Pros and Cons Of The Micro POG Octave Pedal


  • Increase layers of sound
  • Great for bass solos when using the high octave
  • Fattens Bass tone when slightly increasing the sub-octave
  • Able to turn your instrument into an organ sound
  • Increases the dynamics of the song
  • With all of the various settings, hard to overuse the pedal if changed settings accordingly
  • Ability to make bass fills brighter/punchier 
  • Very durable, made of metal (I have never had a single issue with mine)
  • (Opinion) able to make an OKish slap bassist’s like me sound like I’m good at slapping
  • Able to create a choir-like effect with dry 50%, sub 50%, and high 25% with bass or guitar.
  • Works very good with a delay pedal
  • Micro POG tracks the notes very good without coloration
  • Does not add unwanted distortion (unlike many cheaper octave pedals)
  • Does not add any warbles
  • Works great with all stringed instruments 
  • Most claims (including me) highest quality octave pedal for bass players


  • A little pricey but well worth it
  • Trying to remember the exact settings for each song you used it on. This process took me a while. If you don’t get it perfect, its really not a big deal.
  • Some settings can make the Guitar/bass sound too metallic. Make sure to play with the settings as much as you can before a show.

The Bottom Line

Bass is what the audience feels; Without the bass, there will be no dancing, no head-bopping, no feeling in the music, and everything is empty. Unfortunately, the bass is not an instrument that’s heard as much as felt to the non-musicians ear. The reality is difficult to swallow, but us bass players need a better way to keep the audience during our solo. The Micro POG Pedal gave the audience something to feel with the sub-octave/ dry signal while giving them something to hear clearly with the high octave during my bass solos.

The audience’s reaction to my bass solos radically changed since getting the Micro POG. This time around, every riff, every note that I practiced before the show finally counts when it’s my turn to take my bass solo. If you’re interested in getting better at stage performance, see 16 Tips And Tricks To Boost Your Stage Presence For Guitarists And Bassists.

May this pedal bring non-musicians to finally compliment you on your bass solo from here on out.

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