12 Best TV Wall Mounts For 82-Inch TVs

Mounting you’re TV on the wall is extraordinarily convenient. Not only does it declutter your living room without the added TV stand, but it also enhances the home’s overall appearance.

However, are you even able to mount a massive 82-inch TV on the wall? The answer is yes. Better yet, there’s a wide array of TV wall mounts compatible with 82-inch TVs.

After extensive research and reviews, we formulated a list of the 12 best wall mounts to mount your large TV. Each one of these has high marks amongst users and provides exceptional strength!

In Short, Here Are The Best Tv Wall Mounts For Large 82-Inch TVs: LCD, LED, and OLED

  • VideoSecu 24 inch Extension
  • Sanus VLT6-B1
  • Mounting Dream
  • Pipishell
  • ECHOGEAR Full Motion


First up, the PERLESMITH PSXFK1 is an excellent TV wall mount compatible with 82-inch TVs. With a 165 weight capacity, it’s able to hold most, if not all TVs of that size. It also has near-flawless reviews amongst users. This mount has robust build quality, as well. With its 23.6″ extensions, customer service located in the USA, and 60-degree swivel capabilities; It’s a highly recommended choice!  

Users Say: “Very easy to install. Of course, you have to be handy and skillful with tools. There is a trace module provided and it makes it easier. Need to have a stud finder which I ordered the same day I ordered this. It is true to weight capacity. I pulled myself up with it after install and it didn’t fall off. It’s holding my 82″ TV that weighs about 105 lbs.”


Running under $40, the ECHOGEAR is another famous TV wall mount. Compatible with TVs between 40″ – 82″, you’ll be satisfied with its overall value for the dollar. Especially if you’re mounting the TV above the fireplace, you’ll appreciate the 10-degree tilt providing a better viewing experience. Another beneficial factor is its UL-Listed safety certification. You can mount it in a concrete stud, wooden stud, or even a steel stud!

Users Say: “Met my needs to hang a Sony 75″ 100 pounds of 4K for a few weeks awaiting my Samsung 82″ 8K 113 pounds. Handles the weight just fine and aligns with the wall/studs perfectly. The secret to the loose tilt mechanics is in addition to the twist position lock there are two nut and bolt slide pegs per unit. Set your tilt first and secure the angle with the attached orange twist nob. Tighten both slide pegs with hex key and 3/8 box wrench until snug. These nuts are self-locking. Tilt is now set, mount VESA brackets to the TV, and then hang the TV. If you use just the orange twist nob the tilt angle will not hold.”

3. VideoSecu 24 inch Extension

Here is yet another Wildly popular TV mount compatible with 82-inch TVs. There are a plethora of reasons why we love it. For one, the VideoSecu offers an impressive 24-inch extension. Better yet, its full motion articulating swivel allows you to move the TV just about anywhere. This mount is very sturdy and has a 135-pound weight limit!

Users Say: “Perfect for my 82 inch TV. Ease to hang up but I do wish it had more options for where to put the bolts. Based on the studs I had to off-set the mount and slide the TV to center it with the mantle. Love the extension feature and swivel feature though.”

4. Sanus VLT6-B1

Amazingly, the Sanus VLT6-B1 had a hefty price cut of 20% off the original amount. Although we’re unsure if this discount is permanent or temporary, we believe it’s, either way, a great bang for your buck. This mount is compatible with flat-panel TVs between 46-90 inches. It can tilt, extends 5.7 inches, able to slide to each side, and has tremendous build quality. We highly recommend it!

Users Say: “For a 75 or bigger it’s a must. I bought a new 82 Samsung. Being able to pull out the TV from the wall and connect everything keeps your day from being ruined. Being able to level it after hanging saves you from trial and error.”

5. Mounting Dream

Next up, the Mounting Dream is a fantastic TV wall mount, as well. It’s compatible with TVs 42-84 inches. You’ll appreciate its vast weight limit of 132 pounds, as well. Although it’s mounts the TV very close to the wall at only 1.5 inches, it’s still able to tilt the TV by 8 degrees. Overall, it’s a dependable option at a reasonable price!

Users Say: “Mount comes with a multitude of hardware options for ANY TV. It even comes with a level and an HDMI cable. Extremely easy to install. I got the first one for my 82″ QLED and then a second one for an older (and heavier) 55″ 1080p model. The very versatile mounting scheme allows for any stud spacing and you just lift hook and click, you’re done! I don’t write many reviews but this product deserves praise.”


For good reasons, the ECHOGEAR EGLT2 is one of the highest-rated and customer-reviewed TV mounts on the entire market. Along with its 82-inch TV compatibility, but it offers a substantial 125-pound weight capacity, as well. Another essential attribute is its UL certification for peace of mind. This mount also enables a 15-degree tilt and 10-degree swivel. Overall, it’s a very reliable choice for your home!

Users Say: “I had this mounted on our living room wall. The brackets were very easy to put on our 82 inch Samsung when the men come to install the Wall Mount they used a stud finder to put 4 screws into the mount. Hung the TV were in & out in like 30 minutes. If ever I need another TV mount I will use the Echogear Wall Mount for sure. Seems to be very strong & sturdy. Very happy with the end result.”


If you’re looking for a full-motion TV mount compatible with 47-84 inch TVs, the USX MOUNT is a stellar choice. It provides a 45°swivel, +5° to -15° tilt, and a 3° level rotation. You’ll also appreciate its 16.5-inch extension from the wall. Whether you have a wooden or concrete stud, it’s mountable on either. Lastly, it offers an abundant 132 weight limit, as well!

Users Say: “I love the design and sturdiness of this product. The very nice description on the install and the TV back brackets are easily mountable time the actual bracket. It looks strong and I am able to mount my brand new 82” TV on it. It comes with a lifetime warranty which is amazing. Hardware is nicely packed and described with letters and numbers in it.”

8. Pipishell

Whether you have an LCD, LED, or OLED, the Pipishell is an exceptional choice for most TVs between 50-90 inches. One of the attributes that stand out the most is its immense weight capacity of 165 pounds. You’ll also enjoy its mini extension between 2.4 to 5.2 inches. It can be mounted in either brick, concrete, or wooden plank. However, concrete and brick walls require extra anchors.

Users Say: “This tv mount is the bomb! Held our large tv (82 in) and comes out about half a foot if I need to pull the tv out to get behind it. Very sturdy!”


Also compatible with an 82-inch TV, the MOUNTUP is a great pick. It works with flat or curved TVs with a grand 154-pound weight limit. Not only does it provide tilting capabilities, but it’s also fully motional with swivel and articulation. You’ll also love its rock alloy solid steel construction. However, some people believe the mount is a bit too heavy. At times, it might be difficult to adjust the TV.

Users Say: “I got this mount for a 65″ TV and it worked out great. I actually think this mount might be a bit overkill for a 65″ led TV considering led TVs are fairly lite weight nowadays. This TV mount is a beast! I was surprised at how heavy duty it is…in fact the mount itself is very heavy so make sure you are securing it to something nice and solid. The full range of motion is great and it feels sturdy when the mount is extended out far from the wall. Overall it is a nice heavy-duty mount that you can feel good about hanging that expensive TV on. Thanks for taking the time to read my review. I hope it’s helpful to you in making your purchasing decision. Take care and happy shopping.”


Not only is the PERLESMITH a very affordable wall mount for 82-inch TVs, but it’s on a friendly 7% discount, as well. It’s also compatible with flat or curved OLED, LED, and LCD TVs. With a 135-pound weight limit, you’ll be able to mount the majority of 82-inch TVs with ease. It can forward tilt 12-degrees and backward tilt 5-degrees. All in all, it’s a great choice for the money and we highly recommend it!

Users Say: “Used this on a pretty heavy 82” LG television. It worked like a charm.. just get it into the studs or concrete and you will be golden. The only difficulty I had was lifting the television up to the bracket. It eventually worked out.”


The BLUE STONE is one of the most inexpensive wall mounts on the market. But don’t let the low price fool you. With near-perfect user reviews, it’s an exceptional choice. This wall mount can amazingly hold TVs up to 165 pounds. Made of alloy steel, it’s overall construction outperforms the price. This mount is compatible with TCL, Sceptre, LG, Toshiba, Visio, Hisense, Sony, Sharp, Element, Sharp, and Samsung. Another beneficial attribute is its tilting capabilities. Overall, we primarily recommend it for those who don’t want to spend anymore the $20!

Users Say: “I have two other mounts in my home. One does not have the pull cords and it’s a nightmare to set up. The others have are long ribbons and unlike these, they are really hard to hide. This one is as easy as any other to build and plenty sturdy once installed but just goes on so clean. It’s a great deal for the price and WAY cheaper than the one they tried to sell me at Best Buy. Thanks Amazon!”

12. ECHOGEAR Full Motion

Last but not least, the ECHOGEAR is a full-motion mount compatible with TVs up to 86 inches. It has a weight capacity of 125 pounds, as well. Made of alloy steel, you’ll be very satisfied with its durability and longevity. A very positive feature worth mentioning is its compatibility with nearly every VESA pattern. Providing a 22-inch extension, 15-degree downward tilt, and 130-degree swivel; you can happily watch TV from just about anywhere in the room!

Users Say: “I used the bracket to mount the above described 82″ Samsung and it worked like a peach. I am a fan of Echogear mounts. You can tell they put a lot of thought into their products. This is the second TV in my home mounted using Echogear brackets. In this instance, the stud was in a worst-case scenario location for centering the TV between two windows on my wall. The existing stud was dead center of the bracket in the desired location. There was no way to span two studs without having the TV offset about 10 inches, which was unacceptable. So, our compromise was to fasten two 36″ 2×4 studs horizontally across three vertical studs, then mount the bracket to them. This put the mount an additional 1.5″ from the wall, and leaves the exposed studs behind the bracket. However, the TV is so large, it didn’t matter. Everything covered up nicely. It was a far better option than having the TV off-center. This is not an Echogear deficiency, it would have been the same with any other mount I know of. Just bear in mind that this is a solution if you encounter a similar problem.”

Quick Recap

Here Are The Best Tv Wall Mounts For Large 82-Inch TVs

  • VideoSecu 24 inch Extension
  • Sanus VLT6-B1
  • Mounting Dream
  • Pipishell
  • ECHOGEAR Full Motion
How much does a TV wall mount cost?

The price of a TV wall mount drastically varies as you can find one anywhere between $17-$130.

Can TV wall mounts tilt downwards? 

Not all TV mounts have tilting capabilities. However, many wall mounts do provide a downward tilt feature. 

Can a TV wall mount swivel the TV left or right? 

Although most TV wall mounts don’t possess swivel capabilities, many do allow the TV to swivel left or right. 


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