6 Best Bookshelf Speakers With A Subwoofer (Great Bass)

What’s the best bookshelf speaker with a subwoofer? To have excellent midrange and treble for your bookshelf speakers is one thing. But what’s the point of listening to only 2/3rds of the sound when you can get the full audio spectrum? That’s where bookshelf speakers with a subwoofer come in.

In general, bookshelf speakers create a vast sound stage meaning the audio imaging fills up ample space. When you add a subwoofer to that, you get a full sound with brilliant instrument separation.

Without further ado, we searched the entire marketplace for the absolute best bookshelf speakers. After extensive research, testing, and help with some friends in the audio field; we narrowed it down to the 6 best bookshelf speakers with a subwoofer.

In Short, Here are the 6 Best Bass-Heavy Bookshelf Speakers With A Subwoofer

  • Swan Speakers – M50W
  • Edifier S350DB
  • ELAC Debut Reference DBR62
  • Polk Audio T15
  • Edifier S360DB
  • Swans Speakers – M80W

1. Swan Speakers – M50W

Primarily used for music or gaming, the Swan Speakers – M50W is an excellent pair of bookshelf speakers with a subwoofer. There are a plethora of reasons why these speakers offer incredible sound quality. Within the sub is a six 1/2-inch woofer that produces outstanding bass.

It has a frequency range of 120Hz – 20kHz, so you can hear nearly every frequency audibly to the human ear. Between the lows, mids, and highs; You will be more than satisfied with its rich sound, dynamics, and soundstage. 

Something that I’m a massive fan of is its design. With walnut finish cabinets, they look fantastic on shelves or your desk. It’s designed for longevity and very durable. You will also like the wireless aluminum control knob coming with the purchase. Overall, the Swan Speakers – M50W is a fantastic pair of bookshelf speakers with a powerful subwoofer. It was primarily designed for music and gaming. We highly recommend it. 

Users Say: “This is the second pair of these speakers I’ve purchased. The first set went into the bedroom where I sleep to the tranquil sounds of distant thunderstorms each night. The new pair was placed at the desktop workstation and sounds fabulous. The closest thing I’ve owned that sounded comparable in this price range was the Klipsch desktop media 2.1. But honestly, the Swan speakers and sub sound superior in every way. Well done Swan!”

Tech Specs & Details

  • Walnut finish cabinets
  • 6 1/2-inch woofer
  • Frequency Range: 120Hz – 20kHz
  • Wireless aluminum turntable control
  • Sensitivity: 81dB

2. Edifier S350DB

The Edifier S350DB is one of the top-tier bookshelf speakers with a subwoofer. Not to forget, it’s also one of the highest-rated units on the market. There are so many reasons why we love this system. For one, the sound quality is absolutely fantastic.

The right speaker has three physical knobs that control the volume, treble, and bass. The option to adjust the highs and the bass pleases bass lovers or those who prefer a more balanced sound. It produces phenomenal sound quality that’s crystal clear, rich, and well separated. These are some of the overall best-sounding bookshelf speakers we’ve ever tested. 

Another thing you will highly appreciate is its design and build quality. It has a retro-modern design with a black front and wooden cherry red on the sides. Weighing 5.7 pounds each, speakers are built like a tank and easily able to last. The subwoofer itself is pretty big, weighing about 24 pounds.

The only downside you may encounter with these units is the subwoofer size. You may have difficulty finding room to fit it. Overall, the Edifier S350DB is one of the best sounding bookshelf speakers with a subwoofer at their price range. Coming with the purchase, you also get a wireless remote. Lastly, both the U.S and Canada offer a 2-year warranty. We highly recommend it! 

Users Say: “This is the best 2.1 I have ever owned. I have it set up as a PC speaker system with a TV wall mounted above my setup. It blows my 400 dollar soundbar out of the water. And the sound is clear and crisp at any level. The sub is tight and punchy and works well with speakers. Has every connection possible so you have many options to connect it to your source.”

Tech Specs & Details

  • Bluetooth V4.1
  • Can be used for PC
  • Pure Mids
  • Ability to get extremely loud without distortion
  • 2-Year Warranty
  • Inputs- AUX, RCA, coaxial, and optical
  • 8-inch subwoofer
  • Titanium dome tweeters for crystal clear highs

3. ELAC Debut Reference


Next up, the ELAC Debut Reference is a superior set of bookshelf speakers with a massive subwoofer. Due to their superb sound quality, the DBR62 is used as reference speakers, as well. However, this set is phenomenal for home theatres or surround sound.

With a massive 10-inch subwoofer, it produces immensely deep bass that will leave you satisfied. You’re able to EQ this system via an app. Something unique I’ve found about this pair is its much wider than usual frequency range. Being 55Hz – 35000Hz, you’ll be able to hear parts of the audio spectrum that’s usually missing with other speakers. If you’re looking for the highest quality audio without a budget, this set of speakers may be the choice for you! 

Tech Specs & Details

  • Sensitivity: 86db
  • Can be used as a home theatre system or surround sound
  • Frequency Range: 55Hz – 35000Hz

4. Swan Speakers – M20-5.1


Next up, the Swan Speakers – M20-5.1 is a great set of bookshelf speakers with a subwoofer. These speakers provide phenominal audio quality and surround sound. However, they’re a bit more expensive than most considering they are top-of-the-line.

However, all of them produce great sound quality that’s clear with powerful bass. One of the most unique things about this set is its stunning mids and highs. It has a 20mm dome tweeter, which entirely separates the treble and mids while shining the overall higher frequencies. 

Tech Specs & Details

  • 65W RMS 8″” Subwoofer
  • Fabric dome tweeter
  • 3” aluminum alloy cone M3N full range driver 
  • 5.1 Powered Bookshelf Speakers
  • Frequency Range | 90Hz – 20kHz

5. Edifier S360DB

Best Bookshelf Speakers With A Subwoofer

Once again, Edifier hit a home run on this pair of bookshelf speakers. The Edifier S360DB is a step up from the previous Edifier S350DB. With an 8-inch subwoofer, it provides a stunning bass response that’s both deep and punchy. It gives Bluetooth V4.1 for a quick and secure connection.

With APTX decoding, it offers superior wireless playback without noticeable loss in audio quality. A unique and beneficial trait it provides is the wooden MDF enclosure. Essentially, it helps keep the sound clarity top-notch by eliminating resonance from the cabinet.

Not only is the bass and mods fantastic, but it also offers top-of-the-line treble. It provides excellent treble due to its fully planar diaphragm tweeters. Coming with the purchase is a wireless remote control. The speakers have a variety of inputs, such as an RCA, coaxial, AUX, and optical.

The only downside I noticed was the wireless remote control. It’s not up to par in terms of quality with the speakers. Overall, the Edifier S360DB is another remarkable pair of bookshelf speakers with a subwoofer. We recommend them for anyone looking for the cleanest sound audio below $500.

Users Say: “This was an outstanding purchase and one that I am so glad that I made. The Edifier speakers have exceeded my expectations.”

Tech Specs & Details

  • 8-inch subwoofer
  • Wireless remote
  • Wooden MDF for reduced acoustic resonance
  • Inputs: RCA, coaxial, AUX, and optical
  • Fully planar diaphragm tweeters
  • Bluetooth V4.1

6. Swans Speakers – M80W

Best Bookshelf Speakers With A Subwoofer

Last but not least, the Swans Speakers – M80W is another superior set of bookshelf speakers with a subwoofer. With a fantastic design and build quality, these speakers look stunning regardless of where you put them. The sides are wood-grain brown, and the front is frosted black. But of course, don’t let the looks be your primary motivator for choosing these speakers. It’s the overall outstanding sound quality that gives these speakers their fame. 

With premium drivers, the 20mm metal hard dome tweeters minimize nonlinear distortion and loss of signal. This boosts the audio’s overall clarity at any volume.

These speakers produce powerful Hi-FI sound quality. With the 8-inch long-throw subwoofer, the bass response is remarkable. You will be more than satisfied with the audio regardless of the application. Some use it for their tv, others for music, and gamers use these speakers, as well.

With Wi-Fi, Optical, Bluetooth, WLAN, line, and coaxial; these speakers can be used for just about anything. The high-quality materials used to create these speakers are not only great for sound but the durability and longevity, as well. Many people rave about how long they last without any issues. Overall, the Swans Speakers – M80W is a high-grade pair of bookshelf speakers with a passive subwoofer. It provides fantastic sound quality, longevity, and design.

Users Say: “Speakers sound as good as they look. They are perfect, just what I was looking for. Limited budget, didn’t want to spend several hundred dollars on speakers. The bass is punchy and the highs are crisp. I feel as though sound quality can be subjective, so you should try them out for yourself. The materials are of good quality. The white glossy and the gold on the cones are very subtle not bright. I wish the whole box was white but I can definitely live with this. The blue light is bright as well as the light on my record player. Going to take some getting used to.
The only thing I didn’t like was that it didn’t come with the white gloves. Lol. I was looking at an unboxing and it came with gloves. Not a deal-breaker.”

Tech Specs & Details

  • 20mm metal hard dome tweeters
  • 8” long-throw active subwoofer
  • Interfaces: Wi-Fi, Optical, Bluetooth, WLAN, line, and coaxial
  • 120 Watts

Our Winner

Keep in mind that our opinion is not the end all be all. Like mentioned earlier, everyone has different needs, requirements, and budgets for their bookshelf speakers. However, our winner is the Edifier S360DB. We believe it has the best sound quality, bass response, design, build quality, convenience, and longevity. We highly recommend it!

How much do bookshelf speakers cost? 

You can get bookshelf speakers anywhere between $30 up to the $1000’s. However, some of the more popular choices hover between the $100-$300 range. 

How much do bookshelf speakers weigh?

Altogether, bookshelf speakers can weigh anywhere between 7-50 pounds. Keep in mind, the only set of bookshelf speakers that weigh anywhere close to 50 pounds come with an additional subwoofer. With both speakers combined, most hover around 20 pounds.

Why do people like bookshelf speakers?

The primary benefit bookshelf speakers offer compared to other speakers is their compact size. Furthermore, the soundstage is quite vast for the petite build. 

What’s the speaker size of bookshelf speakers?

While the speaker size of bookshelf speakers varies, most fall between 4 to 8 inches. The entire speaker is generally compact making it suitable to fit on a bookshelf.  

Quick Recap

Here are the 6 Best Bookshelf Speakers With A Subwoofer

  • Swan Speakers – M50W
  • Edifier S350DB
  • ELAC Debut Reference DBR62
  • Polk Audio T15
  • Edifier S360DB
  • Swans Speakers – M80W

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