Top 24 Detachable Wallet Phone Cases

Phone cases with a detachable wallet are extraordinarily convenient. Especially if you want to kill two birds with one stone, they’re an outstanding way to minimize your load. And considering the wallet is detachable, you can pick and choose when you want to bring it around.

Thus, we formulated a list of the 24 highest-rated phone cases with a detachable wallet on the market. You will find a case for just about every iPhone and Android below!

Without Further Ado, Below Are The 24 Best Detachable Wallet Phone Cases For iPhone & Android

1. XRPow iPhone 7, 8, & SE

First up, the XRPow is an excellent detachable phone wallet case for iPhone 7, 8, & SE. The button clasps are conveniently magnetic. With a stylish design, you can get it in either black, blue, or red!

Users Say: “I like that there are several slots for cards and a few places to tuck cash away. I will purchase this again if I need a new cell phone case.”

2. Vofolen Galaxy Note 20

Coming in either brown, dark grey, or grey; the Vofolen is an aesthetic phone case with a detachable wallet. It’s compatible with Galaxy Note 20. Providing magnetic closure, PU leather construction, and a stellar appearance, it’s an incredible choice!

Users Say: “Better than I expected!! I love that the phone can go in and out of the wallet without removing it from the case. The case looks just like the wallet and it attaches inside the wallet by magnets. Lots of space for cards.”

3. Petocase iPhone 8/7/6s/6

With high ratings amongst users, the Petocase is an exceptional case with a detachable wallet. It is spacious with four cash pockets and 13 card slots. We highly recommend it!

Users Say: “Had this for a few months and both the phone case and purse have held up very well. The feel of both is luxurious and a beautiful color.”

4. Takfox LG Stylo 6

For LG Stylo 6, the Takfox is a fantastic phone case with a detachable wallet. You can get it in either wine red, rose gold, or black.

Users Say: “It holds everything I need to carry.”

5. CASEOWL iPhone 7/iPhone 8/SE

The CASEOWL is a wildly popular and highly-reviewed wallet phone case. With a flower-like pattern, it has an eye-catching appearance. You’ll also enjoy its removable magnetic case, 3D design, handcrafted build, and affordable price!

Users Say: “I love this case! I did not even realize there was a detachable phone case from the wallet portion until it arrived. It’s the best of both worlds – a wallet case but also able to detach phone for calls or internet browsing. Super fast shipping as well.”

6. CHEROSIN Samsung Note

Whether you get the CHEROSIN in either blue, brown, or red; it offers a contemporary style. This detachable wallet phone case is constructed with leather. It has convenient magnetic capabilities, 17 card slots, and 3 cash slots. considering it’s an incredible bang for the buck, we highly recommend it!


7. Vofolen iPhone 7/8/SE

Like the previous one, the only difference is this Vofolen phone case is compatible with iPhone 7/8/SE. As you can see, it’s visually pleasing and we highly recommend it!

Users Say: “Purchased this for my mom and she loves it. Super sturdy and phone detached from the wallet portion and has its own case if you want to switch it up. Great pricing, fast shipping, and great value!”

8. Miss Arts Galaxy S20

Designed for Galaxy S20, the Miss Arts detachable wallet phone case is an incredible choice. There are a plethora of reasons why we love it. This case is magnetic, comes in 11 elegant styles, has a wrist strap, and provides a conveniently integrated kickstand.

Users Say: “I really like this wallet. It’s small, which is fine for me, but if you have all the slots full, or cash tucked inside, it’s kind of a pain. But I love the fact that the phone case is magnetic so it’s easy to pull off the wallet anytime and pops right back into place.”

9. CASEOWL iPhone 8/ 7/ SE

Next up, the CASEOWL is a reliable choice for iPhone 8, iPhone 7, & iPhone SE. It offers 9 card slots, magnetic detachability, and a kickstand. You’ll also appreciate its remarkable customer-reviews!

Users Say: “Absolutely love it. I can detach my IPhone easily to make it weightless. The cardholder is very secure so my credit cards and ID are not flying all over. I just wish it has the crisscrossing band.”

10. caseme iPhone XR

You can get the caseme for either iPhone XR, X, Xs, or Xs Max. With 15 card slots, magnetic detachability, 3 cash slots, and various color options; We highly recommend it!

Users Say: “Love it. Only wish the phone was detachable. Excellent quality for the price.”

11. Shields Up iPhone XR

With various styles to choose from, the Shields Up wallet phone case is an outstanding option for iPhone XR.

Users Say: “I like the magnetic back because it fits my magnetic phone holder in my car”

12. FLYEE iPhone 11

The FLYEE iPhone 11 is a great detachable wallet phone case. With magnetic closure, 8 card slots, a wrist strap, and 18 colors to choose from; it’s a reliable option for iPhone 11!

Users Say: “It’s sturdy and I’m clumsy so we’re a good match. I dropped my phone 3 times and it’s fine for the most part. Although the ability to use it as a stand is stunted because the phone case is detachable, that same feature is convenient in other ways.”

13. CASEOWL Galaxy S8 Plus

Here is yet another exceptional detachable wallet phone case for Galaxy S8 Plus. However, you can also get the CASEOWL for Galaxy S8. Not only does it offer a convenient kickstand, but it’s also magnetically detachable, provides 8 card slots, and superbly rated amongst users!

Users Say: “The wallet and the phone together ended up being too thick for my liking but the cool thing is you can keep them separate because the phone case part is magnetically detachable. Really neat idea.”

14. Casetego Galaxy Note 20

Although it’s not the highest-reviewed on the list, the Casetego is still worth mentioning. We primarily like it for Galaxy S Note 20 due to its fashionable style. Unfortunately, the S pen doesn’t work for most users.

Users Say: “This case is really nice looking, fits my Galaxy note perfectly, and is pretty much exactly as described. And when I dropped my phone this morning (in the case), there wasn’t a scratch on it. Would buy again.”

15. Miss Arts Galaxy S9 Plus

If you’re looking for a detachable magnetic wallet phone case for Galaxy S9, the Miss Arts is an acceptable option. It has 9 card slots, PU leather construction, and a kickstand!

Users Say: “Love the ability to detach the phone when I need to. Just what I needed.”

16. Dreem Fibonacci iPhone 11 Pro

For good reasons, the Dreem Fibonacci has near-perfect reviews among customers. Not only would you love the Fibonacci art, but it also has robust build quality. It’s designed for iPhone 11 Pro Max and offers RFID protection, vegan faux leather construction, a 2-way stand, shock-resistant capabilities, and a magnetic detachable case!

Users Say: “Great product. Pricier than others that are just as good. This looks to be made the slightest bit better. The magnet on this is a little different and I have not decided if I like it better than the Amovo wallet I had last. I like the magnet feature and it is very sleek.”

17. Zttopo iPhone Xs Max

With four colors to choose from, you can get the Zttopo in either red, brown, grey, or green. It’s very famous and has high customer reviews. Providing 11 card slots, a detachable magnetic wallet, and an enticing leather build; this case is an impeccable value!

Users Say: “I loved the different compartments. It’s not too bulky and it’s nice to be able to attach and detach the phone to the wallet with the magnet backing it has. Would buy it again.”

18. JAZ iPhone XS

Next in the lineup, the JAZ is a dependable option for many reasons. It’s a detachable magnetic wallet phone case with 14 card slots, leather construction, and has high marks across the board. We highly recommend it for users of iPhone XS or X!

Users Say: “Great material and color! Plenty of slots to put in cards and cash. The only reason I gave this a 4 out of 5 is that the detachable magnet is not strong and I was surprised at how big/bulky the wallet case size was. Overall very nice.”

19. WaterFox iPhone XR

Providing an alluring sketch of a few butterflies, the WaterFox is a fancy wallet phone case. It offers 4 card slots, as well. Constructed for iPhone XR, it’s a reliable option!

Users Say: “I love how the magnet allows you to remove the lighter weight part when you don’t new both sections of the case. Very durable and protective if dropped.”

20. Harryshell Galaxy S10

The Harryshell is a detachable magnetic phone case for Galaxy S20. You can get it in either purple, grey, rose gold, flower rose gold, blue, pink, black, or grey!

Users Say: “I like having the detachable case inside a case. This is the 2nd phone I’ve bought this case for and love has my phone protected.”

21. Njjex Wallet iPhone SE

Explicitly designed for iPhone SE, the Njjex is a detachable wallet phone case with a kickstand, 9 card slots, and a PU leather construction. You can get it in either black, wine red, or rose gold!

Users Say: “Plenty of room to hold abundant credit cards and id, plus the phone removes easily from the case when needed. Bulky by design but that’s the nature of what I need and was looking for. Very happy with this case, a great value too. This is about the fifth variation of a phone wallet I’ve ordered over the years and the best overall so far.”

22. MOONORN iPhone 7 Plus/8 Plus

Compatible with iPhone 7 Plus and 8 Plus, the MOONORN is an excellent choice. This detachable magnetic phone case has a gorgeous leather build. It’s tough and designed for maximum longevity!

Users Say: “This is the most innovative phone case and wallet I have ever owned. I love the magnetic phone case that detaches from the wallet. I also love all the room in the wallet. It’s so convenient, I won’t ever go back to a normal phone case.”

23. CASEOWL iPhone 7 Plus/8 Plus

Also optimized for iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 8 Plus, the CASEOWL is an awesome choice. It’s highly rated, popular, and comes in various styles. We highly recommend it!

Users Say: “This item is of great quality. It is too bulky to place in your pocket, but the phone can be detached from the wallet to be placed in your pocket for ease of use, while the wallet can be placed in your purse or elsewhere.”

24. NINWOO iPhone XR

Last but not least, the NINWOO is a detachable magnetic wallet phone case. Made of leather, TPU, and faux leather; it has a contemporary design. You can get it in either brown, black, or red!

Users Say: “This phone wallet case is perfect for what I need. It has protected my phone nicely on a couple of short drops onto the floor. It holds all the important cards that I need and that fact always reminds me to keep my phone with me at all times and don’t leave it on a table. The magnetic side that keeps the phone in place in the wallet works perfectly. my phone has not slid out of the wallet portion of the case once not even when it was dropped. Thank you so much for creating such a great product.”

Quick Recap

Here Are The Highest-Rated Wallet Phone Cases That Can Detach From Your Phone

  • XRPow iPhone 7, 8, & SE
  • Vofolen Galaxy Note 20
  • Petocase iPhone 8/7/6s/6
  • Takfox LG Stylo 6
  • CASEOWL iPhone 7/iPhone 8/SE
  • CHEROSIN Samsung Note
  • Vofolen iPhone 7/iPhone 8/SE
  • Miss Arts Galaxy S20
  • CASEOWL iPhone 8, iPhone 7, & SE
  • caseme iPhone XR
  • Shields Up iPhone XR
  • FLYEE iPhone 11
  • CASEOWL Galaxy S8 Plus
  • Casetego Galaxy Note 20
  • Miss Arts Galaxy S9 Plus
  • Dreem Fibonacci iPhone 11 Pro
  • Zttopo iPhone Xs Max
  • JAZ iPhone XS
  • WaterFox iPhone XR
  • Harryshell Galaxy S10
  • Njjex Wallet iPhone SE
  • MOONORN iPhone 7 Plus/8 Plus
  • CASEOWL iPhone 7 Plus/8 Plus
  • NINWOO iPhone XR

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