The Most Important Investment For Your Wireless Guitar System: Neotech Wireless Pouch

Are you interested In Protecting your $200-$1000 investment with a whopping price of $15? If your not, then come back to this article after it breaks from falling off the strap, impact, sweat damage, moisture, the vigorous touring conditions, etc.

I have had a long history with wireless guitar systems. Believe it or not, 3 of them broke due to my sweat. One of my transmitters broke from flying off my strap while doing some spin move. It managed a way to slide off of the electrical tape I was using at the time to hold my transmitter on the bass strap.

Like I said in one of my previous articles, there’s a massive part of me that despises myself for not knowing about the $15 Neotech Wireless Pouch on Amazon sooner. However, it was probably meant to be, since it did take me later on in life to find my favorite wireless guitar system.

Here is a video of one of the times my wireless died by sweat damage.


I had to scramble to plug in my cable. At first thought, it was a typical dropout. However, when I tried it the next day, it still wasn’t working. I also noticed how drenched the transmitter was after the show. When I took it to the store the next day, they thought it was typical water damage.

To be fair, I was using a wireless guitar system that did not have a conventional transmitter that attaches to the strap. Therefore, I was not able to use the Neotech Wireless Transmitter even if I knew about it. The other two wireless guitar systems that broke from sweat did have a conventional transmitter that attached to my strap. If you’re interested in my entire story on my previous wireless guitar systems breaking from sweat damage, click here.

What is The Neotech Wireless Pouch?

Neotech Wireless Pouch

The Neotech Wireless Pouch is basically a Pouch that attaches to your strap by Velcro and Elastic Grippers that holds your wireless transmitter. It can also be used to keep your in-ear monitor receiver or headset receiver transmitter.

It is straightforward and self-explanatory to use. The pouches come in 2 sizes; small and medium. We made a list below for which sizes will fit snugly for your wireless transmitter below. There is a Velcro strap to access your transmitter quickly.

I personally tape mine with electrical tape just in case. But to be completely honest, it’s not needed, nor have any of the reviews claimed problems with it sliding around or falling off. This pouch is the absolute best investment for protecting your wireless.

How To Set Up Neotech Wireless Pouch


For those interested in “Best Wireless In The World” in my opinion.
Check Reviews for Shure GLXD 16

Neotech Wireless Pouch Details

  • Comes in 2 sizes 
  • Small size  3.5″ X 2.5″ X 0.8″ 
  • Medium size  4.0″ X 2.5″ X 0.8″
  • Protects Transmitter from Dust, Impact, Moisture (sweat)
  • Conforms snugly to Transmitter
  • Easy Attachment with strap on touch fasteners (attach to strap or belt)
  • Elastic Grippers hold it firmly in place 
  • Velcro Straps to keep it from sliding

Which Neotech Pouch Size Is Right for You?

Medium Size
 (according to reviews) Keep in mind, many wireless units work for both sizes.

  • Line 6 Relay G30  
  • Line 6 Relay G50
  • Line 6 G55 
  • line 6 Relay G70
  • Line 6 Relay G90
  • Sony DWZ 
  • AKG’s PT40 Mini wireless transmitter
  • Shure PGXD 
  • Sennheiser EW 172G3 transmitter
  • Audio Technica System 10 ATW-T1001 UniPak transmitter
  • Shure GLX-D16 (My personal Wireless System, I use a medium)

Small Size  
(according to reviews) Keep in mind, many wireless units work for both sizes.

  • Line 6 Relay G30 
  • Line 6 Relay G50
  • Shure GLX-D16 (my personal system, I use a medium but according to reviews small works as well)
  • AKG WMS 40 Mini Instrument
  • Audio-Technica ATW-T210
  • Shure GLXD14

Wireless Systems Not Compatible With A Neotech Wireless Pouch

All Combination Plugs and a few more wireless guitar systems are not Compatible with the Neotech Wireless Pouch. The Combination plug is basically a mini transmitter or receiver that has a quarter-inch attached to it. It is not the typical transmitter that connects to the strap using a separate cable to plug into your instrument.

Neotech Wireless Pouch
Example pic of a combination plug wireless system

List of Wireless Guitar Systems Not Compatible With the Neotech Wireless Pouch.

  • Xvive Audio U2
  • Line 6 G10
  • Boss WL-20L
  • Boss WL-50
  • Donner DWS-1
  • Donner DWS-2
  • Donner Dws-3
  • Joyo Jw-01
  • Nux B-2
  • Rowin
  • Neewer Audio Wireless
  • Muslady
  • ammoon WS 10
  • Rahano

Pros and Cons Of The Neotech Wireless Pouch


  • Protects from sweat damage 
  • Protects from moisture damage (for those who play outdoor gigs near a beach or in high humidity) 
  • Protects from impact (Dear metalheads, once you leave the stage to play in the pit… if you forget your helmet….just know…..your wireless is a bit more protected) 
  • Stops the wireless from sliding/falling off 
  • Protects wireless from Dust
  • Holds wireless firmly in place (All the behind the back solos you wish)
  • Abnormally cheap for such a useful accessory 
  • Works With Just About any Strap


  • For some wireless transmitters, the on and off switch may be less accessible. You may have to take the wireless partially or fully out of the pouch to turn it on or off.
  • Some reviews claim every few years it comes apart. (has not happened to me)


How The Neotech Wireless Pouch Makes Changing Instruments Easier.

If you want to have an easy swap of instruments using one wireless transmitter, the cheapest and most effective way to do so is by attaching one pouch to each of your guitar/bass straps.

This is significantly cheaper than buying an entire wireless system for each instrument or buying a separate transmitter for each guitar/bass.

Neotech Wireless Pouch For In-Ear Monitors/Wireless Headset Transmitters 

In-ear/vocal headset transmitters need protection from moisture, impact, and dust as well. So if you’re a dancing singer…..Or your just a singer who sweats a lot from singin…. Or anybody else in the band who uses in-ear transmitters in general; then I highly recommend protecting your investment with this pouch.

Sweat damage is one thing, but transmitters can be ruined by too much moisture as well. For those who play on an outside humid day or near a beach, then you may want to consider the Neotech Pouch to protect your wireless.

Are There Other Wireless Pouches to Consider then the Neotech?

Yes, there are other wireless pouches to consider other than the Neotech. I have not used or tested the other wireless pouches. However, to name a few along with the overall ratings and reviews on them.                                                    

Levy’s Leather MM4 Wireless Reciever Holder – From what I can tell based upon the picture and videos of this unit, it does not seem to wrap around the entire wireless transmitter fully. This transmitter will work best for those who have a levy strap, and they are strictly looking for a pouch to hold the transmitter in securely, so it doesn’t fall. However, in my opinion, it’s not the best choice for those who want full protection from sweat damage. Yet, there are many great reviews on this Pouch!

On-Stage MA1335 Wireless Transmitter Pouch With Guitar Strap – This is a strap that has a wireless pouch attached to it. The wireless Transmitter holder is made of water-resistant neoprene fitting transmitters 1″ x 3″ x 3.5″.

The Bottom Line

The Neotech Wireless Pouch was the best $15 music investment in my life to protect my $400 wireless guitar system. Don’t take my word for it, check the Neotech Wireless Reviews on Amazon. 

Stay Wireless (;

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