How To Protect Wireless Guitar System From Sweat Damage?

When I bought my first wireless guitar system for my bass, I realized after my 5th show I used it the highs, and mid frequencies of my bass would completely disappear. It wouldn’t happen right away, the highs and mids would cut out after the 4th song or so. I automatically assumed my mid-level semi-expensive line 6 Relay G50 unit was broken considering the bass would go back to sounding normal when I plugged in a cable.

The thought of my wireless dying by sweat damage was barely the thought at first. It was more of a feeling buried deep into my subconsciousness. After all, how often do musicians talk about breaking their equipment from sweating too much? I really just thought I got the wrong wireless unit.

Now to be entirely clear, I sweat far more than the typical musician with my new wireless freedom. I dance the entire stage, I run into the crowd with my guitarist and do solo battles with him smack in the middle of the crowd, I get carried away by the music, we love it. However when your instrument cuts out or the mids/highs roll-off, that rock-star mode rush from playing a live show instantly dies.

After I was sure the mid and high frequencies of the bass cut out strictly because of my line 6 G50, I then hurried to buy the line 6 G10 thinking it was somehow a better choice. Once again, after 3 to 4 shows the unit would completely drop out and stay off (not a typical drop out).

I would then have to rush to pull my cable connected to my pedalboard and plug directly into my bass. The 10 seconds it takes to do that, feels like a lifetime on the stage. After my 2nd wireless guitar system broke, the thought of my units breaking from my own sweat started becoming more of a reality.

A moment where my line 6 G10 died by sweat damage. It was not a typical dropout because it has not worked since. After the show, I realized that it was drenched by sweat.

How To Protect Your Wireless Unit From Sweat Damage?

To make a long story short…..The dreadful era of dying wireless units mid-show finally ended once I got the Neotech Wireless PouchThe Neotech Wireless Pouch is basically a Pouch that attaches to your strap by Velcro and Elastic Grippers that holds your wireless transmitter. It can also be used to hold your in-ear monitor receiver or headset receiver transmitter.

The Neotech Wireless Pouch is basically a Pouch that attaches to your strap by Velcro and Elastic Grippers that holds your wireless transmitter. It can also be used to hold you- in-ear monitor receiver or headset receiver transmitter.

Neotech Wireless Pouch Test Results

How To Protect Wireless Guitar System From Sweat Damage?
My Neotech wireless pouch

For the past few years of using a Neotech Wireless Pouch, I have not had a single problem due to sweat damage. Even my sweatiest craziest shows where I’m too drenched to shake a fan’s hand, I will still take the time to check the transmitter after the gig (not a drop of sweat).

A big part of me hates myself, the amount of money I could’ve saved from knowing about a $15 investment a few years earlier. That fact alone brings me to the main reason why I wrote this article. I wish upon nobody to waste 100’s of dollars and countless times of being embarrassed on stage where a little $15 pouch attached to your strap could have saved that.

Now I’m not telling you to jump in the pool with your new Neotech Wireless Pouch as soon as it comes in the mail to check if your wireless unit is still working. Now that I think about it, that may make a good scene for a music video. Just be sure to use a fake guitar without a wireless system that’s not plugged in, so nobody gets electrocuted if your going to do that.

Additional Uses for Neotech Wireless Pouch

I spoke a lot about how to protect your wireless unit from sweat damage. However, what if your wireless fly’s off the strap while doing a behind the back guitar solo? Alternatively, maybe you want to protect it from falling off in General?

How To Protect Wireless Guitar System From Sweat Damage?

Protection From Transmitter Falling Off Strap
Not only does the Neotech pouch protect the wireless from sweat damage, but it also makes damn sure the wireless will never fall off again! It has elastic grippers that attach the unit firmly to your strap or belt with velcro straps that hold the transmitter securely.

But if you’re like me, and you’ve been through the same embarrassment as me, then you can wrap some electrical tape around the bottom of the pouch against the strap to be as safe as possible. I have not had any problems without the tape, nor did I find any reviews stating they had issues with the wireless falling off without tape.

Protection From Impact
The pouch also protects your wireless from impact due too…..I don’t know, randomly falling in the mosh pit. Or maybe you fell? Things happen when you’re going hard!

Protection From Dust and Humidity
The Neotech Wireless Pouch is an excellent investment for touring musicians that use a wireless guitar system. It’s a great tool to protect your investment while traveling to many different climates.
Sweat damage is one thing, but transmitters can be ruined by too much moisture as well. For those who play on an outside humid day or near a beach, you may want to consider a pouch to protect your wireless.

In-Ear Monitor Transmitters
In-ear monitor transmitters need protection from moisture, impact, and dust as well.

Neotech Wireless Pouch Details

  • Comes in 2 sizes
  • Small size  3.5″ X 2.5″ X 0.8″
  • Medium size  4.0″ X 2.5″ X 0.8″
  • Protects Transmitter from Dust, Impact, Moisture (sweat)
  • Conforms snugly to Transmitter
  • Easy Attachment with strap on touch fasteners (attach to strap or belt)
  • Elastic Grippers hold it firmly in place 
  • Velcro Straps to keep it from sliding

Which Neotech Pouch Size Is Right For You?

Medium Size
Keep in mind, many wireless units work for both sizes.
(according to reviews)

  • Line 6 relay G30  
  • Line 6 relay G50
  • Line 6 G55 
  • line 6 relay G70
  • Line 6 relay G90 
  • Sony DWZ 
  • AKG’s PT40 Mini wireless transmitter
  • Shure PGX 
  • Sennheiser EW 172G3 transmitter
  • Audio Technica System 10 ATW-T1001 UniPak transmitter
  • Shure GLX-D16 (My personal Wireless System, I use a medium)

Small Size 
Keep in mind, many wireless units work for both sizes.
(according to reviews)

  • Line 6 relay G30  
  • Line 6 relay G50
  • Shure GLX-D16 (my personal system, i use a medium but according to reviews a small works as well)
  • Shure GLX-D1 
  • AKG WMS 40 Mini Instrument
  • Audio-Technica ATW-T210
  • Shure GLXD14
  • Shure UT-1 

Pros And Cons Of Using The Neotech Wireless Pouch


  • Protects from sweat damage 
  • Protects from moisture damage (for those who play outdoor gigs near a beach or in high humidity) 
  • Protects from impact (Dear metalheads, once you leave stage to play in the pit… if you forget your helmet….just know…..your wireless is a bit more protected) 
  • Stops the wireless from sliding Off 
  • Protects wireless from Dust
  • Holds wireless firmly in place (All the behind the back solos you wish)
  • Abnormally cheap for such a useful accessory
  • Works With Just About any Strap


  • For some wireless transmitters, the on and off switch may be less accessible. You may have to take the wireless partially or fully out of the pouch to turn it on or off.
  • Some reviews say every few years it comes apart. (has not happened to me)

Is There Other Wireless Pouches to Consider then the Neotech?

Levy’s Leather MM4 Wireless Reciever Holder – From what I can tell based upon the picture and videos of this unit, it does not seem to wrap around the entire wireless transmitter fully. This transmitter will work best for those who have a levy strap, and they are strictly looking for a pouch to hold the transmitter securely so it doesn’t fall. In my opinion, it’s not the best choice for those who want full protection from sweat damage. There are many great reviews on this pouch!

On-Stage MA1335 Wireless Transmitter Pouch With Guitar Strap – This is a strap that has a wireless pouch attached to it. The wireless Transmitter holder is made of water-resistant neoprene fitting transmitters 1″ x 3″ x 3.5″.

To Sum It Up

The Neotech Wireless Pouch was the best $15 music investment in my life to protect my $400 wireless guitar system. Stay Wireless (;

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