Top 27 Wall Art Sets For Living Room

Everyone has an entirely different opinion on art. Due to this fact, we picked a massive variety of wall art for every taste. Whether it’s the colors, size, or budget; At least one of the wall art sets below will be perfect for your living room!

Without Further Ado, Below Are The Best Wall Art Sets For Your Living Room On The Market


First up, this 6-piece wall art set of eucalyptus leaves is the highest-rated and customer-reviewed wall art set on the market. To throw in another massive bonus, it’s handcrafted in the USA, as well! We highly recommend the DREAM BIG PRINTABLES wall art set for your living room!

Users Say: “I previously had purchased the green set of kitchen prints, which I loved so much I had to purchase more from this seller! This set is simply lovely, framed, and scattered around my home. Buy these! Buy any set from this seller that you like! This decor will never tire and can tie just about any room together.”


Next up, the MESESE is an excellent 4-piece canvas wall art set that looks fantastic in a living room. Each of the four canvases shows the view of trees from the ground during each season!

Users Say: “They add a great dose of color to my office wall for an affordable price. Don’t have your expectations too high for the price you are paying, but they’re perfect for what I was looking for”


This vibrant 5-piece canvas is the Hindu God Ganesha. It’s no doubt a very eye-catching image for any room. Overall, the DJSYLIFE wall art set is an excellent choice.

Users Say: “This canvas was absolutely exceptional. The colors are so bright and the painting is exactly how it is pictured. I am absolutely in love with it. It does have a very calming, happy, and serene effect. I would definitely recommend buying from this seller.”

4. Cappla Art

With an uplifting aura, the Cappla Art gives off a cozy vibe with the word “Home” written on it. You’ll appreciate its affordable price, as well!

Users Say: “We loved this we have a big wall and it was perfect. It looked Beautiful!!”

5. Juegoal

For many reasons, the Juegoal has near-perfect ratings and reviews among users. It’s basically a painting of large bumblebees on a blue fence near a sunflower. 

Users Say: “These are very well made and just the cutest little bugs ever!! I use the vinyl siding hooks so I could hang them in my garage. They are much heavier than I thought they would be. They are going to last for a very long time. They used a heavy gauge metal to make these. Everyone that has seen them has loved them. So worth the money. I will be ordering from this company again.”

6. sechars

The sechars show the plethora of vibrant colors across the Arizona desert during sunset. It’s highly rated and reviewed amongst users and we highly recommend it! 

Users Say: “I lived in the Tucson area and these remind me so much of that!”


If you love sea creatures, the HUADAOART is an incredible choice. Each of the 4 canvases has a different animal. Between the octopus, seahorse, whale, and turtle; They’re nicely drawn wall art. 

Users Say: “I was pleasantly surprised at how much I liked these prints for my bathroom at the beach. I usually go by reviews and they were right on. The canvas is done nicely on the board. Not too heavy and holds up well on the wall. The color is very vibrant and the four pictures all are uniform in color. I feel like it’s great quality for the money.”


8. Faicai Art

Next in line, the Faicai Art is an eye-catching wall art design. Showing the hand of God with colorful graffiti, it’s a very unique choice. 

Users Say: “Picture is definitely as described. Looks great. Shipping was fast. Price-wise I’m sure you may find cheaper elsewhere but I just jumped on it because of the reviews.”

9. TUMOVO Lion

The TUMOVO Lion is a gorgeous canvas of a lion with atmospheric clouds in the background. Not only is it a beautiful work of art, but it’s also motivational to look at!

Users Say: “Looks really good for the money!”

10. LJZart

Here is yet another global map. However, this one is much more creative and colorful. The LJZart is a large canvas print at 48 inches wide and 36 inches tall!

Users Say: “Love the look of these prints. They are just the right size for my big and blank wall. Colors are just as pictured, and the few gold spots add a bit of bling. Very easy to hang, as they are lightweight, and they came with plastic hooks.”

11. Colorful Fruit

Perfect for the living room or kitchen, the Colorful Fruit is obviously a colorful 5-piece canvas of fruits, sunflowers, wine, and a candle. 

Users Say: “The picture looks great. Hanging the 5 pieces was a little challenging but we did it. (just getting them lined up) a picture pops with deep rich color.”

 12. First Wall Art

Designed for those who want a world map canvas wall art set, the First Wall Art is yet another outstanding choice. It gives off a modernized rustic feel that’s well placed in an office!

Users Say: “Awesome addition to my living room! I love the bronze tone! A little pricey for the canvas quality but looks really nice!! I recommend for anyone that needs something on their wall that fills the space but isn’t too distracting or cluttered looking”

13. Visual Art Decor

Here is yet another unique 5-piece canvas with creative colors. Essentially, the Visual Art Decor a black and white river of mini waterfalls. All of the leaves in the image are red!

Users Say: “Bought a house last week, the day after I received this, perfect timing! Kismit This will be the second thing I hang on the wall, and right out of the unopened box! Can’t wait! Rivers represent peace for me, fall colors are changing.”

14. Sea Wall Art

Next in line, the Sea Wall Art is a magical image of an island surrounded by a vibrant ocean. It’s a phenomenal choice for those who miss the coast!

Users Say: “This was exactly what was needed on my wall. The print is very clear and crisp, which reminds me very much of when I visited that lighthouse. Quality of materials seems to be very good also.”

15. Wieco Art

Each of the four canvas prints shows a different coastal picture of either sand or rocks near a beach. For those who love the beachy vibe, the Wieco Art is an amazing art set!

Users Say: “I wanted some art to go with my stone bathroom. Talk about the right find! I’m very happy with the quality and size of these pieces. They go so perfectly with those rocks which I gathered from the river for my shower. As other reviewers have pointed out, they seem to be well enough made to withstand the humidity. I couldn’t be happier with the outcome.”

16. wall26 – Lion

For those looking for motivation, this is the perfect canvas for your home office. The wall26 – Lion a fearless-looking lion with tinted yellow colors. But to be honest, this canvas can work just about anywhere!

Users Say: “Great art and it’s really as captivating as the pictures. Upon receipt and hanging mine, I smudged the canvas, contacted customer service on a suggested resolution, and they were more than happy to send me a new one. BEWARE: Use gloves when hanging, as to not get oil from hands on the canvas, which will smudge. Best Customer Service!”

17. Tucai Decor

If you want a single panel wall art print with simple but elegant flowers, the Tucai Decor is a fantastic option. It gives off a calm vibe with its subtle light blue vibrancy. It’s an excellent choice! 

Users Say: “Beautiful picture! Glad we bought the 20 × 28! So lightweight to hang … Love it. Relaxing to look at!”

18. Kreative Arts

There’s a certain hour during sunrise and sunset where the world has an alluring golden glow. Photographers and videographers call it the golden hour. The Kreative Arts seem to be a masterful picture at the primetime of golden hour of a country road!

Users Say: “Love the canvas wall art. Beautiful, just as pictured.”

19. Mofutinpo

This 4-piece canvas is visually pleasing in the sense that not many canvas wall art designs are anywhere near its style. Not only is the Mofutinpo a design of birds, but the added creative features are superb to look at. For those who prefer art pieces with a little extra pizazz, this one is an exceptional choice!

Users Say: “Love the vibrancy and detail of the birds! The price only added to how much I am enjoying my wall art!”


Birds, the ocean, and a large moon. For those who love combinations of the three, the AHUAART is a phenomenal choice. I personally believe this 4-piece canvas is one of the most attractive wall art sets on the market!

Users Say: “Very cute and good quality”

 21. Jesus Hands Resurrected

Here is a very uplifting 5-piece canvas of two hands in the air showing a glowing cross. The Jesus Hands Resurrected is truly a very positive art set for any room!

Users Say: “Put this up on my living room wall. It is so beautiful. Exactly what I expected as far as the looks. I forgot that it is on canvas and was expecting something heavier, but nonetheless amazing!”

22. Studio 500

With an artistic vibe, the Studio 500 is an impressive wall art design of a house on a lake with a long boardwalk on the lake. It was also made in the USA!


23. Kreative Arts Blue Tree

For those who have an artsy taste with colors, the Kreative Arts Blue Tree is a fantastic choice. It’s essentially black and white scenery with a tree that has poppy blue leaves!

Users Say: “I’ve had this painting on my wishlist for a while because I thought it’d look good in our new house. There was a lightning deal, so I had to buy it! I ended up buying extra large because I wanted to hang it on a large wall in our living room. It’s beautiful and lights up the room! They provided special hooks and a level which made installing it very easy. I’m very happy with this purchase.”

24. Picture Sensations

This massive 5-piece canvas of the globe has a very simple design. However, in this case, less is more. The Picture Sensations extremely famous and with high marks across the board!


25. Wieco Art Brooklyn Bridge

For good reasons, the Wieco Art Brooklyn Bridge is one of the highest-rated and customer-reviewed 5-piece canvas wall art sets on the market. Basically a black and white photo of the Brooklyn Bridge, it’s a great choice!

Users Say: “A lot of people say it’s small, but it was the perfect size to just go above the TV so it doesn’t look so bare, really brings the living room together as you can see in before and after pictures. All pieces came wrapped and none of them were bent/ripped or anything as well as it has the order in which they should be placed, which is nice. Up close, it’s not the best resolution but from afar you can tell what it is and it’s just what I wanted. It’s really nice the price when compared to others.”

26. Jingtao Art

Providing a plethora of different colors, the Jingtao Art is an exceptional canvas of a sunset over a lake. You can get it in two different sizes!

Users Say: “Just as expected. Wish they made them entire wall-sized.”

27. Canvas_Art_Design Ocean

With a beautiful ocean and sunset, the Canvas_Art_Design Ocean is an amazing choice. We primarily recommend it for those who want to add a tropical vibe to their room!

Users Say: “It was well worth it. Great picture quality and it arrived fast!”

Quick Recap

Here Are The Best Wall Art Sets For Your Living Room

  • Cappla Art
  • Juegoal
  • sechars
  • Faicai Art
  • TUMOVO Lion
  • LJZart
  • Colorful Fruit
  • First Wall Art
  • Visual Art Decor
  • Sea Wall Art
  • Wieco Art
  • wall26 – Lion
  • Tucai Decor
  • Kreative Arts
  • Mofutinpo
  • Jesus Hands Resurrected
  • Studio 500
  • Kreative Arts Blue Tree
  • Picture Sensations
  • Wieco Art Brooklyn Bridge
  • Jingtao Art
  • Canvas_Art_Design Ocean

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