Reviewing Shure QLXD24/SM58 – Tech Specs & Features

Shure QLXD24/SM58

Shure QLXD24/SM58

Just like the first QLXD 24 system on the list, this one is slightly cheaper with a different microphone. The QLXD24/SM58 with its digital predictive switching diversity, above 120dB, one-touch sync function, durable metal receiver, and AES 256-bit encryption; All QLXD 24 systems have incredible reliability, audio clarity, easy set-up, security, durability, and signal strength.

The universal standard SM58 is a dynamic microphone that is fantastic at rejecting background noise. With a frequency response of 50Hz-15kHz and over 120dB of dynamic range, the cardioid microphone has excellent sound quality.

The SM58 being heavier but smaller than the Beta 87A has an interchangeable mic capsule as well for greater versatility. In scenarios where you prefer a shorter but heavier mic like the SM58 but the sound of a different mic capsule, the Shure SM86, Beta58A, and Beta87A are other capsule options.


  • Able to change the microphone capsule for incredible flexibility
  • Secure transmission with AES 256-bit encryption
  • LCD menu
  • Digital predictive switching diversity ensures strong reliability and signal strength
  • Above 120dB dynamic range
  • One-touch sync function to connect transmitter and receiver for easy setup
  • Mute feature
  • Durable metal receiver
  • Mac, PC, and iOS-compatible for remote operation

Tech Specs

Range:330 Feet
Battery Type:2 AA
Transmitter Battery Life:9 Hours
Sampling Rate:48k
Latency:2.9 ms
Dynamic Range:120dB
Simultaneous Systems Per Band:60
Receiver Build:Metal
Channel selection:Auto
Transmitter Type:Handheld
Receiver Type:Rackmount
Frequency Range:470-534 MHz
Microphone Type: Dynamic
Microphone Polar Pattern: Cardioid
Mic Frequency Response:50Hz-15kHz

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