5 Best 4000+ Watt Inverter Generators

What are the best inverter generators with 4000 watts and up?

Just about any tailgater, camper, or person with an RV either want a generator or already has one. But for obvious reasons, everyone wants their generator to produce high Wattage while remaining on the quieter side. That’s where inverter generators come in.

So what’s the difference between an inverter generator and a conventional generator? In short, inverter generators use a newer and technologically advanced method to be more fuel-efficient, are much quieter, and are a great value for the price.

It is also important to note that the more Watts, the more power. One of the biggest reasons people need 4000+ rated or starting Watts is to power a 15,000 BTU ac. There are many other reasons why the demand for an inverter generator with this much Wattage is enormous. It is a respectable amount to get through difficult situations of a power outage, enough for camping, tailgating, or your RV without having to worry.

Without further ado, based on experience, reviews, research, and comparisons, we gathered a list of the best 4000+ Watt Inverter Generators that produce anywhere between 3500 or 3800 starting or rated Watts?

In Short, Here Are The 5 Best 4000+ Watt Inverter Generators

  • Champion 100302
  • Westinghouse iGen4500
  • Honda Eu7000is
  • Briggs & Stratton P4500
  • Champion 100573

1. Champion 100302 (3500-4000)

First up, the Champion 100302 is an astounding portable generator with 4000 starting Watts and 3500 running Watts. It’s a digital hybrid with an open frame. On the top are two handles for easier carrying. Unfortunately, it does not come with wheels and a handle like a few others on this list.

Coming with a TT-30R outlet, this generator is all set to go for RVs. Something I find very beneficial is its parallel capabilities. With the optional parallel kit, you can connect any inverter or hybrid generator with 2800-Watts or more. Another thing I love about champion generators is the 3-year limited warranty for their products. 

The Champion 100302 is very quiet for the high Wattage it produces with 64 dBA of self-noise. It holds 2.9 gallons of gas and runs for 17 hours straight on a full tank. Below the power switch is the Eco-mode function. Once turned on, the generator is much more fuel-efficient. It weighs about 81 pounds, which is a reasonable amount for generators with this high of Wattage. Overall, the is a reliable choice for anyone in search of a portable inverter generator with 4000 starting Watts.

How to Start The Champion 100302 Step By Step

  • Add oil with the oil funnel in the twist-off socket. (bottom right of the front face)
  • Remove the gas cap on the top and add gas, then put the cap back on
  • Us the recoil starter to start the generator up

Details & Tech Specs

  • Staring Watts: 4000
  • Running Watts: 3500
  • Quiet Technology
  • 120V 30A RV plug
  • 3-year limited warranty 
  • Recoil start
  • Weight: 81 pounds (no fuel)
  • Fuel capacity: 2.9 gallons
  • Self-noise: 64dBA
  • Eco-mode feature

2. Westinghouse iGen4500 (3700-4500 Watt)

The highly-rated Westinghouse iGen4500 is a great portable generator running below $1000. It is incredibly powerful, producing 3700-watts and a peak of 4500-watts. Coming with wheels, it is very convenient and easy to travel with for the weight of 104lbs.

The generator is powered by gas or propane. On a quarter load, you receive 18 hours of run time. However, in “efficient mode”, the Westinghouse iGen4500 is incredibly fuel-efficient. You get about 11 hours with only 1 gallon of gas. On the front, the display shows fuel amount, remaining run time, lifetime hours, power output, and voltage output.

The Westinghouse iGen4500 inverter generator is extremely quiet, averaging 52-55dB. Something I like about the iGen4500 is the ability to run a midsized air conditioner of 15,000 BTU if needed. It’s extremely easy to hold a conversation next to it without the noise becoming too overbearing. On the front, you will see two 5 volt USB ports for your laptop, tablets, phones, etc. Considering it produces nearly the highest amount of Watts for the price, it is also one of the largest inverter generators on the market.

It can be powered on by a push start, wireless start, or recoil if the battery dies. Many people who need a generator for their RV will benefit from this unit. On the front is a 30 amp receptacle ready to go. One of the few downsides is the many claims of Westinghouse’s poor customer service.

Overall, the Westinghouse iGen4500 is an outstanding generator running below $1000 for a plethora of reasons. It has incredibly high voltage, very fuel-efficient, durable, very quiet, has Efficient Mode, has incredible ratings, and is very reliable. We highly recommend it.

Details & Tech Specs

  • 3700-Watt and 4500-Watt peak
  • RV compatible
  • Push-button start
  • Wireless start
  • Weight: 104 pounds
  • Inverter
  • TT-30R outlet
  • Display: Fuel amount, remaining run time, lifetime hours, power output, and voltage output
  • Gas Powered
  • Very quiet at 52dB noise
  • Feature: Efficient mode
  • Two 5V USB ports
  • Clean power
  • CARB compliant

3. Honda Eu7000is (5500-7000 Watts)

Here it is, ladies and gentlemen, the world-famous Honda Eu7000is  is a flawless portable inverter generator. In every aspect, this is possibly the all-time best portable generator on the market. However, it comes with a price. We highly recommend this generator for anyone who wants the highest quality unit without a budget. For just about any application, the Honda Eu7000is won’t let you down. Many people use it for food trucks, outdoor events, RVs, off-grid living, camping, tailgating, etc. 

First and foremost, the start-up is effortless. A simple turn of the key just as you would with a car after filling it with gas and oil. However, its fuel efficiency is extremely good. It runs for 18 hours straight with a full tank of 5.1 gallons of gas. On “Eco Mode,” the fuel efficiency is even more useful. In terms of power, the Honda Eu7000is offers the highest amount of Watts out of every portable inverter generator on the market.

It gives you a 7000-Watt surge and 5500-rated Watts. Thus, one of the most reliable inverter generators on the market.

Consideridering it’s an inverter, the generator is naturally much quieter than most. The self-noise of the Eu7000is ranges between 52-60dBA. On the front, you will find a TT-30R outlet for an RV connection. Another beneficial feature the Honda Eu7000is offers is it automatically shuts off if the oil reaches an unsafe amount.

This reduces the chance of causing permanent damage to the engine. Overall, the 7000-Watt producing Honda Eu7000is is the overall best and highest-rated inverter generator on the market. We highly recommend it. Be sure to check out the reviews below.

Details & Tech Specs

  • Inverter
  • Electronic Fuel injection
  • Fuel capacity: 5.1 gallons
  • 18 hours run time on a full tank
  • Easy electric start (key turn)
  • Self-noise: 52-60 dB

4. Briggs & Stratton P4500

Best 4000+ Watt Inverter Generators

Here is another popular inverter generator under $1000. For many reasons, the Briggs & Stratton P4500 is a solid choice. On the back, you will find a 30A RV outlet,  four 20A outlets, 2 USB ports, and one 120V.

The power produced by this unit is very stable and clean. You are safe to use sensitive electronics without any harmful power surges. Coming with both wheels and a travel handle, it’s very portable and convenient.

This generator is incredibly fuel-efficient, offering 16 hours at 1/4 load. This is due to the adapting engine speed depending upon how much energy is being used.

For example, if you are powering on a furnace, once the furnace stops, the P4500 automatically slows its engine speed. This feature enables a much better fuel efficiency saving you money in the long run. One of the great attributes the P4500 has to offer is its low-self noise of 58dBA.

Showing their confidence, Briggs & Stratton offers a 2-year limited warranty for this unit. One of the downsides to this unit is the few claims of people receiving a defective unit. Be sure to purchase a generator from a trusted website! Overall, the Briggs & Stratton P4500 is a powerful and portable inverter generator. Be sure to check out the reviews.

WarningCan’t Be Shipped To California

Details & Tech Specs

  • Running Amps- 21.7A
  • 2-year limited warranty
  • Four 12-Volt AC outlets
  • One 12-Volt DC Outlet
  • 30-Amp RV plug
  • One USB
  • Recoil start
  • Wheels
  • Travel handle

5. Champion 100573  (3500-4000 Watts)

Best 4000+ Watt Inverter Generators

Lastly, the Champion 100573 is an incredible bang for the buck portable generator with high Wattage. Coming with a remote, you have the option to start it up via wireless up to 80 feet away. It is an open frame inverter generator with a portable design.

The wheels make it more convenient for travel. Not only is it naturally a more quiet generator since it’s an inverter, but Champion also uses quiet technology, cutting the noise in half. The average noise-level it produces is around 64 dBA. Especially for an open frame, it is incredibly quiet.

The Champion 100573 comes with a 30-amp RV plug located on the front. This generator gives you an excessive amount of Wattage in comparison to the price. It starts with 4000-Watts and runs on 3500-Watts. The generator is both EPA certified and CARB compliant.

Champion also offers an optional parallel kit that enables you to add an additional 2800-Watts or increase inverters. Like the previous generator, this system can run a 15,000 BTU air conditioner as well.

The tank holds up to 2.9 gallons of gasoline. The only downside I noticed with the Champion 100573 had to do with the wireless remote. The start power button on the generator that must be pressed before starting the engine times out every 12 hours.

While I don’t see a big issue with it, many people wished the start power button didn’t have a time limit. Overall, the Champion 100573 open frame inverter generator is an incredible bang for the buck for camping, tailgating, home backup, RV, etc. 

Details & Tech Specs

  • 4000-Watt starting- 3500-Watt running
  • Volts 120
  • EPA certified
  • CARB compliant
  • Eco-mode for better fuel efficiency
  • 64-dBA noise level
  • Floating-neutral generator
  • Open frame inverter
  • Wireless remote control start option
  • Recoil start
  • 30-Amp RV plug
  • Clean power
  • 3-year limited warranty
  • Gas running Amps: 120V29.2A

Included Accessories

  • USB adapter
  • Oil funnel
  • Battery charging cords

Quick Recap

Here Are The 5 Best 4000+ Watt Inverter Generators

  • Champion 100302
  • Westinghouse iGen4500
  • Honda Eu7000is
  • Briggs & Stratton P4500
  • Champion 100573
What’s a portable generator?

A generator is a machine that turns mechanical energy into electricity. It’s used to power electronics portably. 

What’s a portable inverter generator?

An inverter generator is more energy-efficient and quieter than a standard generator. This is because the engine throttles in accordance with how much energy is needed rather than full-throttle consistently. 

How much does a portable generator cost?

While most generators hover between $450-$1400, you can find some generators as low as $100 and as high as $5000. 

How much does a generator weigh?

With a few exceptions, most generators weigh anywhere between 21-235 pounds. Keep in mind, the heavier generators usually have built-in wheels for easier mobility. 

How much does an inverter generator weigh?

Most inverter generators weigh anywhere between 21-115 pounds. 

When do generators come in handy?

Generators come in handy anytime you need portable electric power such as camping trips, tailgating, off-grid living, RV trips, etc. They’re also essential if your home loses electricity. 


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