Dragon Ball Z Shirts For Musicians: The Perfect Gift


If you’re a musician of any sort, and you love dragon ball Z; These shirts were specifically designed for you!

Dragon Ball Z has a special place in most of our hearts. Over the years, I have worked effortlessly to increase my bass playing power level to over 9000! Although I’m not quite sure if I have surpassed power level 9000 in my bass playing, the least I could do was make a shirt that says it. Although it’s not possible to shoot a Kamehameha with the top of your instrument like the video above, it is possible with the purchase of one of our shirts! Not really. However, wouldn’t playing a show with this shirt be much better than the standard rock n roll shirts? We have any type for every player in a band. It would possibly be best if your entire band where’s an “over 9000” shirt. Don’t you think?

Below are shirts specifically designed for musicians that were born on planet Vegeta. They are also an incredible gift for any musician or DJ. You will find at least one design that will suit you or a friend. Believe me; this is the greatest gift any Saiyan musician can possibly receive. Make sure to use the coupon code “ESEDAMIN” to get 10% off at our Online Merch Store.

Bassist Power Level, It’s Over 9000! (T-Shirt)

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Drummer Power Level, It’s Over 9000! (T-Shirt)

Here are some shirts for a drummer. Our merch store has many other styles and types. This page only has a few examples.

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DJ Power Level Over 9000! (T-Shirt)

All of these shirts will be a perfect gift for a musician. All types are available.

Singer Power Level, It’s Over 9000! (T-Shirt)

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