Sennheiser EW 500 G4 – Reviewing A Great Wireless Analog Guitar System

Sennheiser EW 500 G4

Sennheiser EW 500 G4

The Sennheiser’s ew 500 G4 is an incredible rackmount Analog wireless guitar system that operates on 88MHZ. This system has a significantly lower chance of running into signal interference or dropouts for analog systems, considering it provides 3,520 tunable frequencies. Typically more frequencies for an analog system means less of a chance there will be a dropout.

The wireless uses an auto frequency scan that finds the best open channels. You can use up to 32 different channels with the receiver for incredible versatility. The Sennheiser EW 500 G4 comes with a unique integrated sound check and equalizer feature as well.


The Sennheiser EW 500 G4 provides 3,520 frequencies using true diversity for one of the most reliable analog wireless guitar systems to date.


One of the few perks of using an analog system is that there’s no latency. On top of that, the Sennheiser ew 500 G4 uses HDX compander for very clear sound.


Both the transmitter and receiver are made of metal for increased longevity and durability. Apparently, Sennheiser designed this system for extra protection against humidity and splashes of water/sweat as well. Although this system was created with metal and additional protection from moisture, we always recommend attaching the Neotech wireless pouch to the transmitter to be safe. A $13 investment in a pouch that can save you roughly $200 in a transmitter is a perfect deal.


The Sennheiser EW 500 G4 uses a rackmount receiver where you can either place the receiver on your amp or a rackmount. If you already use a rackmount, this system will be very convenient for you to use.

Unfortunately, like the vast majority of wireless guitar systems, The Sennheiser EW 500 G4 uses disposable batteries. This can become very inconvenient and costly after a while. The only wireless guitar systems on this list that use high-quality rechargeable batteries are of the Shure GLXD series.


One of the most impressive qualities of this system is the incredible range of 330 ft. Imagine crowd surfing a football field worth of audience as you take your solo.


  • Up to 32 Simultaneous channels
  • Built-in Equalizer
  • Built-in Sound Check Mode
  • Able to use up to 16 in-ear channels with the receiver
  • Mute button after programming it
  • Auto frequency lock function
  • Enhanced AF frequency
  • OLED display with automatic dimming, blue sync LED, red warning LED, and dedicated Escape button
  • Transmitter shows battery life
Range:330 ft
Transmitter Battery/Life:8 hours/2 AA
Latency:None for analog 
Receiver/Transmitter Build:Both Metal 
Transmitter Type:Bodypack
Receiver Type:Rackmount 
Frequency Range:470-558 MHz (AW+ band)
Frequency Response:25Hz-18kHz


  • Range
  • Durable (Both transmitter and receiver made of metal)
  • Incredibly reliable true diversity analog system using 3,520 frequencies to choose from
  • Built-in sound check and equalizer mode
  • Incredible frequency response 10Hz-20kHz (great for bass)


  • Expensive at $849
  • Needs AA disposable batteries
  • Some countries require a license to use an analog system
  • Low battery life (8 hours) compared to Shure GLXD14R (16 hours)

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