Absolute Best Low-Budget In-Ear Monitor System (Below $150)

What Is the very best wireless in-ear monitor system for the cheapest price?

Previously on Perform Wireless, we carefully constructed a list of the top 4 wireless in-ear monitor systems below $500. Of that list, we found a clear winner of the four in-ear systems. Luckily, it just so happened that the winner was well below $500. So impressed by the performance of such a cheap in-ear system, we decide to create a full article about it. However, if you’re only looking for a pair of IEM earbuds without the system, see our top 6 affordable earbuds here.

Whether you play with click tracks, scared of blowing your voice out, or you generally prefer performing with an in-ear monitor system; we think we have found the absolute best low-budget unit that will not let you down. 

The absolute best In-Ear Monitor System for a low price is the ANLEON S2. It is incredibly reliable with exceptional sound quality while using true stereo transmission. Indeed the very best bang for the buck in-ear monitor system on the market.

ANLEON S2 receiver

The ANLEON S2 operates in the 526-535Mhz. It comes with one receiver (bodypack) which is the unit you attach to your belt or pocket and a transmitter that sits in the general vicinity of the stage. In my honest opinion, This system is well underpriced for various reasons that we will dive deeper into below.

Frequency Band: 526-535Mhz
Number of Channels: 6
Stereo/Mono: Stereo
Transmitter audio in size: 1/4 inch
Operating Range: 200 Meters
Receiver Power: 2 AA, 12-hour battery life
Earphone Type: Earbud

Reliability: ANLEON S2

The reliability of the ANLEON S2 is quite remarkable. In my experience, I have never experienced any signal interference of the few dozen church shows I have used them at. However, I’m not the only one who hasn’t had any signal interference with them. Many users of this product throughout the web claim extraordinary dependability of the unit as well. As of right now, there are zero recorded dropouts with the ANLEON S2. I will come back to update this if that changes.

Why is the ANLEON S2 so reliable for the low price?

There are 6 different channels available to use all within the 526-535Mhz frequency band. It provides a complex anti-interference feature that not only blocks interference but also enables you to use multiple receivers with one transmitter. However, the additional receivers must be purchased separately. The anti-interference mechanism uses frequency dodging mechanisms over a 10 MHz bandwidth.

The ANLEON S2 can be used on stage or in the vicinity as any other type of wireless connection as long as the frequency band is different than your system. If another wireless is operating in the same frequency band, it’s a simple fix of changing the ANLEON S2’s channel. Overall, this system is undeniably reliable for the price with little to no dropouts.

Sound Quality: ANLEON S2

The ANLEON S2 wireless in-ear monitor systems sound quality is very good. You’re not going to get top-of-the-line sound quality with any system in this price range. However, the ANLEON S2 is the best it gets for most systems below the $500 price range. The audio quality is still, however, very good.

To be frank, most in-ear monitor systems under the $500 range tend to have distorted bass. However, even with the original earbuds, it comes with, this system has a very clear bass sound. The original earbuds the system comes with are not bad, but they do lack a bit on the high end. I switched out the ANLEON S2’s original earbuds with a more top-quality pair, and the sound was perfect for me.

The ANLEON S2 is a true stereo system rather than mono. This means that you are able to pan each instrument as you please. Some musicians prefer to pan each instrument to the side of the stage they are on while I prefer a heavier click track in my right ear.

Overall, I think it’s safe to say the ANLEON S2 provides the best sound quality for the price range. It is even better with a higher quality set of earbuds. You will not be disappointed.

ANLEON S2 Transmitter

Build Quality, Features, & Setup: ANLEON S2

Surprisingly for its low price, both the receiver and transmitter are relatively durable and built to last. The transmitter is conveniently compact that is made with a metal casing for added durability and longevity. Metal casings are much more “roadworthy” than plastic units.

It has one antenna with the power switch directly in the middle and the channel selector on the right. On the back of the transmitter is an input connector which can receive an XLR or a 1/4 jack.   

The receiver’s (bodypack) screen shows the battery life, the frequency band it’s operating in, the selected channel, and the strength of the signal. You’re able to change the receivers channel by its side button. However, the transmitter and receiver must both be on the same channel for it to work. If the receivers button on the top shows green, that means you are connected and ready to go. However, if the light is red, it is not connected.

Range: ANLEON S2

The ANLEON S2 has a superb range of roughly 650 feet. All the double football field crowd surfing you need.

Now we all know that you may not be using a budget-friendly in-ear monitor system if your band is big enough to crowd surf 650 feet of people. However, in the case where your band does land a big gig, and you want to walk the crowd with your wireless mic or wireless guitar system, you have no restraints with the ANLEON S2 wireless in-ear monitor system!


  • Durable transmitter and receiver
  • Very reliable for the price
  • True stereo transmission
  • Incredible range
  • Great sound quality
  • Good bass sound
  • Able to use multiple receivers with one transmitter


  • Slightly long limiter release time
  • Made in China


  • 6 different channels to choose
  • Anti-interference features for 6 different receivers to be used simultaneously (each must be on a separate channel)
  • Light on the top of the receiver shows whether both units are
  • Dynamic expansion circuitry for high S/N ratio connected or not. Red for no and green for yes.
  • On the back of the transmitter is an input connector which is able to receive an XLR or a 1/4 jack.   

I am surprised that the ANLEON S2 in-ear monitor system is as popular as many systems in this price range considering its better overall performance. Contrary to that belief, it is much newer than most systems on the market.

The saying goes that “you get what you pay for” is typically accurate for the majority of the music equipment on the market today. However, I genuinely believe that the S2 is a needle in the haystack. In terms of its remarkable performance for its low price, it’s truly an excellent value. While I usually believe in the “you get what you pay for” saying, I can confidently say that quote does not apply to the ANLEON S2 in-ear monitor system.

The Bottom Line

The ANLEON S2 in-ear monitor system is the highest quality low budget unit on the market. The only other unit that may be competitive in its price range is the Phenyx Pro UHF. However, the Phenyx Pro is nearly double the price. It also operates in the 900MHz which is banned outside of the U.S.A and Canada.

If you want to shop around a bit more on low-budget in-ear monitor systems below $500, check out our Top 4 In-Ear Monitor Systems Below $500 here.