18 Best Door Mats For Trapping Dirt

Along with adding aesthetic value to your home, doormats prevent dirt from spreading throughout your home. However, not all doormats were made equally in that aspect. Some are customized for attraction and offer little to no dirt-tracking or mud-absorbing capabilities.

For whichever reason you’re in the market for door mats for trapping dirt, you’ve come to the right place. We formulated a list of the 18 highest-rated mats for trapping dirt on the market. Regardless of your budget, style preference, or size requirement; you’ll surely find what you’re looking for below!

Without Further Ado, Below Are The Best Dirt Trapping Doormats For Your Homes Entrance: Indoor or Outdoor Mats

1. Refetone

First up, the Refetone does an amazing job at effectively trapping dirt. Along with that, it absorbs mud, as well. However, this mat isn’t water-resistant and not recommended for outdoor use. 

Providing machine washable compatibility, it’s very convenient to clean. You’ll also enjoy its size of 20″x 32″, non-slip feature, and soft material. It’s constructed of 45% microfiber and 55% cotton! 

Users Say: “This matched the colors of our RV and looks so nice. What is useful for an RV or any doorway is that it absorbs the dirt tracked in and we couldn’t even tell it had collected so much dirt until we shook it out after camping. Nice not to worry about cleaning the rug during a camping trip. So glad I purchased it.”

2. DII

Looking for a rubber-only doormat with an enticing appearance? If so, the DII is the one for you. Considering it’s only made of rubber without fabric, this mat is great for trapping larger portions of dirt.

It’s made of 30% natural rubber while the other 70% is recycled rubber. With a sturdy backing, it’s a reliable option for your home. But we also fully endorse it for any other part of your home that you prefer! 

Users Say:Just what the front door needed. Perfect for wiping the feet before entry. Doesn’t hold water like a solid mat. Dirt falls directly through. Lightweight so it can be easily shaken. Dries quickly after rinsing with the hose. No issues. Good size for entryway.

3. AMAGABELI 36″ x 24″

On a friendly 9% price reduction, the AMAGABELI is a trustworthy choice to effectively trap dirt. It’s made of rattan and rubber giving it an impressive construction quality. With quick-drying capabilities, outdoor compatibility, dual size options, and dual-color options; You’ll be happy you got it! 

Users Say: “The mat came in a large flat box, not rolled up. This was much appreciated as we did not have to unroll it and flatten it. The surface is rough enough to get off the dirt and provide a good cleaning for shoes and boots.”


With the 100% microfiber build, the IRONGECKO is a thick doormat that’s traps dirt, absorbs mud, and absorbs water. It also provides an integrated latex backing for slip-resistance. You can get this mat in either brown, yellow, grey, or red.

Specially optimized for high-traffic areas, you’ll be delighted by its lifespan, as well. This mat comes in one of two sizes; 17″ x 29.5″ or 36″ x 24″.

Users Say:These mats are small but do the trick. I like the color as they blend nicely with our hardwood floors. This really traps the dirt and has a rubber base so they do not slide around. Do not wash in the machine. I shake them regularly and am amazed at the amount of dust that is trapped by them. Wash with a garden hose when needed.

5. Durable Corporation

Nonetheless, it’s one of the very best at scraping off and trapping dirt. On top of that, this doormat is superbly easy to clean, as well. You’ll be satisfied with the purchase! 

Users Say:Bought to keep the sand out of our living space while we were building. Has cut down the amount of dirt and sand dramatically, as long as the dog doesn’t jump over it to come in the building. I don’t think he likes the feel of the rug on his paws.

6. Refetone Indoor

Customized for indoor use, the Refetone Indoor is an outstanding doormat for various reasons. For one, it delivers reliable non-slip capabilities with rubber backing. You’ll also enjoy its dirt-trapping construction as it’s double-layered and heavy-duty, as well. 

Users Say:The mat is pretty and fits the farmhouse decor of our living quarters. Perfect size and it helps keep dirt out of the living area. Can be picked up and shaken out easily to get loose dirt off and also fine for washing for more intense cleaning.

7. Gorilla Grip

For good reasons, the Gorilla Grip is one of the most famous doormats on the entire market. Not only can you get it in one of three sizes, but it comes in 29 color options, as well. It’s fantastic for your home since the bottom is robustly made of real rubber, the borders trap dirt, and it has a miniature design. We highly recommend it! 

Users Say:We use ours in a travel trailer. It was put to the test list weekend after a rainy day. It really helped keep the floor clean. Everyone, including three dogs, stepped on it first and it held in a lot of dirt! I took it home and sprayed it down and it’s ready to go again.


Providing a vivid style, the J JULONE is an alluring doormat that traps dirt. It’s approximately 0.4-inch thick allowing the thick microfiber to remove dirt efficiently.

On top of that, it absorbs water, pet-friendly, possesses a soft material, and slip-resistant. It’s also very versatile as you can get it in one of four colors or two sizes. Another useful feature is its compatibility with the washing machine!

Users Say: “It has worked out perfectly. One at the side door, one at the back door, and one under the feed and water bowl. They could have been a little bigger, but still long enough when turned edgewise to catch all four feet of our Great Dane. Haven’t had to clean them yet. They don’t show dirt. Don’t know about long-term durability but after a few months they are fine.”

9. Amagabeli

Running below $30, the Amagabeli is an exceptional doormat at a reasonable price. It’s impressively robust made of thick polypropylene. With a 36-inch width and 24-inch length, it covers adequate space. Another positive trait is its 100% natural rubber construction. 

Users Say:Bought this for a high traffic area in our short-term rental property. It is right outside the sliding glass doors on our lanai. We have gone through so many because the amount of traffic just wears them down quickly. So far this one is holding up nicely. Time will tell but I love how big it is and the color is very pretty. I have a feeling it will last a long time.

10. Lifewit

Recently, the Lifewit had a significant price cut of 33% off the original amount. Although we’re unsure if this discount is permanent or temporary, we believe it’s, either way, an incredible bang for the buck. This doormat has a tough construction, offers excellent dirt trapping capabilities, and well-sized at 35″ x 24″! 

Users Say:This rug is perfect for a spot in front of the door that gets the most traffic. It catches everything that is tracked in and can be shaken or vacuumed easily to clean. It also launders nicely. I liked it so much that I gave it for several Christmas presents.

11. BrigHaus

You can get the BrigHaus in either 24″ x 35″ or 32″ x 44″. As well as its elegant style, this doormat produces stellar dirt trapping capabilities with its mesh fiber scraper. It can be used for either indoor or outdoor use. However, we recommend it for indoors. Another thing to keep in mind is this mat is non-absorbent. 

Users Say:I use this just inside the door of our mudroom. It grips the tile really well, with no slipping at all. It also does a great job capturing the dirt off the bottom of dirty shoes and feet. Happy with this purchase, great value.

12. M+A Matting

Offering just about any size, at least one of the M+A Matting will fit your required space. This mat delivers an impeccable quality of construction. Better yet, it’s made in the USA, as well.

Another positive characteristic is its ability to quickly dry. Along with near-perfect customer reviews, we highly recommend it for your home. Be sure to check out the various sizes!

Users Say:Excellent rug. Very sturdy, we were quite impressed at the quality. It’s perfect for an entryway mat since the grooves help trap dirt and keep people from tracking so much through our house!

13. Refetone Time Cloister

For those looking for a beautifully designed doormat that also effectively traps dirt, the Refetone Time Cloister is a captivating option for your home. 

Users Say:The design is minimal and very attractive. The rug is sturdy, fits under the door jamb, and camouflages dirt – yet is easy to clean


Optimized for indoors, the FONEYI is a dependable doormat for your home. It’s phenomenal at both trapping dirt and absorbing moisture. Constructed with 100% TPR backing, it’s entirely resistant to slipping.  

Users Say:This is really a great mat. Although because of the pandemic I am the only one who goes out to shop. My husband and I stay in except to shop so it doesn’t get a lot of use but it is sturdy, attractive, and traps dirt.

15. Guardian

Due to its rugged design, the Guardian is a phenomenal doormat mat for your garage. You can get it in either 3 x 5, 3 x 10, or 4 x 6. Constructed of natural rubber, you’ll be pleased by its ability to withstand vigorous conditions and longevity! 

Users Say:This is a very sturdy and good quality mat. I have one right in front of the door where we walk in from the garage. It’s really helped keep the excess dirt from being dragged into my mudroom.

16. SlipToGrip

Next up, SlipToGrip is an incredible option due to its slip-resistance,dirt-trapping abilities, dust absorbing abilities, weatherproof material, resistance to water, and PVC construction. You can get it in one of four colors; black, grey, taupe, or brown. 

Users Say:This rug worked so well, I purchased one for the door entry from the garage. It pulls leaves and dirt off of our shoes very well and if I walk on it barefooted, it feels good – not scratchy like so many other doormats. It is very reasonably priced.


Door Mats For Trapping Dirt

Users Say:I rarely leave reviews but absolutely love this doormat and felt I had to tell others. It’s low pile enough that my door glides right over it fine, but also high pile enough to trap all the dirt from outside. I have 4 animals and there is always at least 1 laying on it. Lol. Definitely recommend.”

18. Aoonby 

Door Mats For Trapping Dirt

Last but not least, the Aoonby is a visually pleasing doormat for the indoors. This mat has excellent dir-trapping capabilities due to its polypropylene fiber weave. A few other beneficial attributes worth mentioning is its high-quality stitch and moisture-absorbent capabilities. We highly recommend it for your home! 

Users Say:I needed something to catch the leaves and dirt if someone doesn’t actually wipe their feet outside. So I got this because it matches the white and grey theme in my home. It looks gorgeous by the door and really adds to the modern vibe in my home. The rubber backing helps to keep it in place.”

Quick Recap

Here Are The Best Door Mats For Trapping Dirt

  • Refetone
  • DII
  • AMAGABELI 36″ x 24″
  • Durable Corporation
  • Refetone Indoor
  • Gorilla Grip
  • Amagabeli
  • Lifewit
  • BrigHaus
  • M+A Matting
  • Refetone Time Cloister (Indoors)
  • Guardian
  • SlipToGrip
  • Aoonby
How much does a doormat cost?

With a few exceptions, mot doormats hover anywhere between $13-$42.

Are doormats waterproof?

Not all doormats are waterproof. Some are only water-resistant, and others aren’t even resistant to water in any form. If you need an outdoor doormat, make sure it’s waterproof or at the very least water-resistant.

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