Top 26 Modern Table Lamps On The Market

A contemporary table lamp in a budget-friendly and quick way to modernize your home. For whichever reason you’re looking for a table lamp, you’ve come to the right place. Everyone has different opinions on style and budgets. Out of the 26 choices below, you’ll certainly find what you’re looking for!

Without Further Ado, Below Are 26 Best Modern Table Lamps For Your Bedroom, Office, Or Livingroom

1. Elegant Designs LT1025-GRY

First up, the Elegant Designs LT1025-GRY is an excellent table lamp with a modernized style. Better yet, it’s currently on a large 48% price deduction. You can get it in a variety of colors, as well!

Users Say: “Looks like a more expensive lamp. Purchased the all-white lamp, but should have chosen a colored one since it is quite large for a bedroom lamp and could have been jazzy in color.”

2. Albrillo Spiral

Coming in two different styles, the Albrillo Spiral is a modern table lamp. It’s very famous with high customer-reviews. You’ll love that it’s dimmable, uniquely spiral-shaped, comes with a 2-year warranty, and sturdy. We highly recommend it!

Users Say: “I LOVE this accent lamp. Love the touch dimmer, the shape, and the look of if. I spent 3 days searching for a unique novelty lamp and kept going back to this one. If you are hesitant, don’t be. This is an accent lamp, not light up your living room. If that is what you are looking for, with a modern twist, this is it. Looks just as nice shut off as it does on.”

3. 360 Lighting Todd

You can get the 360 Lighting Todd in either brushed nickel or bronze. It has a see-through square body which gives it a contemporary design. Another beneficial feature is the built-in USB port!

Users Say: “I love this! I wanted it for my guest room because, not only is it extremely attractive, but it also has a dandy USB port for charging phones and computers. It’s really lovely and I extremely happy with it.”

4. CASILVON Modern

Here is yet another eye-catching table lamp with a modern twist. Running below $300, the CASILVON Modern is very affordable and provides immense value for the price!

Users Say: “I love this lamp! It came in perfect condition and looks amazing in my living room! You would never know I spent so little on it.”

5. Oneach

With near-flawless reviews amongst users, the Oneach is an exceptional choice. This 2-pack of modern lamps has a sleek design, nickel finish, and a USB charger. It also UL listed!

Users Say: “Perfect match to my new bedroom set!!! Love that I didn’t have to worry about an extra outlet or extension cord for electronics. Purchased a lamp for each end table and brings in just enough light for the evening.”

6. Globe Electric 67347

Just recently, the Globe Electric 67347 had a hefty price cut of 30% off the original amount. Although we’re unsure if this discount is permanent or temporary, we believe it’s, either way, a great value for the price. It provides an alluring style for just about any room!

Users Say: “Love this lamp, it’s so unique. Wanted to find something a little different for my son’s room and this was perfect. A little pricey but it looks great.”

7. Aooshine

Not only is the Aooshine an inexpensive table lamp with a modern aura, but it’s wildly popular, as well. It has a nice linen fabric shade with a sturdy base. We believe it’s an excellent bang for the buck!

Users Say: “I think these lamps are very “Zen” and stylish, I like the minimalist look of them. I think 60 watt light bulbs were too bright for me so I put in 40 watts. after a couple of days, 40-watt bulb seems to be too bright for me so I put in 25-watt bulbs and I’m very happy with the light now.”


Whether you get the COTULIN in gold or rose gold, it’s an artistic table lamp with a futuristic style. We highly recommend it!

Users Say: “Purchased this lamp for my office. It’s very pretty and unique. I should have elected the softer light bulb bit otherwise, really nice buy. Also, easy to assemble.”

9. SUNY 7

The SUNY 7 is a circular table lamp with an up-to-date design. It offers 7 colors, 6 lighting effects, a 1-year warranty, and an impressive lifespan of 35000 hours!

Users Say: “Extremely cool, I love it. Bright and colorful and kinetic. I might have to have another one. Funny thing is, like other Chinese products, the instruction booklet is size 3″ x 4″ or so. Is there a shortage of printing presses and paper in China? But can figure it out without the booklet.”


This contemporary table comes as a single or 2-pack. You can also get the ARPENTER as brushed steel or antique brass. With high-ratings across the board, it’s a solid choice!

Users Say: “Very solid-feeling, with a heavy metal base. I love the ease of having a place to plug in my phone. My only issue was that the shade comes in a roll and you have to attach it to the braces. Thankfully it uses Velcro and is not too hard to do. I love the lamp and the modern hotel-like look.”

11. Kakanuo USB

Next up, the Kakanuo USB is a creative table lame with a body sculpted as leaves. It offers dual fast-charging USB ports, an elegant linen fabric shade with a vintage vibe, and a tough metal construction!

Users Say: “Same as expected. Elegant design for my room! It is just what I have wanted to involve something in my room that connects to nature. It also has very useful features like dual USB cable outlets for charging my phone and other devices. Great overall. Fast shipping and arrives earlier than expected.”

12. 360 Lighting Nikola

Although it’s one of the pricier lamps on this list, the 360 Lighting Nikola is an exceptional choice. There are a plethora of reasons why we love it. It has an attractive build quality, a robust metal base, a nice bronze finish, a convenient 2-Amp USB port, 360-degree lighting, and a modern sleek overall design!

Users Say: “Great design with pull chains and two bulbs, USB and plugin on base. Goes well with mid-century modern as well as contemporary furniture.”

13. NUÜR

For those who love the letter C, the NUÜR is the one for you. This table lamp is simply made but uniquely alluring. It’s essentially a large C. You’ll also appreciate its sturdy build quality!

Users Say: “I put the lamp on my entryway table. It gives off a soft light and doesn’t take up a lot of room on my small table. I love the lamp and the fact that you can change the color of the light from bright to a soft glow. Will probably order another lamp for another room.”

14. Signature Design by Ashley

If you’re looking for a 2-pack of high-quality table lamps, the Signature Design by Ashley is a great choice to modernize your home. This lamp has near-perfect user reviews, an enticing geometric body, and its UL listed!

Users Say: “Love lamps. They are modern, tall, and expensive looking. Great for any room. Love 3-way switch cause it gives me the option of lighting.”


Providing 3-way dimming, dual USB ports, and a sleek design, the ZEEFO is another remarkable option. This table lamp offers a convenient 3-prong outlet, as well.

Users Say: “They are very functional, a modern decoration with its lighting modes creates a very pleasant environment for the room.”


The HAITRAL is a simplistic but unique table lamp. It’s relatively inexpensive under $30. However, its overall construction and appearance outperform the meager price!

Users Say: “So amazing! Super cute and puts out decent light. Perfect for an end table or desk lamp! I’m a therapist and use it as an end table lamp in my office.”

17. Franklin Iron Works

We believe the Franklin Iron Works is one of the most visually pleasing modern table lamps on the market. It’s a dependable choice for just about any room in the house!

Users Say: “Stunning piece to go with my mid-century modern furniture!”

18. Stone & Beam

Coming in one of two sizes, you can get the Stone & Beam in either 18 inches tall or 25 inches tall. One of the primary attributes which modernize the lamp is the cut-out geometric holes. Along with that, its elegant ceramic construction is pleasant, as well!

Users Say: “These are really pretty lamps and very good quality for the price. They arrived packaged very carefully with no damage or issues. The lamps are a beautiful soft white with the linen shades a bright white and give a slight contrast which is gorgeous. Really love them and recommend it. Perfect in a mid-century of modern design.”

19. Oneach USB

Also a 2-pack, the Oneach USB is a pair of table lamps with a hint of modernity. It’s both extremely popular and highly-rated.

Users Say: “Loved the USB port and modern base styling. Didn’t particularly like the shades that came with them, but I was able to reuse the shades from the lamps that we replaced and they look great.”

20. Elegant Designs LC2000-GRY-2PK

Running below $60, the Elegant Designs LC2000-GRY-2PK is a 2-pack of inexpensive table lamps. One of the main characteristics which give it a contemporary style is the square bases!

Users Say: “I love how modern and classy these look. The leather look on the base is perfect. One of the shades had a small dent but I just turned it around and now you can’t see it.”

21. SkyeyArc

With an aesthetically pleasing style, the SkyeyArc table lamp is an impeccable choice for your bedroom or office. It’s made of boron, silica gel, and aluminum for a sturdy build!

Users Say: “Beautiful light and really nicely designed. The warm and cold tones are adjustable and the brightness levels are also adjustable. Really adds to the aesthetic of our living room. Thank you for such a thoughtfully designed lamp!”

22. Makion

Next in line, the Makion has a spiral design. It enables 3 light colors, as well.

Users Say: “This lamp is a great touch to a modern/contemporary space. It looks great and has three different settings for brightness. There isn’t any installation; you pull it out of the box and plug it up. I would highly recommend it.”

23. 360 Lighting Connie

For good reasons, the dual 360 Lighting Connie table lamps are top-of-the-line. They have incredible build quality with a robust metal base, a brushed nickel finish, and a gorgeous design. We highly recommend it!

Users Say: “I really like these lamps. They are not cheap looking at all. Really makes my living room makeover look modern and nice.”

24. Aooshine USB

The vastly popular Aooshine USB has astonishing user reviews. It has an elegant design and a convenient USB charging port. You’ll also appreciate the wooden base!

Users Say: “Very quaint lamp, offers adequate bedroom lighting. The shading gives off a nice ambiance. More suited for mid-century decor. Is quite sturdy despite the delicate look. Simple and low-tech setup required. One caveat, Have to set the clicker on and use the chain if you want to use the USB charging port.”

25. Signature Design by Ashley L117964

Not only does the Signature Design by Ashley L117964 have a fashionable style, but you can also get it in two variations. This table lamp is best used for living rooms or bedrooms!

Users Say: “I love this lamp! I ordered two to replace two old brass lamps that I had in our den. They were easy to put together and look fantastic! As a bonus, they arrived four days earlier than Amazon said. I am totally ecstatic about these lamps. Highly recommend them.”

26. 360 Lighting

Last but not least, the 360 Lighting is a pair of remarkable table lamps with a modern vibe. Each lamp provides a USB port and an additional light on the base for enhanced beauty!

Users Say: “Very stylish. They look great. Two lamps and 4 LED bulbs. Brushed silver metal hourglass base with a white drum shade.”

Quick Recap

Here Are The Highest-Rated Modern Table Lamps For The Money

  • Elegant Designs LT1025-GRY
  • Albrillo Spiral
  • 360 Lighting Todd
  • CASILVON Modern
  • Oneach
  • Globe Electric 67347
  • Aooshine
  • SUNY 7
  • Kakanuo USB
  • 360 Lighting Nikola
  • NUÜR
  • Signature Design by Ashley
  • Franklin Iron Works
  • Stone & Beam
  • Oneach USB
  • Elegant Designs LC2000-GRY-2PK
  • SkyeyArc
  • Makion
  • 360 Lighting Connie
  • Aooshine USB
  • Signature Design by Ashley L117964
  • 360 Lighting

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