9 Best Storage Benches For King Size Beds

A storage bench is a convenient way to put smaller items away. Not only does it help you keep your home cleaner, but it helps organize smaller items, as well.

Many people prefer their bedroom storage bench to be placed at the end of the bed. But what storage benches are best matched for a king bed? 

For whichever reason you’re interested in a king bed with a storage bench, you’ve come to the right place. We formulated a list of the 9 best and highest-rated choices! 

In Short, Here Are The Highest-Rated Storage Benches For A King Size Bed

  • Christopher Knight Home Ottoman
  • Homelegance
  • First Hill Damara
  • Sorbus
  • Christopher Knight Home Gavin
  • BELLEZE 48″
  • Christopher Knight Home Mission
  • Coaster

1. Christopher Knight Home Ottoman

First up, the Christopher Knight Home Ottoman is an excellent storage bench suitable for the end of a king-size bed. Made of upholstered fabric, you’ll love the button tufted-top, sturdy construction, and elegant design. Another positive feature worth mentioning is it comes fully assembled. It’s sizable at 19. 25” D x 50. 75” W x 16. 25” H and offers adequate interior storage space. Not only do we believe it’s a great option, but it’s highly-rated amongst users, as well! 

Users Say: “I chose this storage bench because of its desirable features. Looks just like the photo. The dark teal color matched the chairs I was buying from the same seller. I liked the tufted top. It had a nice hinged lid and plenty of storage space inside. It was the right length for the nook in my entryway. Not super cushy, but adequate for a chat on the phone or a stop to put shoes on. Very happy with the purchase!”

2. Homelegance

Coming in either beige, brown, red, or taupe; the Homelegance is an attractive choice. This storage bench nicely fits the end of a king bed without issues. In case you prefer material other than upholstered fabric, you can get it in faux leather, as well. It’s 42.25 x 17 x 19 and weighs roughly 33 pounds. The inner storage dimensions are 8.75H x 14.25D x 39.75L providing enough space for most items. You’ll also appreciate the unique leg design! 

Users Say: “Love the color. Love the material. The only assembly was screwing on the legs. Loved that as well. There is an odor but I can live with that. Although I saw the measurements, I paid more attention to the length to ensure it was not too long or too short for my king-size bed. The length is ok. What I didn’t do was pay attention to the height. It’s a little toy-like because I have thick Sterns and Foster mattresses. Maybe if my mattresses were half the thickness it would work.”

3. First Hill Damara

Next up, the First Hill Damara is a storage bench with a delightful appearance. A unique attribute is its safety hinge that stops the lid from slamming. Upon arrival, the only assembly is to screw the legs. You can get it in either brown, black, red, or slate grey. Our favorite is slate grey since it matches most beds pleasantly. Made with engineered wood, the overall quality of construction outperforms the competitive price. A few other things worth noting is its near-flawless customer reviews, fit size for a king bed of 48 x 17.75 x 16, and high-level interior stitching. 

Users Say: “I wasn’t sure what to expect with this ottoman, but figured it was worth the risk at Amazon. It came in just a few days and is perfect for us. We bought an older home and the living room isn’t that big. The size of this is ideal as it isn’t extremely wide and yet is very well built. I love that the top has the hinge to open and close and does not close on its own. We took it out of the huge box it came in, screwed on the legs with the washers they provided, and set it by the couch. So comfy to use as a footrest and as a coffee table. We love it and definitely recommend it!”

4. Sorbus

If you’re looking for one of the most affordable storage benches for your king bed, the Sorbus is an impeccable option. Keep in mind, it’s foldable and collapsible. Thus, if you want something solid and sturdy, you’re better off with another bench on this list. We primarily recommend this to anyone looking for an inexpensive option under $60. You can get it in either black, grey, or chocolate. 

Users Say: “Good looking sturdy product. Very happy with the size and quality. Fits three decorative pillows, two king-size pillows, and extra sheets and blankets comfortably. Fits nicely at the foot of my full-size bed with room to spare on either side. Also nice to use as a bench. Easy and quick to assemble. Easily folds up to fit under the bed but I like how it looks like a furniture piece as well.”

5. Christopher Knight Home Gavin

The Christopher Knight Home Gavin is one of the high-grade storage benches with a superb build quality and design. Matching with the ends of most king or Cali king beds, it’s quite large at 19.65″Deep x 50.85″Wide x 15.75″Height. 

Users Say: “It fits perfectly in front of my kind size bed. It is also perfect for little dogs, my pup can hop up and get on the bed by herself now and I didn’t have to buy stairs. Came fully assembled. Has fit my extra blanket and sheet set for a king with room to spare.”


Amazingly, the HOMCOM had a hefty price cut of 19% off the original amount. Although we’re unsure if this discount is permanent or temporary, we believe it’s, either way, an incredible bang for the buck. It fits nicely at the end of a king bed, as well! 

Users Say: “This bench is better than I expected. Nice material, spacious inside, perfect in front of my King size bed. I would definitely recommend this to others.”

7. BELLEZE 48″

Next in the lineup, the BELLEZE 48″ is a remarkable storage chest that nicely matches your king-size bed. You can get it in one of eight color options. It’s made of enticing fabric with a button-tufted style. Compared to many on this list, it’s a bit on the shorter side at 16.53 x 46.9 x 16.7.

Users Say: “This bench is perfect! I bought it so that I could (a) store bedding and (b) allow for the puppy to actually jump up on the bed without waking me up. It arrived way earlier than expected, and just in time for our party tonight. It is super sturdy (currently sitting my chubby self and a small dog on it), and weighs nothing! I expected it to be way heavier. The color is as expected but the fabric isn’t. I thought it was going to be a velvety fabric, but it came in a heavier feeling upholstery fabric, which works way better for my needs! I also like that the only assembly needed is to screw the feet on. I’m super lazy, so this worked out really well. I would recommend this purchase!”

8. Christopher Knight Home Mission

With high-ratings and customer-reviews, Christopher Knight Home Mission is an outstanding storage chest for a king-size bed. It has a nice construction and appearance. It’s 50.75 x 19.25 x 16.25 and offers immense interior room for items. Considering its sturdy construction and sleek design, we believe it outperforms the price by a wide margin. It also doesn’t require an assembly. A few other characteristics worth noting is the tufted-top, fabric design, and 30-pound weight. For the price, we believe it offers immense value and we fully endorse it! 

Users Say: “Very nice. It is actually very light. The bottom of it it’s not solid wood so I wouldn’t put anything too heavy in it. I have a bunch of sheets in mine and it holds fine. I saw a similar bench at Target that was half the size and about $120. I am happy I chose this one instead. The fabric’s pulled nice and tight and seems pretty sturdy. The top does not have a lot of cushions, at least it is harder than it looks, but my dog still likes it! Just for size reference, the bed in my picture is a king-size.”

9. Coaster

Last but not least, the Coaster is a unique storage chest that’s well-placed on the end of a king bed. Not to forget, it’s also on a significant 49% reduction in price. It has a thick tufted top with a contemporary body. You can get it in either dark navy, mocha, or taupe. 

Users Say: “I love this little bench seating. It’s the perfect size. a little smaller than most but fits perfectly. Good materials and quality. If you are looking at this I highly recommend it.”

Quick Recap

Here Are The Best Storage Benches For A King Size Bed On The Market

  • Christopher Knight Home Ottoman
  • Homelegance
  • First Hill Damara
  • Sorbus
  • Christopher Knight Home Gavin
  • BELLEZE 48″
  • Christopher Knight Home Mission
  • Coaster
What’s a storage bench?

A storage bench is essentially a bench-looking piece of furniture that’s hollow with a removable lid. Once the lid is pulled up, you’ll find adequate storage space. 

How much does a storage bench weigh?

With a few exceptions, most empty storage benches weigh anywhere between 17-44 pounds. 

Can you sit on a storage bench?

You’re absolutely able to sit on a storage bench. One of its primary reasons for its creation is to offer adequate seating space. 

What are storage benches made out of?

Most storage benches are made with upholstered fabric. However, some have a wooden construction. 

Where do you place a storage bench?

Storage benches can essentially be used anywhere in your house you prefer. However, most people use them for their bedroom. Particularly at the end of the bed. Another popular place is in the entryway of the home since they make excellent storage for shoes. 

What are storage benches used for?

Hence the name, storage benches are primarily used for storage and a place for seating while. Not to mention, they add value while remaining visually pleasing. Some storage benches can also be used as a coffee table. 


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