6 Best Wireless Microphone Systems Under $100

What are the best wireless mic systems under $100?

Technology has come a long way in the past 10 years. Not too long ago, it would have been near impossible to find a low-budget wireless microphone system that worked properly.

Fortunately, in this day of age, we have access to decent quality wireless microphone systems that will get the job done for an affordable price.

However, not all systems are equal, considering there are some that are more reliable, durable, and dependable than others. In this article, we took the top 6 wireless microphone systems that were the highest rated that ran below $100.

In Short, Here Are The 6 Best Wireless Microphone Systems Under $100

  • Sound Town 200
  • Phenyx Pro PTV-1A 
  • Innopow WM200
  • Kithouse K380A
  • Bietrun
  • Fifine UHF Dual

1. Sound Town 200 (SWM20-U2HHV2)

The Sound Town 200 is a very high-rated wireless microphone that is running below $100. Using two separate microphones with a dual-channel, you are able to use both microphones at the same time. Shockingly this system gives you a flawless range of up to 300 ft.

The frequency band this system operates in is between 530-580 MHz in the ultra-high frequency (UHF) range. Mix the UHF frequency with the 200 different selectable channels, and this microphone system has a much lower chance of signal interference compared to many mics in this budget. The receiver gives off LED lights that make it easy to operate.

An easy turn on with a single push of a button, both microphones that come with this system are dynamic and produce exceptional sound quality. Both microphones are very lightweight and take 2 AA batteries that give you 10 hours of playtime. Fortunately, there is zero noticeable latency with the Sound Town 200.

Overall, the Sound Town 200 is an incredible bang for the buck dual wireless microphones system with high marks.

Features / Tech Specs

  • 300ft range
  • Dual channels system
  • Frequency range: UHF 530-580
  • 2 AA batteries per mic
  • 10 hours mic battery life
  • Dynamic microphone
  • Sensitivity: -100dB
  • 2 XLR outputs on the back of the receiver

2. Phenyx Pro PTV-1A  

There are three different ways of purchasing the Phenyx Pro VHF wireless microphone system that is all below $100: (1) Dual handheld microphones (2) one handheld microphone and one lavalier (3) two lavalier microphones.

The receiver has two separate volume knobs for both transmitters. The clear sound quality this system produces is very good for the price. For the handheld microphones, you may want to purchase an additional windscreen to reduce the pop sounds from P’s, B’s, T’s, etc. The back of the receiver has an XLR out if you want to plug it into a PA system.

The system produces 100dB of dynamic range with a frequency response of 50Hz-18kHz. The handheld microphone delivers excellent clarity of sound. However, the lavalier mics do not produce as good of sound quality.

Features / Tech Specs

  • 150ft of range
  • Frequency response: 50Hz-18kHz
  • Dual-channel and transmitters
  • Dynamic range: 100dB

3. Innopow WM200

I was pleasantly surprised that the Innopow WM200 is made of metal. If not the vast majority, every other wireless microphone system below $100 besides this one is made of plastic. The reason why most wireless mic systems in this price range are made of plastic is to keep the cost down. The WM200 made of metal has a considerable advantage of every other system on this list in terms of added durability and longevity.

On top of this system’s incredible durability for its low cost, the Innopow WM200 has outstanding sound quality. Many say the microphone can almost be compared with mid to high-grade microphones in terms of audio clarity. It also has excellent feedback rejection and minimal handling noise, which is quite rare for a wireless mic in this budget.

The long battery life of this system is another incredible feature, as well. Each microphone takes 2 AA batteries that last roughly 14 hours. This high amount of battery life compared to the average wireless mic system reduces consistent and costly battery purchases. The only downsides I was able to find were there is no mute switch on the mic and your not able to change the channel.

Of every wireless microphone system on this list, I would say the Innopow WM200 is the most reliable and overall best choice for church, DJs, weddings, and events of any sort.

Features / Tech Specs

  • Metal build for increased durability and longevity
  • Range: 180-240 Ft
  • Extremely long battery life of 14 hours

4. Kithouse K380A

The Kithouse K380A is an easy-to-use compact wireless microphone system solution. It’s a dual system with a Bluetooth receiver that operates in the UHF frequency band. In my opinion, considering its low price and ease of use, this system is best for fun activities with friends and family.

The frequency response is 50Hz – 18kHz with the receiver’s Bluetooth range of roughly 16 – 33 feet. In the case of signal interference, there are ten different frequency channels to choose from. Each microphone takes 2 AA batteries while the receiver uses a rechargeable lithium-ion that is charged by USB. Unfortunately, the battery life for the receiver only lasts about 2.5 – 4 hours. When turning both the mic and receiver on, they connect automatically.

Features / Tech Specs
  • Frequency response: 50Hz – 18kHz
  • Bluetooth receiver
  • Auto connection when both units turned on


Wireless Microphone Systems Under $100

The Bietrun is a dual wireless microphone system below $100 that operates in the UHF frequency range. This is another system where the receiver is built with a metal housing for added durability and longevity. However, the receiver is a simple combo plug.

Surprisingly the microphone’s sound quality is very clear and punchy, meaning it cuts through the mix very nicely. Both microphones are dynamic, which are naturally good at rejecting background noise for a brighter sound. The polar pattern for both mics is unidirectional while the system maintains zero noticeable latency. The system can be connected to an amp, speaker, or mixer.

Users Say: “We all love this microphone they are easy and quick to set up ! I’ve bought a couple of them in the past and had to return! But nope not this time ! This microphone are so awesome clear sound and Bluetooth friendly and you can be far from the speakers and it still sound sooo good . We do duets and they both sound so lovely together!”

6. Fifine K036

Wireless Microphone Systems Under $100

Last but not least, the Fifine K036 is the most popular wireless microphone system below $100 on the market. It comes with dual microphones and even another metal receiver for added protection. However, the build quality of the microphones is not up to par with the receiver. While operating in the UHF range, this system has incredible interference rejection capabilities for minimizing dropouts.

The K036 gives you about 80 feet of range. While it comes with two wireless handheld microphones, in the front of the receiver, there is a 1/4 input jack option for a 3rd microphone to be used. This option gives you the ability to have three speakers at your event or three karaoke singers at your party.

Unfortunately, the microphones are huge in the low-end. If you don’t want to have a very low-end sound with your microphone system, it’s best to plug it directly into a mixer to EQ it from there.

Features/ Tech Specs

  • Range: 80 Feet
  • Adjustable reverb effect
  • 2 AA batteries
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A Quick Recap

Here Are The 6 Best Wireless Microphones Below $100

  • Sound Town 200
  • Phenyx Pro PTV-1A 
  • Innopow WM200
  • Kithouse K380A
  • Bietrun
  • Fifine UHF Dual

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