24 Best Leather Wallet Phone Cases

Wallet phone cases are extraordinarily convenient. Especially if you don’t carry cash everywhere you go, they’re an outstanding way to minimize your load. Better yet, phone cases made with leather provide a stylish flair. That’s why we formulated a list of the 24 highest-rated leather wallet phone cases on the market. You will find a case for just about every phone below!

Without Further Ado, Below Are The 24 Best Leather Wallet Phone Cases For The Money

1. Dockem Exec iPhone 8 Plus / 7 Plus

First up, the Dockem Exec is an excellent wallet phone case for iPhone 8 Plus and 7 Plus. With a vintage slim style, it’s made with synthetic leather. It’s a straightforward design with two separate card slots. For the inexpensive price, we highly recommend it!

Users Say: “It fits perfectly with my iPhone 8 Plus. Soft leather brings a luxury look and nice to the touch. Two slots for card and money are a plus. Very handy, especially on a night-out situation and you don’t want to bring your wallet with too much stuff.”

2. Snakehive iPhone XR

For good reasons, the Snakehive iPhone XR is wildly popular with high customer-reviews across the board. It’s constructed of real leather, as well. Made for iPhone XR, this wallet phone case provides 3 card slots. You’ll also enjoy its scratch-resistant capabilities and a 1-year warranty!

Users Say: “The iPhone wallet case is as advertised. Real leather. The phone fits in perfectly. Nice to combine both my wallet and cell phone into one.”

3. TUCCH iPhone SE

Recently, the TUCCH had a hefty price cut of 47% off the original amount. Although we’re unsure if this discount is permanent or temporary, believe it’s, either way, an excellent value for the price. It’s compatible with iPhone SE,  iPhone 8, and iPhone 7. A few other beneficial attributes worth mentioning is its leather build, magnetic capabilities, shockproof construction, and 3 separate card slots.

Users Say: “This is a great case. The fit is perfect and so far it seems durable and soft. There are those out there that will be all like, “I don’t think that it’s real leather.” Well, maybe it is not but you don’t have to use it.”

4. icarercase LG G8 ThinQ

The icarercase is a stylish wallet phone case made of faux leather. Explicitly designed for  LG V40 ThinQ 6.2, you’ll enjoy its magnetic closure, kickstand, and 3 card slots!

Users Say: “Amazing wallet case. Looks and feels great, does not feel cheap as you might expect for the cost. Fits my LG V40 perfectly. Best of all, it will allow wireless charging. No more having to take the phone out of the case to wireless charge. Highly recommended.”

5. Snakehive iPhone 11 Pro

For those emphatically searching for high-quality genuine leather, this wallet phone case is an exceptional choice. Made for iPhone 11 Pro, you can get the Snakehive in either black, brown, dark green, grey, navy, plum, or teal. It’s handmade in Europe and has an alluring appearance!

Users Say: “Nice nubuck wallet with leather lining. Fits my iPhone 11 Pro Plus perfectly. Also cushions it well for the inevitable drop. Leaves camera lenses recessed and less likely to scratch. Will be returning for another wallet for my next phone if this one doesn’t transfer.”


Coming in one of six colors, the JOYAKI is an affordable wallet phone case for iPhone X/XS. Offering magnetic buttons, a slim foldout, card slots, and a screen protective glass, it’s a reliable option!

Users Say: “Got this for $11. Highly recommend it. My past 2 wallet cases have fallen apart in 2 months or less, this one seems to be much better quality. The leather-bound ones rip very very easily. Thanks!”

7. Wilken iPhone 11

Here is yet another top-of-the-line wallet phone case for iPhone 11. The primary reason the Wilken is high-class is due to its 100% top grain genuine cowhide leather construction. We highly recommend it for iPhone 11 users!

Users Say: “This phone case is superior in every way. Love the fact the phone detaches from the wallet part and still has leather on the back. Beautiful design. Will definitely be buying again.”

8. CHEROSIN Samsung Note 20

The CHEROSIN is a great choice for Samsung Note 20 phones. Made with TPU, rubber, and leather; this

Users Say: “I absolutely love this! The wallet cases I had before barely fit 3 cards. I love the magnetic holder. Your camera is covered and protected while in the case but can quickly remove from the wallet and take pics.”

9. SINIANL iPhone XR

For good reasons, the SINIANL is one of the most famous leather wallet phone cases on the market. It’s made for iPhone XR and comes in either black, blue, brown, khaki, or red. Along with its affordable price, you’ll enjoy the flip cover, magnetic closure, and stand!

Users Say: “The fit is exact and the flap closes perfectly on my new iPhone Xs. The leather is of the hinge is soft and the cover is firm. It makes holding the phone much easier, and it’s stylish.”

10. icarercase iPhone XR

Rather than the previous one, this icarercase is designed for iPhone XR. It’s made with PU leather and has a convenient kickstand, flip cover, and three card slots!

Users Say: “This is a sturdy, well-constructed leather case that doubles as an iPhone XR case and a wallet for credit cards – if one has deep enough pockets.”

11. KIHUWEY iPhone 7 iPhone 8

Running below $15, the KIHUWEY is a fabulous bang for the buck. It’s made for iPhone 7, iPhone 8, and iPhone SE. A very useful trait is the magnetic clasp. You can get it in five different color options, as well!

Users Say: “The style, the look, the feel of leather. A great combination of a wallet and a phone case.”

12. Takfox LG Stylo 5

Whether you get it in black, rose gold, turquoise, or wine red; the Takfox is a fashionable wallet phone case for LG Stylo 5. You’ll enjoy the laid leather material, magnetic capabilities, and 9 card slots!

Users Say: “I bought this as a replacement for my bulky case and I also wanted to replace my wallet. This case was great for both my phone and my cards. The magnet holds my phone in the wallet great. I have a large phone and it does not make the wallet heavy. All of my cards and ID fit great and I can even stash some cash in the back pockets. Great item, will buy again.”

13. Petocase iPhone 8 Plus / 7 Plus

Designed for iPhone 8 Plus and 7 Plus, the Petocase is a visually pleasing wallet phone case. You’ll enjoy the 13 card slots, a magnetic cover, and leather build!

Users Say: “My only complaint is the handle is not leather it’s like paper or something. I like everything else about it. It looks expensive and the iPhone case is very sturdy. I really like it. I’m going to find a better handle so it will upgrade the look and secure the wrist handling.”

14. FYY iPhone 8 Plus/ 7 Plus

If you’re looking for the most affordable leather wallet phone case for iPhone 8 Plus and 7 Plus, look no further than the FYY. This handmade case is made with PU leather, has a convenient kickstand, and comes in various colors to choose from!

Users Say: “This is a great real leather case for my iPhone 8. It is a bi-fold wallet type with slots for several credit cards and a few bills. The magnetic closure works and has a removal strap. Most importantly it protects the screen of the phone, and you can take a picture without taking it out of the case. Highly recommend.”

15. labato iPhone 6S

Next up, the labato is another incredible choice for the money. It possesses a magnetic cover, card slots, a sleek contemporary style, and made with genuine leather!

Users Say: “After searching and searching, I finally acquired a cell phone wallet in pink leather. I am so happy! I love this wallet. It is absolutely perfect. I am grateful that there’s an Amazon to turn to for our various needs.”

16. SHIELDON iPhone 11 Pro

Also constructed of genuine leather, the SHIELDON is a phenomenal choice for iPhone 11 Pro. Along with its useful magnetic cover, it provides RFID blocking technology, as well!

Users Say: “I Have to Replace my Old case Because it’s torn, so I bought a different brand, so far so good. The wallet case looks excellent; the leather is very sturdy.”

17. OT ONETOP iPhone 11 Pro

With high reviews amongst users, the OT ONETOP is an outstanding wallet phone case for iPhone 11 Pro. You can get it in either black, blue, brown, red, or rose gold.

Users Say: “I like this so much, I ordered a second one in case I need it in a few years. The wallet is discreet; it’s not so obvious you have your money and cards in it. And it looks just like leather—really stylish and lovely.”

18. Snakehive Samsung Galaxy S20

The high-class Snakehive is one of the very best wallet phone cases for the Samsung Galaxy S20. Designed with real leather, it has impeccable build quality and appeal. With its 1-year warranty, 3 card slots, and flip-one design; You’ll be very satisfied with it!

Users Say: “This is absolutely my favorite phone case ever! It is extremely sturdy and amazingly beautiful! I have had so many compliments! The craftsmanship is remarkable, and the leather inside the case is gorgeous! I most definitely highly recommend this product.”

19. LAMEEKU iPhone SE

Compatible with iPhone 8, iPhone 7, and iPhone SE; LAMEEKU is an amazing choice for a plethora of reasons. It has RFID Blocking Technology, it’s shock-resistant, provides 3 card slots, and frame protection.

Users Say: “This case is very-very well made, and the leather is so supple; could have one of each color and the wallet is of a perfect fit for the cards.”

20. XRPow iPhone XS X

With a PU leather material, two low-profile cardholders, scratch-resistant capabilities, and snap closure; the XRPow is a dependable choice. It’s compatible with either iPhone XS or X.

Users Say: “Very slim for a card case, the leather is very nice and doesn’t scratch up much. I put 2 cards in the top slot and one in the bottom and they fit great.”

21. icarercase iPhone 7/8

This is the third icarercase on this list. But unlike the others, this one’s compatible with iPhone 7 and iPhone 8. It has card slots, a flip cover, a kickstand, and PU leather construction.

Users Say: “I have trouble holding an iPhone so this leather wallet case is perfect. I wish it had a photo holder like my last one had but it is still a swell accessory for my iPhone 8. I may order one for my wife’s iPhone 11 for Groundhog’s Day.”

22. OCASE iPhone 11

Leather Wallet Phone Cases

With near-flawless customer reviews, the OCASE is an impressive wallet phone case made of PU leather. We believe outperforms its price!

Users Say: “Love this phone case – the leather is really nice – soft but durable. I’ve been buying these cases every time I upgrade my phone. A bit bulky at all I can slip it in my back pocket.”

23. SHIELDON iPhone 8 Plus / 7 Plus

Leather Wallet Phone Cases

Constructed with high-grade genuine leather, the SHIELDON is one of the highest quality wallet phone cases for iPhone 8 Plus and 7 Plus. We highly recommend it!

Users Say: “I’m pleased with this holder/wallet. The leather is soft. The compartments for cards are snug (I’ve had ones in the past the cards would fall out. I’m hard on phone cases and this particular one can take it.”

24. ZVE iPhone SE/8/7

Leather Wallet Phone Cases

Optimized for women, the ZVE is an enticing phone case for iPhone SE/8/7. It has a convenient but stylish crossbody chain and wrist strap. A few other characteristics worth mentioning is the leather construction, two cardholders, various color options, and a 6-month warranty!

Users Say: “I love it! Wish it included a leather strap as well as the gold chain… the chain is too cold and annoying to wear. I’m going to use it with formal wear. I’m planning on buying a leather strap for daily use. Love the wallet!”

Quick Recap

Here Are The Best Leather Wallet Phone Cases On The Market

  • Dockem Exec iPhone 8 Plus / 7 Plus
  • Snakehive iPhone XR
  • TUCCH iPhone SE
  • icarercase LG G8 ThinQ
  • Snakehive iPhone 11 Pro
  • Wilken iPhone 11
  • CHEROSIN Samsung Note 20
  • SINIANL iPhone XR
  • icarercase iPhone XR
  • KIHUWEY iPhone 7 iPhone 8
  • Arae Case for iPhone 11
  • Takfox LG Stylo 5
  • Petocase iPhone 8 Plus / 7 Plus
  • FYY iPhone 8 Plus/ 7 Plus
  • labato iPhone 6S
  • SHIELDON iPhone 11 Pro
  • OT ONETOP iPhone 11 Pro
  • Snakehive Samsung Galaxy S20
  • LAMEEKU iPhone SE
  • XRPow iPhone XS X
  • icarercase iPhone 7/8
  • OCASE iPhone 11
  • SHIELDON Phone 8 Plus / 7 Plus
  • ZVE iPhone 8/7

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