Top 9 Wireless PA Systems With A Wireless Microphone

What are the best portable/wireless PA systems with a wireless mic on the market?

Across the globe, people use portable PA speakers with a wireless microphone for numerous reasons such as Parties, karaoke, low key musical performances, presentations, business conference, or a bit of fun. Portable PA speakers with wireless microphones are typically effortless and come in handy. 

In the modern age of a booming audio technological world, we are lucky that most portable PA speakers with a wireless microphone are not only budget-friendly but work exceptionally well too. Below we have put together the list of the 9 best value portable wireless PA speakers with a wireless microphone.

In Short, Here Are The 9 Best Portable PA Systems With A Wireless Microphone

  • Pyle Bluetooth PSBT65A
  • ARCHEER 150W
  • Samson Expedition XP106W
  • EARISE M60 
  • Samson Expedition XP208w

1. Pyle Bluetooth PSBT65A

The Pyle Bluetooth PSBT65A is very portable with its small design yet much louder than it looks. This wireless PA with a wireless mic is definitely convenient and price effective for parties, conferences, band practice for singers, karaoke, and small events. It produces a staggering and even hard to believe for its compact design of 600 Watts. Suitable for either indoor or outdoor usage, the Pyle Bluetooth PSBT65A is an excellent bang for the buck. The unbelievable low price will surprise you compared to the value and high quality it produces. You can connect your phone via Bluetooth to the speaker to play music, which I find a convenient feature.

The sound quality is loud and clear with the ability to cover small to medium-sized events. The wireless microphone that comes with the purchase, unfortunately, has a low range. In my experience, the range is roughly 15 feet. Yet, it works just fine within that vicinity.


  • Wireless audio streaming
  • Battery-powered
  • Built-in Bluetooth
  • Sound FX: Bass, Treble, Echo
  • Able to record audio
  • Lightweight
  • Easy setup
  • Great value at a low price


  • Scenarios where Bluetooth does no work with laptops
  • Low range wireless mic
  • At times the sound is slighted distorted
  • Relatively low battery life (3 hours)


The HISONIC HS122BT-HH is a portable all wireless PA system that comes with 2 wireless microphones. The PA uses rechargeable Lithium-Ion batteries that last surprisingly long while both microphones take rechargeable 9V. While the manufacturer claims it only produces 40 Watts, I was surprised by how much louder it sounded without distortion. The sound quality is clear, with little to no distortion.

With two wireless microphones, they can both be used at the same time considering the system’s dual-channels. The wireless microphone operates in the built-in VHF frequency. The HISONIC HS122BT-HH has very high ratings with a much smaller percentage of people unsatisfied.


  • Built-in VHF
  • Dual-channel and dual wireless microphones
  • Great feedback rejection
  • Relatively loud. Able to cover roughly 70 people.


  • At times the system may get signal interference in the VHF frequency band


The ARCHEER 150W is yet another portable PA system with a wireless microphone with high marks. With 150 Watts, the system is loud while still easy to use. The speaker has consistent LED flashing lights that are not able to shut off. In my opinion, this unit is best for roughly any other application besides a serious business meeting or conference. However, the flashing lights are pretty impressive for a party or karaoke!

With a built-in 2000mAh rechargeable lithium battery, the lifespan is quite decent. The reverb function makes this unit great for karaoke. The reason being, well, the reverb makes the mediocre singer sound much better. The ARCHEER 150W is reliable, loud for its small size, and perfect for events, band practice, parties, fun, and karaoke.


  • Loud for its compact size
  • Reverb function
  • Bluetooth speaker
  • Extra mic input
  • Lightweight
  • Built-in 2000mAh rechargeable lithium battery


  • Flashing LED lights on the speaker is not suitable for a professional setting


It doesn’t get more portable than the W WINBRIDGE. Almost as easy to carry as a purse, this compact unit comes with many features. Not only can you use the included wireless microphone for most smaller applications, but the system can also play FM radio, record, karaoke, Bluetooth, has USB support, and has an audio in/out.

I recommend the W WINBRIDGE for smaller applications of roughly 30 people. I recommend this product primarily for classrooms, conferences, smaller parties, and meetings. The battery life of the built-in 4000mAh rechargeable is relatively decent at around 5 hours.


  • Provides many great features such as FM radio, record, karaoke, Bluetooth, has USB support, and has an audio in/out.
  • Adjustable bass, treble, echo, and looping option.
  • Extremely portable


  • Not loud enough for applications above 30 people

5. Samson Expedition XP106W

The Samson Expedition XP106W has exceptionally well balanced and clear sound. The build of this entire system can last making your investment worth it. In terms of battery life, the unit is very well able to last for much longer durations compared to most other wireless PA systems. Not to forget, it’s extremely loud and is able to hold clear audio at higher levels. I most definitely recommend this system for those in need of a wireless PA and mic to cover up to 300 people.

The bright and well-balanced sound of the Samson Expedition XP106W, in my opinion, is about the closest to a real setup it gets while remaining all wireless. In terms of reliability, the connection is robust. I experienced zero dropouts or cutouts due to signal interference while using this system. The speaker is very durable and was built to last. An effortless setup, only a few button presses are needed to get started. This system is our top choice if you’re in need of a portable wireless solution for vocals of any sort. I’m personally a much bigger fan of the vocal clarity rather than using the speaker alone to play music. However, it still performs well for music playing.


  • Very good and well-balanced sound
  • Very loud, able to handle roughly 300 people
  • very reliable connection
  • Great durability and longevity
  • Able to be used in professional applications such as weddings, big speeches, important events, etc


  • More expensive than every wireless PA system on this list
  • A few claims of defective microphones

6. EARISE M60 

The EARISE M60 is another dual wireless microphone and wireless PA speaker system. One thing that sets it apart is the 10″ Subwoofer for a nice bass sound. You can attach your phone or other devices through Bluetooth, Auxilary, or USB. It also gives you the option for FM radio. With a clear sound without distortion at max volume, I give this system high marks on the audio’s clarity. However, it’s not the loudest unit on this list.

In terms of convenience, there are two back wheels with a pull-up latch for more accessible travel. It also uses a built-in rechargeable high-capacity lead-acid battery that can play music for roughly 50 hours straight. The build quality for the EARISE M60 is solid and sturdy. You will be able to tell it was built to last the second you touch the speaker.

You’re able to adjust any of the functions by using the included remote control. Something I find extremely beneficial is that EARISE is so confident in their product that they provide a 2 month no questions asked return policy with a 0ne-year warranty.


  • Easy to use
  • 10″ Subwoofer
  • Adjustable sound features: Trebble, bass, and echo
  • Excellent bang for the buck


  • Microphones are of lower quality than the PA speaker
  • Does not have a CD port


The PRORECK FREEDOM 15 is yet another wireless PA system with 2 wireless microphones. It provides a staggering 800 watts of power. A few things I really like about this system is its compression driver with 1.35″ titanium diaphragm and 15″ Woofer. In other words, the sound is rich, clear, and full. In case the sound doesn’t fit your expectations or what your looking for, the EQ knobs on the back will most likely do the trick for just about any voice type.

This portable system provides roughly 30 feet of range which is quite decent for a wireless PA using a Bluetooth connection. It too uses wheels with a pull-up latch for much easier maneuvering. The remote control works relatively well and is self-explanatory and simple to use for changing features. Unlike every other wireless PA on this list, it also comes with a mountable speaker stand. Believe it or not, the stand definitely comes in handy for a vast amount of situations.


  • Extremely high 800 Watts
  • FM Radio
  • Great sound quality 
  • EQ capabilities
  • 2 wheels attached for easy travel
  • Able to plug PA speaker directly into


  • Low battery life of roughly 2 hours per microphone
  • Lips must be close to the microphone when speaking

8. Samson Expedition XP208w

If you need nothing less than stellar gear for the most professional applications, look no further than the Samson Expedition XP208w. This is the best wireless PA system that comes with a wireless microphone on the market. Again, the compact design and lightweight will surely fool you. This system is the loudest one on the list. Like its earlier version but better, the sound quality is extremely clear and perfectly balanced. You can fill a room of roughly 400 people with this wireless speaker.

The Samson XPD2 handheld digital microphone is connected by the USB mini transmitter. It produces high-quality vocal articulation you will certainly be pleased with. The built-in rechargeable battery lasts about 20 hours. You will also like the two back wheels with a pull-up latch for easier travel. Overall, the Samson Expedition XP208w is the highest-quality wireless pa system with a wireless microphone on this list. I highly recommend it for professional settings.

Details & Features

  • Weighs roughly 24 pounds
  • 4-channel mixer
  • Bluetooth capabilities
  • 8-inch woofer
  • 1-inch tweeter
  • Built-in rechargeable battery
  • Battery life of 20-hours
  • 208 watts


Last but not least, the EARISE DT21 is a super-compact light-weight wireless PA system with an included wireless microphone. While this system is not the loudest on the list, it is perfect for those looking to play music at moderate volume wireless. The microphone is not too loud either, but the overall sound is very clear. In terms of using the mic, it can be used for applications of roughly 15 people.

One of the most unique features of this system is the straps that attach to the back of the speaker. You can carry the speaker connected to your back, just like you would a backpack. Earise provides a 1.5-year warranty and 60 days no-reason return of the product. If your not a fan of it for whichever reason, you can return it within 2 months with no questions asked.

The Earise DT21 is overall the perfect wireless PA with a wireless microphone for those who don’t need extremely loud volume at a low price. It’s also the only one that can be carried on your back like a back-pack.


  • Cool LED lights while playing music
  • Clear sound
  • Built-in FM radio
  • Able to pair the speaker to phone using


  • Not very loud

A Quick Recap

Here Are The Top 9 Best Portable PA Systems With A Wireless Microphone

  • Pyle Bluetooth PSBT65A
  • EARISE M60 
  • Samson Expedition XP106W
  • ARCHEER 150W
  • Samson Expedition XP208w

While none of these systems were created equally, at least one will be able to fit your needs and your budget to your liking. They all have unique qualities in their own way. Each system on this list was custom picked to the very best of our ability to make sure you find what you’re looking for. These are the very best 8 portable PA systems with a wireless microphone on the market today.

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