Sojoürn was formed in Athens, GA during the summer of 2016. Guitarist Alex Edrington and drummer Justin Stoks, bandmates and students at The University of Georgia, went in search of a singer. Guitarist/producer Michael Cummings, who had previously produced a CD for Alex and Justin, introduced them to vocalist Robert Norris. The three musicians got tight quickly, performing shows around Athens and writing Sojoürn songs. 

While fans certainly enjoyed their impressive covers of bands like The Beatles, Nirvana, Audioslave, and Collective Soul, the boys had a yearning desire to play the songs they had been writing. As fate would have it, they got their chance after recording “Nowhere or Now Here?” – produced by Michael Cummings – the same guy who had brought them all together just a couple of months earlier. 

With the release of “Nowhere or Nowhere?” Sojoürn recruited Brock Edrington to play bass guitar and Morgan Decker to play drums. After many countless adventure with the original lineup, Brock and Morgan stepped down to chase individual dreams and careers. Since then Gabriel Michael has been playing the drums and Will Barron has been thumping the bass and providing background vocals. With this revamped lineup, the band has achieved noteworthy success in the studio and on the stage.

Sojoürn has reached a new plateau and has earned a loyal following in the Atlanta and Athens music scenes. In just one year of the new lineup, they have shared the stage with chart-topping artists such as P.O.D., 10 Years, Hinder, and Trapt among others. Using the niche of harmonies and carefully crafted songwriting, Sojoürn is determined to make their name in the world of music. Keep your eyes and ears open wide, and welcome to the Sojoürn era of music.

Yes, indeed, Sojoürn is “Now Here.”

The story of Sojoürn began in Athens, Georgia during the summer of 2016.

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