A Great Wireless Headset Microphone System For Church

If you’re looking for a wireless headset microphone system for singing or speaking, we have found an excellent choice.

First off, the headset we have picked operates in the 2.4GHz frequency band. This frequency is globally unlicensed, globally available, and has a higher chance of a sustainable future. Many other frequency bands have been auctioned off.

Many say that the 2.4GHz frequency is congested with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth meaning there is a higher chance of interference. However, the system we have picked below has top-of-the-line signal agile features. In my experience, these features entirely erase all interference while maintaining the positive benefits and the more future-proof 2.4GHz frequency band.

One of the all-around best and most trusted wireless headset microphone systems on the market is the Shure GLXD14/SM35. With its remarkable frequency-agile features, it is incredibly reliable with little to no dropouts while maintaining the positive benefits of 2.4GHz digital transmission. It is also incredibly convenient and easy to use with excellent sound quality.

Wireless Headset Microphone System For Church

The Shure GLXD14/SM35 is an incredible headset microphone for singers and speakers. It operates in the globally unlicensed and unrestricted 2.4GHz frequency band.

Sound Quality

Although it is more than capable for speakers and presenters, the microphone is specifically customized for singing as well. The SM35 performance headset uses a condenser microphone for better vocal articulation and clarity. Speakers will also appreciate the vocal articulation. It makes the audience feel that the speaker is right in front of them. Keep in mind that condenser microphones typically sound better than dynamic microphones.

The reason why most microphones for live vocals are dynamic is that they are better at rejecting background noise. However, the SM35 headset microphone is a very tight unidirectional cardioid polar pattern that has flawless off-axis rejection. In other words, you are getting the best of both worlds with this microphone system; (1) Condenser microphone for better vocal clarity and sound quality, (2) Great background noise rejection.


The Shure GLXD14/SM35 is an incredibly reliable wireless head-worn microphone system with little to no dropouts. Each channel uses six different frequencies that continuously scan to monitor the frequency condition. After that, it transmits the audio signal on the three clearest audio frequencies of the six available. If one of the frequencies get interference or conditions deteriorate, it automatically changes to a backup frequency without interrupting the audio.

This is why GLXD systems have been raved about for signal clarity, strength, and reliability. In my experience, the Shure GLXD14/SM35 has never once had a single dropout. However, there is one review that claims the system did not work well in an area with wifi. If the system ever gets interference, it instantly goes away by changing the channel.


Frequently needing to purchase disposable batteries ends up becoming costly, depending on how much you play out. Not only expensive but an inconvenience of continually stopping at the store to buy batteries and keeping up with them.

The Shure GLXD14/SM35 does not only have one of the longest-lasting battery life of all headworn microphone systems with 16 hours, but it also uses lithium-ion rechargeable batteries. Lithium-ion batteries are replaceable and have a total lifespan of 10,000 hours. To charge the battery, you can either plug it into the receivers charging port or connect a USB cable into the transmitter. The setup is straightforward with this system. The transmitter and receiver automatically change through frequencies together using bidirectional communication.

Durability + Longevity

The transmitter (bodypack) is built like a tank made out of solid metal. Unfortunately, the receiver is made out of plastic. Although there are no durability complaints of any parts of the Shure GLXD14/SM35 throughout the web, a metal receiver will be more durable than plastic.


One of the only downfalls of the Shure GLXD 16 is its range. It gives you up to 100 ft indoors, line-of-sight is 200 ft. Max, and outdoors is up to 65 feet. However, this won’t be an issue if you plan on staying on, or near the vicinity of the stage.


  • Extended battery life of 16 hours
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • High SPL: 150 dB
  • Effortless setup
  • Durable metal transmitter
  • Transmitter and receiver automatically change through frequencies together using bidirectional communication
  • Great sound quality for singers and speakers
  • Condenser microphone for better vocal articulation


  • Plastic build receiver
  • Does not include a USB charger for the transmitter
  • Slightly low range of 100 ft. Line-of-sight (200 ft. max); Outdoors: Up to 65 ft. Line-of-sight (165 ft. ideal conditions)


  • LINKFREQ Automatic Frequency Management
  • Intelligent frequency management feature locates the clearest open channel. Effortless setup
  • Able to use a minimum of 4 systems simultaneously. A max of 8 in optimal conditions
  • Battery charging port located on the right side of the receiver

Tech Specs

Battery Type:Rechargeable lithium-ion bat
Range:Up to 100 ft. Line-of-sight (200 ft. max); Outdoors: Up to 65 ft. Line-of-sight (165 ft. ideal conditions)
Transmitter Battery Life:16 hours
Latency:4 -7 (ms)
Signal-To-Noise Ratio:1 kHz 55 dB
Simultaneous Systems Per Band:4 (8 in optimal conditions)
Receiver Build:Plastic
RF Sensitivity:-88 dBm (standard)
Channel selection:Auto/manual
Transmitter Type:Body-pack
Receiver Type:Tabletop
Dynamic Range:114 dB
Output Impedance:1 kHz 2400 O
Frequency Range:2.4GHz
Microphone Type: Electret Condenser
Max SPL:153
Microphone Polar Pattern: Unidirectional (Cardioid)
Mic Frequency Response:40 Hz to 20,000 Hz
System Frequency Response:20Hz-20kHz

To Sum It Up | Wireless Headset Microphone System For Church

The Shure GLXD14/SM35 is an overall excellent choice for singers or speakers in need of a wireless headset microphone system. I highly recommend it.

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