Pioneer HDJ-X7-S DJ Headphones Review

My favorite DJ headphones from Pioneer, the Pioneer HDJ-X7-S.

First off, why are the Pioneer headphones consistently raved about for their specifically optimized sound for DJ’s? Here’s a bit of Pioneer’s back story. The company Pioneer has been one of the leaders in innovating DJ equipment since June 2004 when it released the very first DVD player for DJ’s. Later in 2014, a part of their company branched off to specifically focus on DJ (Disc Jockey) equipment. Since then, you have seen some of the most popular DJ controllers, monitor speakers, decks, DJ software, and of course DJ headphones.

Their headphones are some of the most prized by DJ’s around the globe. They are built tough for added durability to withstand vigorous touring conditions. The headphones are optimized for DJ’s to get a perfect mix to keep the dance floor exploding. Their sound quality is typically always outstanding with their incredibly wide frequency response and optimal driver speaker bits. Also, they have incredible noise isolation, which is another essential factor in getting the most accurate mix in a loud club. Lastly, Pioneer headphones are typically comfortable and flexible. Pioneer designed them in such a way particularly since DJs are consistently tossing their headphones around from on, to off, to one ear in, to the DJ booth. All in all, Pioneer headphones are always an excellent choice for DJ’s of any level.

Pioneer HDJ-X7-S

If you’re looking for the highest quality of sound for a reasonable price, look no further than the Pioneer HDJ-X7-S. To my ears, the sound is about the best it gets. In my experience, headphones that produce this type of sound quality are typically 50-100 dollars more expensive. The audio is well balanced with a beautifully fat bass sound. It has advanced drivers for increased accuracy for your mix with an extended frequency response from 5Hz – 30kHz.

In terms of noise-isolation, the HDJ-X7-S is superior. When I put them on, even in the loudest of clubs, it feels like I’m in my room listening to my music rather than at a club. The headphones fit tightly on your head to achieve the most accurate mix that you’re capable of in an extremely loud club or festival. These headphones fit the bill for any style of music for live mixing or beat matching.

The Pioneer HDJ-X7-S is exceptionally durable and well-designed. The second you hold it, it’s easily noticeable they’re built for maximum longevity. They are tour worthy and able to withstand the harsh climate of consistent touring. I highly recommend these headphones for DJ’s of just about any skill level and application.

A downside that I noticed with the Pioneer HDJ-X7-S comfort after an hour. If you continuously wear these headphones for about an hour straight, it gets a bit uncomfortable. However, if your like most DJ’s who consistently put on and take off the headphones, this issue will not be a problem. There is also a logical reason for its discomfort that happens to be a benefit. Considering these headphones firmly press against your ears for maximum noise-cancelation, after a while, of course, it will get uncomfortable. However, this pair tends to press the hardest against my ears compared to the rest on this list.

Overall, the Pioneer HDJ-X7-S is, in my opinion, the very best bang for the buck headphones for DJs. Be sure to check the reviews below.


Tech Specs

Open or Closed: Closed
Driver Size: 50mm
Frequency Response: 5Hz-30kHz
Fitting: Circumaural (Around the Ear)
Replaceable cable: Yes
Impedance: 36 ohms
Foldable: Yes
Cable: 3.9 ft. (coiled), 5.2 ft. (straight)

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