Top 35 Phone Cases With A Built-In Screen Protector: iPhone & Android

Phone cases with a built-in screen protector are extraordinarily convenient. Especially if you want to kill two birds with one stone, they’re an outstanding way to minimize your load. That’s why we formulated a list of the 35 highest-rated phone cases with a screen protector on the market. You will find a case for just about every iPhone and Android below!

Without Further Ado, Here Are The Best Phone Cases With A Built-In Screen Protector: Android, iPhone, or Motorola 

1. i-Blason Ares Clear (iPhone SE, 7, 8)

First up, the i-Blason Ares Clear is an excellent phone case with a built-in screen protector. It’s made for either iPhone SE, iPhone 7, or iPhone 8. Along with its wild popularity, this case has high marks among users, as well. You can get it in either red or black!

Users Say: “I’ve had many phone cases and had to purchase separate screen savers. This case is clear in the back and front, with the protective screen glass built right in. For the price, this was exceptional! Highly recommend.”

2. Justcool (iPhone XR)

Running below $15, the Justcool phone case is a great choice for iPhone XR. Let alone, it’s probably the most famous case for iPhone XR on the market. With shockproof capabilities and reliable screen protection, We highly recommend it!

Users Say: “Perfect fit for my XR! Great quality, Love it built-in screen protector and case in one great for the price!”

3. SPIDERCASE (iPhone 12)

Made for iPhone 12, the SPIDERCASE comes with a built-in screen protector. You can get it in either purple or black.

Users Say: “As an appearance level party must be to buy their own eye-catching phone case. The case is very beautiful, I like it very much!”

4. LUHOURI (iPhone 11)

With near-flawless reviews, the LUHOURI is a superb case for iPhone 11. Anywhere between butterflies and flowers, you can get it in 1 of 18 fashionable designs. It also provides stellar build quality!

Users Say: “I love this iPhone 11 case with a screen protector. I like clear cases because I like to show the color of my iPhone. The blue butterfly is so beautiful. It is very comfortable when I hold it. Recommend.”

5. YOUMAKER (Galaxy S9)

If you have a Galaxy S9, the YOUMAKER is a dependable phone case with a built-in screen protector. It’s tough, famous amongst Galaxy users, and has high-ratings. You can get it in either black, blue, metal, orange, purple, rose gold, or pink/rose gold!

Users Say: “So far holding up nicely. The hard plastic on top of the rubber has kept my dog from eating this case. I like the added coverage from the screen protector. Struggle to initially put the case on the phone very snug fitting”

6. i-Blason Cosmo (iPhone SE/7/8)

Here is yet another inexpensive phone case for iPhone SE/7/8. With a sleek screen protector, the i-Blason Cosmo is an eye-catching choice. Each of the three designs offers a very artsy unique design.

Users Say: “Great case and just as described. My phone has dropped twice since I have had the case and when I picked it up everything was fine. The built-in screen cover does not interfere with the touch screen capabilities. I would buy it again.”

7. SUPCASE UB Pro (Samsung Galaxy S20)

For Samsung Galaxy S20 users, the SUPCASE UB Pro is a compatible choice. Not only does it come with a screen protector, but it also keeps the phone’s sensitivity about equal. You’ll appreciate the integrated kickstand, as well!

Users Say: “This phone case has always been good since I back when the s9 plus came out. The screen protector is real good. I love it and will continue to purchase this product.”

8. LONTECT (iPhone 11)

The LONTECT is a handy phone case with a screen protector. It’s designed for iPhone 11 and has outstanding build quality.

Users Say: “This case is AMAZING!!! It’s just as sturdy and protective as an Otterbox, it has 2 super protective layers including a screen protector. Definitely worth the price and it’s cute as well for the phone.”

9. ComoUSA Samsung (Galaxy A71)

Below $7, the ComoUSA is one of the cheapest phone cases on the market. Let alone, it even comes with a screen protector. The primary downside is the few complaints that the screen negatively impacts the phone’s sensitivity.

Users Say: “This case does not seem to allow you to use your biometric fingerprint. I received it today so I am still testing it out. UPDATE- I was able to update my screen sensitivity in settings and my fingerprint now works. I dropped my phone a few times and so far so good.”

10. FITFORT (Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus)

Whether you get the FITFORT in purple or grey, it’s a stylish phone case, either way. It’s explicitly designed for Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus. Not only does it protect from dropping and shocks, but this case also comes with a 1-year warranty!

Users Say: “Love this Note 10+ case. It showed off the Aura color on the back and can 100% tell you it works. I was at the store today and my phone fell out of my pocket, slammed on the concrete floor with no damage. The rubber edges protected it. I only got my phone 3 days ago.”

11. newppon (iPhone 11)

Next up, the newppon is an outstanding phone case with a built-in screen protector for iPhone 11. There are a plethora of reasons why we love it. This case has high reviews, amongst users, provides a sleek slim design, has good build quality, and it has an alluring construction!

Users Say: “Soft Sturdy case with openings in all the appropriate places. Quality Screen protector included…packaged in a convenient slim cardboard box. Great deal.”

12. YOUMAKER (Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus)

Unlike the previous Youmaker, this one is compatible with Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus. It’s eye-catching and comes in one of six colors. For the price, the YOUMAKER is an excellent choice.

Users Say: “I got my Beast YOUMAKER Case in 3 days paid extra for shipping fast cant wait for it and now I’m in love with the case it’s a beast my cell is fully covered with the case will order again Thank you YOUMAKER….”

13. Poetic (Moto G7)

Coming in either black, blue, or pink; the Poetic phone case is a great option for Motorola Moto G7 users. This case has a robust construction, a useful kickstand, and an elegant appearance!

Users Say: “Awesome case my brother loves it. And it came fast. The material is very sturdy and it comes with a great built-in screen protector!”

14. GiiKa iPhone (iPhone 7 & 8)

For those looking for a visually pleasing phone case with a built-in screen protector, the GiiKa is a phenomenal option for iPhone 7 or 8. It has near-perfect customer reviews, a sleek glass screen, and offers shock-absorbing capabilities.

Users Say: “I was skeptical about this phone case due to the low cost and no-name brand but I am very happy with this purchase. The case fits perfectly, is very cute, and seems to be just as durable as way more expensive cases.”

15. seacosmo (Galaxy S8)

You can get the seacosmo for either Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8 Plus. Made with silicone, it’s nicely constructed with a useful screen protector. You’ll also enjoy its touch sensitivity!

Users Say: “I like the sleekness of the case. The touch screen remains sensitive. If I were looking for a more protective case this would not be it, but for me, it’s the best I’ve had.”

16. i-Blason Ares Series (iPhone 11)

Also providing a dependable screen protector, the i-Blason Ares Series is an amazing case for iPhone 11. You can get it in either black or blue!

Users Say: “Have had this case for a few months now and have kept my phone 100% protected from my clumsiness. Has survived many drops. Makes your phone slightly bulkier, but does its job.”

17. FITFORT (iPhone 11)

Like the previous one, the FITFORT is compatible with iPhone 11, as well. It’s compatible with wireless charging, shock-resistant, and extremely transparent. Bot only is it very inexpensive below $11, but this case also has impeccable customer-reviews,!

Users Say: “This is the second phone case I purchased from the vendor. Perfect fit and protection for my iPhone 11. The back was transparent so the unique color of the phone can be seen. The screen protector does not affect screen sensitivity. Solid product recommended for any iPhone 11 owners!”

18. ZIZO ION (Samsung Galaxy A10e)

Designed for Samsung Galaxy A10e, the ZIZO ION is extraordinarily tough with military-grade certified drop-protection. We explicitly recommend it for anyone with Galaxy A10e with previous issues accidentally dropping their phones.

Users Say: “I like this phone cover. I had a hard time getting it on but it really protects my phone and is attractive looking. I am pleased with this purchase.”

19. SURITCH (iPhone Xs/X)

For those looking for an artistic phone case with a built-in screen protector, the SURITCH is an attractive choice. It’s compatible with iPhone Xs and iPhone X. You can get it in a multitude of gorgeous designs!

Users Say: “Case is great and protects well but gets scratched/scuffed easily. But I’ll take that over another cracked screen any day.”

20. SURITCH (Galaxy S10 Plus)

Like the last one, here is another SURITCH phone case with a built-in screen. The only difference is that this one is designed for Galaxy S10 Plus. We highly recommend it!

Users Say: “I love the sleek design of this case. It has a built-in screen protector that is curved with the screen of my S10 plus. Fits perfect on my phone. The design is wonderful and unique. My friend had it first and when I saw it I had to get my own.”

21. Eonfine (iPhone X)

Offering dependable military-grade protection and shockproof capabilities, the Eonfine is a great choice for iPhone X. It’s compatible with wireless charging, provides screen sensitivity, and comes in one of three colors!

Users Say: “Great case for the price, have not tested the waterproof, but it’s on there in case of an accident. Very durable, have dropped my phone a few times and it’s still in perfect condition!”

22. SunRemex (Galaxy A21)

Coming in either black, navy, purple, red, or sea blue; the SunRemex is a fantastic case for Galaxy A21. The most unique and beneficial attribute is the kickstand which is a cardholder, as well!

Users Say: “I love this case for my phone. I really like that it has a cardholder too. That was a plus.”

23. Ruky (iPhone 11 Pro)

Although it’s not the highest-rated on the list, the Ruky is still a phone case worth mentioning. It possesses IP68 certified water-resistant capabilities, a built-in screen protector, and non-slip construction. Made for iPhone 11 Pro, you can get it in either Teal or Black!

Users Say: “Purchased for my 15-year-old sister. She dropped it a few times while riding bikes at the beach and said it protected her phone very well. Very sturdy. Comes with a convenient lanyard to hold around your wrist.”

24. SPIDERCASE (Samsung Galaxy Note)

Compatible with Samsung Galaxy Note, the SPIDERCASE is a decent phone case with a screen protector. Unfortunately, many people complain that the fingerprint function doesn’t work with it.

Users Say: “Not much to say it’s a phone case, goes on easy, simple design but nice looking. Screen protector super easy to put on. Once I put the screen protector on the phone wouldn’t recognize my fingerprint, so I had to redo my fingerprints in the phone settings and all is well.”

25. Co-Goldguard (iPhone 11)

The Co-Goldguard is a fabulous choice for iPhone 11. With the tough screen protector, this case is scratch-resistant, dust-resistant, and shock-resistant. With five colors to choose from, you’ll surely find your favorite!

Users Say: “The case is sturdy and easy to hold. It does not slip out of your hands and yes, it matches the description. It has the similarities of an otterbox but at a greater value. I would definitely purchase another. I feel very confident that my phone is protected.”

26. YOUMAKER (iPhone 8 Plus & 7 Plus)

Next in the lineup, the YOUMAKER is wildly popular with superb customer-reviews. It offers robust build quality for the price, a pleasant appearance, and shockproof capabilities. Made for iPhone 8 Plus or 7 Plus, it’s an incredible bang for the buck!

Users Say: “There is really nothing that I don’t like about this case. If you order correctly, it will fit your phone like a “glove” and adds little weight to your device. I like the rugged look and the built-in screen protector is perfect. No more peel and apply with this case. Highly recommend.”

27. IMPACTSTRONG (iPhone 7 Plus/ 8 Plus)

Also for iPhone 7 Plus or 8 Plus users, the IMPACTSTRONG is another acceptable case with a screen protector. You can get it in various color options.

Users Say: “Fits very snug and easy to get off and on. Screen protector part of the case. Makes it a very good case against water drops in case of a leaky bottle in the bag. Good bumpers on the edges.”

28. SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Pro (Galaxy S9)

With near-perfect ratings, the SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Pro is an exceptional case for the Galaxy S9. It’s well-built with a hardback and able to withstand drops. Whether you get it in black, blue, dark blue, metallic red, pink, or white; it’s an astounding case for the money!

Users Say: “This case is very durable. It has survived several drops. It is also simple to put together and to take apart. I highly recommend this product, especially in comparison to standard screen protectors.”

29. Dexnor (iPhone 11)

The Dexnor is yet another phone case for iPhone 11. Along with its built-in screen protector, it offers military-grade drop protection, compatibility with wireless charging, dust-resistance, shock-resistance, and an appealing style!

Users Say: “Wow, for the cost I was expecting a poorly made case. I was mistaken, this case is awesomely made and worth x3 the price!!”

30. RedPepper (iPhone SE)

For iPhone SE, the RedPepper phone case has a built-in screen protector with shockproof capabilities. It’s made with TPU and Polycarbonate. Not only is it compatible with wireless charging, but it possesses military-grade protection, as well.

Users Say: “There is a slot in the lower right corner of the phone where the case can be removed, which is a special design. Fine workmanship, does not affect the function of the phone!”

31. Ruky (iPhone 6/6s/7/8/SE)

Here is a phone case that works with iPhone 6, 6s, 7, 8, and SE. With a liquid cover and enticing design, the Ruky is a remarkable case with a screen protector.

Users Say: “I was hesitant to buy with there being no reviews, but I’m glad I did. Beautiful case, actually protective and durable but still cute. Perfect cutouts and fit for iPhone 8.”

32. SURITCH (iPhone SE)

What you’ll love about the SURITCH is its hybrid safe-keeping. On one hand, it has a hard-shell which provides impact protection. On another, the flexible TPU shell offers excellent shock-absorption. We highly recommend it!

Users Say: “Better than I expected. It is very durable. I like that the back of it is very clear, so you can see the red color of my iPhone.”

33. PUSHIMEI (Moto E)

Here is another phone case for Motorola. Explicitly for Moto E, the PUSHIMEI is a case with a built-in screen protector.

Users Say: “The product was shipped quickly and as ordered. Met all the information in the description on the website. Very satisfied.”

34. COOLQO (iPhone 11)

In case you couldn’t tell, there’s an overabundance of high-quality phone cases for iPhone 11. The COOLQO is a remarkable option with a tempered glass screen protector. Not only will you love the shockproof capabilities, but the modern sleek appearance is another fantastic feature!

Users Say: “A beefier version of the Mkeke case, but it has an additional inner plastic frame for protection. It’s slightly thicker as a result, but probably offers better drop protection and still has that nice see-through silicon cover to showcase your phone’s color. The two screen protectors that came with it was a nice incentive, too. So far so good!”

35. Miracase (iPhone SE)

Last but not least, the Miracase is an awesome choice for iPhone SE. It has great build quality, a durable screen protector, and an elegant appearance. We highly recommend it!

Users Say: “Love this phone case! Exactly what I was looking for. Fits my iPhone SE 2020 perfect. I was looking for a case that was pretty full coverage but didn’t like the plastic “screen covers” that come with most of those other cases. This was the only one I could find with a glass screen protector and I love it! Good price point as well.”

Quick Recap

In Short, Here Are The Best Phone Cases With A Built-In Screen Protector: Android Or iPhone

  • i-Blason Ares Clear
  • Justcool iPhone XR
  • SPIDERCASE iPhone 12
  • LUHOURI iPhone 11
  • YOUMAKER Galaxy S9
  • i-Blason Cosmo
  • SUPCASE UB Pro Samsung Galaxy S20
  • LONTECT iPhone 11
  • ComoUSA Samsung Galaxy A71
  • FITFORT Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus
  • newppon iPhone 11
  • YOUMAKER Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus
  • Poetic Moto G7
  • GiiKa iPhone 7 & 8
  • seacosmo Galaxy S8
  • i-Blason Ares Series iPhone 11
  • FITFORT iPhone 11
  • ZIZO ION Samsung Galaxy A10e
  • SURITCH iPhone Xs/iPhone X
  • SURITCH Galaxy S10 Plus
  • Eonfine iPhone X
  • SunRemex Galaxy A21
  • Ruky
  • SPIDERCASE Samsung Galaxy Note
  • Co-Goldguard iPhone 11
  • YOUMAKER iPhone 8 Plus & iPhone 7 Plus
  • IMPACTSTRONG iPhone 7 Plus/iPhone 8 Plus
  • SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Pro Galaxy S9
  • Dexnor iPhone 11
  • RedPepper iPhone SE
  • Ruky iPhone 6/6s/7/8/SE
  • SURITCH iPhone SE
  • COOLQO iPhone 11
  • Miracase iPhone SE

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