these candle holders and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone. Love them!”

9. Hosley

Running below $15, the Hosley dual set of tea light candle holders is a terrific value for the cost. Each one possesses a simplistic but contemporary design with a square-like outer-frame. You’ll also appreciate each one being handmade.

The larger one is 7.5 inches tall while the smaller one is 5.5 inches. With a metal frame, you’ll be satisfied with the build quality for the low price. We highly recommend it!

Users Say:Great product especially for the price! Have had to do all of the decorating in our home on a very tight budget. I have this sitting in front of the fireplace and it is perfect! My order was sent without the free tea lights, but the company sent them as soon as I let them know.”

Details & Specs
  • Type of Candle Holder: Tealight
  • How Many: 2
  • Made of Meta Frame & Glass Holder

 10. MyGift Buddha Head

If you’re looking for a hybrid between a buddha head sculpture and dual candles, the MyGift Buddha Head is an extraordinary choice for tealights. Coming in at 10.75 x 3.75 x 6, it’s able to nicely fit your sink or bath. Constructed mostly of resin, it has a nice and sturdy build quality, as well. We fully endorse it! 

Users Say:Bought as a gift for my husband and he loves he so much he literally was adding the tea candles while he was holding the gift in his hand and snapping pics of it in every angle. It is smaller than was I thought but it is beautiful.”


If you’re looking for a tri-set of heavy and robustly built tealight candle holders, the OVLUXE is an exceptional option. Each of the three comes in different sizes where the smallest is 3.14 inches, the medium is 4.7 inches, and the largest is 6.3 inches. You’ll also enjoy the alluring design and a nice fit for most bathrooms. 

Users Say:These are nice! Heavy with beautiful etched design on the front. I have them in my bedroom on my nightstand. So calming I always set the timer on my tea lights when I get in the bed. You will not be disappointed. Love these!”

12. VINCIGANT 3-Candle

The VINCIGANT is another singular golden candle holder with three branches. However, this one is made to lie on a table rather than being wall-mounted. It has a gorgeous futuristic style with atop-shelf octagonal K9 crystal beads. We fully endorse it for just about any occasion! 

Users Say:It’s a nice size, actually larger than I thought it would be (which is a good thing). The crystals are nice high-quality ones with lots of sparkles. Looks gorgeous lit up at night with led tea lights.”

13. Elle’s Corner

Next in the lineup, the Elle’s Corner is a modern taper candle holder. Each of the two comes in different heights whereas the larger one is 8.25 inches and the shorter one is 7 inches. However, both are customized to hold average-sized taper candles with a 7/8-inch diameter. 

They have an eye-pleasing geometric square pattern throughout the body to the base. In addition to it being a taper candle holder, it’s compatible with tea light candles, as well!

Users Say:I purchased these candle holders as a gift for a friend. When I opened the box to look at them, I was happy to see that my money was well spent. Beautiful design! Good quality (they are heavy). Looks good with candlesticks or tea lights. My friend loves them!”

Details & Specs
  • Type of Candle Holder: Taper & Tealight
  • How Many: 2
  • Made of Glass

14. Volens

For good reasons, the Volens set of 12 candle holders has near-flawless reviews amongst users. On top of the option to get them in gold, you can even get them in rose gold, as well. 

Each one is very petite at 2″ x 2″. They are considered votive candle holders and entirely compatible with tea light candles. With an antiqued metallic finish, you’ll also approve it their glimmering sparkle.

Users Say:These shiny, speckled little tea candle holders fit in great with my silver, purple, turquoise theme. I’ve burned a couple of candles in them and they’ve upheld their quality every time. 5 stars for this set of 12!”

15. Le Sens Amazing Home

Also designed for tealight candles, the Le Sens Amazing Home is an elegant 3-pack of crystal candle holders. What many people love about them are their clear transparency and patterned design. Each of the three is sized differently where the largest is 7.7 inches tall, the medium is 6.2 inches tall, and the smallest is 4.6 inches in height. With a modernish geometric style and solid build, they’re an excellent choice! 

Users Say:These look much more expensive in person. They are quite heavy so, even if you use real tea lights or candles, there’s no need to worry about them falling over at all. They reflect light from whatever is close by and I’m very happy with this purchase.”


If you’re looking for a geometrically patterned tealight holder, the FASHIONCRAFT 8748-2 is a trustworthy choice. This holder is very compact but also stylish. You can get it as a single, 10-pack, 30-pack, or 40-pack!

Users Say:Love this tea light…goes great with my decor and arrived in perfect shape.”

17. emu blu

Next up, the emu blu is an outstanding four-set of modern tealight candle holders. Made with 100% crystal glass, they have an enticing appearance. Each of the four is sized differently where the smallest is one inch tall and the largest is only two inches tall. Most people believe they look the best lined up in a row.

Users Say:I personally love these. They are perfect for what I am using them for. They are used as accent presentational pieces for my German Shepherds Memorial table. Perfect tiered height. Heavy in weight.”

Details & Specs
  • Type of Candle Holder: Tealight
  • How Many: 4
  • Made of pure crystal glass

 18. Slymeay

These crystal glass lotus leaf candle holders is another alluring but simplistic choice. Each of the Slymeay is very small at only 4.72 x 3.94 x 3.94. Especially if you don’t want your holder to take up too much space, it’s an outstanding option. It’s wildly popular with near-flawless reviews, as well. When you light a candle, you’ll love how the crystals sparkle with the fire reflection. 

Users Say:These are absolutely stunning! I use them with electric rechargeable tea lights. They give off a nice aesthetic where ever you choose to use them, and as far as gifting them- ABSOLUTELY!!”


Last but not least, the VINCIGANT is a glamorous dual-set of candleholders with a vibrant gold finish. They’re entirely handmade and intricately designed. Coming in six different sizes, you’ll surely find the perfect pick! 

Users Say: These candlestick holders are awesome. Sure, they are only plastic, but for the price, I didn`t expect real gold. With the tea lights lit, they give off a magnificent effect in the room. That`s what we wanted. Thanks.”

Quick Recap

Here Are The Highest-Rated Tealight Candle Holders For The Money

  • Marbrasse Votive
  • Waltz&F
  • Volens
  • ChasBete
  • SUJUN Black Metal
  • AiFanS
  • Hosley
  • MyGift Buddha Head
  • VINCIGANT 3-Candle
  • Elle’s Corner
  • Volens
  • Le Sens Amazing Home
  • emu blu
  • Slymeay

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